View Full Version : Civ IV

Vincent Fandango
27-01-2002, 09:13:47
Looks good CIVIV

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
29-01-2002, 01:13:58
If Sid doesn't have anything to do with it, maybe I'd buy it.

Oh wait, he had nothing to do with Civ3. It should have been Jeff Briggs' "Sid Meyer's Civilization" 3.

Okay. I'll revise that to "If Firaxis don't have anything to do with it." I would have included Big Huge Games in that too, but since they haven't produced anything in almost two years, I don't think there's much chance of that.

Anyway, that said, I don't think even they think there's much life left in the Civ series, for pretty much the reason I gave above. Lots of die-hards are disappointed. I know I didn't spend nearly as much time playing 3 as I did either 1 or 2.

Now the next poll should be: Will they make SMAC 2? :D