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28-01-2002, 10:46:22
All right then I finally bought it but I'm planning on starting a new character and playing it like that. So any suggestions?

I initally planned a scorcerer but got fed up choosing spells and gave up on that (although if I had an hour to spend choosing...)

The went for a wild mage but that seems pretty pointless as the surges are just annoying.

Looking at the other characters there seems to be a real deficit of theives so maybe that would be a good idea.

Considered a fighter but there are plenty of tanks available, minsc, anomen, anoying paladin bloke.

So any suggestions for character/party composition.

Quite fancy something totally off the wall like a drow warrior/priest. Probably couldn't combine that with the goody characters like minsc though...

28-01-2002, 10:49:49
I'm thinking of getting it, will take me several years at the current rate to finish BGII but I can get the pack with both SoA and ToB and give Shakey his disks back.

28-01-2002, 10:53:03
If you've got BG2 you may as well download ToB off a file sharing program or mIRC. It is only one cd, and then after that all you don't have to use the original SoA cd's at all.

My character is a paladin, but I also think a theif would be a good choice. Probably an assasin for that new dungeon they have added.

28-01-2002, 12:09:45
Maybe a real evil party

Me as half-drow warrior/priest or warrior/mage.
that dark elf priestess (virconia)
The annoying red wizard bloke.
The psycho dwarf

shame i cant fix minsc in - i would miss the hamster...

28-01-2002, 15:42:46
Originally posted by MattHiggs
If you've got BG2 you may as well download ToB off a file sharing program or mIRC. It is only one cd, and then after that all you don't have to use the original SoA cd's at all.

My character is a paladin

I got a huge laugh out of this.:lol:

Now where is the disapproving paladin smiley?

28-01-2002, 22:55:03
It's not actually possible to select Drow as a race. You just have to give yourself black skin and pretend everyone hates you:).

29-01-2002, 10:14:04
Thats true - oh well.

I tried the totally evil party route and noone woulf talk to me so I went back to being a goody-goody sorcerer. Dont seem to be getting into ToB as much as BG1&2

29-01-2002, 11:00:30
The Sorcorer has the best deal in ToB. It can have ALL the 10th level spells in its invetory. True they count as 9th level so when you cast time stop (which I'm sure you will :) ) it takes away one of your 10th level spells for that day as well. But you're not limited by having to select spells for the 10th level. YOU GET THEM ALL!! However, when you're fighting legions of Drow, you'll appreciate this.

However, the mage is screwed. Since the 10th level spells are put with the 9th level ones in the spell book, a mage much choose among the 9th and 10th level together to fill, I think, 4 measly spell slots.

29-01-2002, 11:03:13
The only problem with starting a new character in ToB is that you don't get any of the cool items from BGII. That Staff of Magi really spoiled me. :(

29-01-2002, 12:30:53
Thats seems to be dependant on you class - I started as a wild mage and got loads of kit, in the bag of holding were about 6 magical weapons, including the hammer of thunderbolts. + I got a load of protective magic items.

Starting as a cleric/fighter same thing - tons of magic kit.

Startgina as a sorcerer bugger all, a load of spell scrolls (well thanks alot) not even a weapon. Had to take the dagger off that annoying woman who attacks you at the beginning

29-01-2002, 17:18:58
I can resist this question no longer!

This game is about a big old toilet bowl isn't it?

29-01-2002, 17:37:00
No, that game is entitled 'Venom's Life'

29-01-2002, 19:03:21
My life ain't even that good. If it was about me and my life it'd be called Sewer Dweller.

29-01-2002, 20:39:30

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