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10-04-2003, 15:27:00
If running your own pirate island in the Carribean appeals to you, this one's for you. Its better than a sharp hook in the eye, for sure! Arrr!
From Poptop, GOD, and Frogcity Software.Link! (http://www.frogcity.com/tropico2/index.html)

Resource Consumer
10-04-2003, 20:49:30
MDA, do you still play Tropico w/wo expansion?

What about others?

10-04-2003, 21:29:14
Yes, with expansion - but my wife is taking it with her to Maryland because its one of her favorites. I may pick Pirate's Cove up as a temporary substitute until I can join her. There's always CMBO, too, which also runs fine on my laptop.

There's nothing "must-have" about the expansion. Its pretty good, adds a few scenarios and other things (more buildings can be rotated, new edicts, and other bells and whistles). The original is just fine without it, if you're not keen on spending the extra money.

Resource Consumer
11-04-2003, 08:49:32
I'll keep an eye on the bargain bins. If it is cheap then I'll picjk it up.

I haven't played for ages but looking at the graphics of RTII got me thinking about it again.

15-04-2003, 15:48:48
After a few hours of playing the campaign instead of unpacking stuff in the new apartment...

Its a much harder game to play than I expected. Lumber, cash are your two biggest concerns - and captive (skilled and unskilled) labor. Right. Your three biggest concerns are lumber, cash, and labor. You need ships to raid settlements for more laborers, and to cruise for ships to get booty. You need laborers to cut and process timber, and provide pirate services on your island. Raiding other ships is the most fun, but you have to make regular trips for captive workers.

Losing a ship can be crippling, its a show stopper if you don't have a shipwright and boatyard. That's my biggest gripe - I can picture a lot of sandbox games ending very early due to the loss of your only ship before it has a chance to bring back a skilled shipwright to build replacements.

Some parts of the interface seemed clunky, like ransoming wealthy captives, until I figured out you could sell them all from the almanac "wealthy captives" page by ctrl-clicking them. This still requires a lot more clicking than it should.

Haven't looked much at the different edicts, but there are quite a few of them. Haven't tried more than the most basic structures either, but I expect I'll be using them more as I get further into the campaign - The "campaign" is actually an advanced tutorial (there's a basic one also included in the game), and seems to get gradually more challenging and each scenario in it stresses a different aspect of the game - pirate happiness, shipbuilding, personal stashes, etc.

The music isn't as good as in Tropico. Some of it is, but on the whole I don't like it as well.

That's the first glance minireview. Picked it up for 30 bucks at Best Buy.

15-04-2003, 15:53:16
I played Tropico a month or so ago. Had as much fun with it as I ever did. Which is a compliment. I liked Tropico.

16-04-2003, 09:27:42
Played it a week ago. It's still OK, and FW likes it as well.

Resource Consumer
16-04-2003, 09:41:39
I will definitely give it another spin. I can't see the add-on anywhere here though. I think this is one of those games like RtII that I will return to periodically. There aren't so many of those....

....not even SMAC

16-04-2003, 10:34:58
Bah!. I'm still playing SMAC.

Resource Consumer
16-04-2003, 10:38:04
You're just a sad git.

16-04-2003, 11:55:57
If I had the proper hardware I'd still play Command HQ. Maybe I should install MOO2 again

16-04-2003, 13:49:07
You definitely should, Bob.

Resource Consumer
16-04-2003, 14:08:20
I am sure he can

16-04-2003, 19:54:06
Originally posted by Resource Consumer
You're just a sad git. And your point was?

Resource Consumer
17-04-2003, 10:48:40
own goal

18-04-2003, 14:43:06
Gamespy (http://www.gamespy.com/reviews/april03/tropico2pc/)

GamesDomain (http://www.gamesdomain.com/gdreview/zones/reviews/pc/apr03/tropico_2.html)

18-04-2003, 14:50:13
Don't link Gamespot....DON'T LINK IT!!!!!

18-04-2003, 20:04:05
I wouldn't do that. It'd be inaccessible in a week anyway.

There's more fond memories of Tropico1 here than genuine interest in Tropico2, it seems.

18-04-2003, 21:06:10
That sums up my feelings I think.