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26-01-2002, 14:21:15
How many of you started your computer career with the old Amiga? :heart: :heart:

In many ways I think it wa sthe highpoint of my computing experience. At least the bloody OS worked. ;)

Vincent Fandango
26-01-2002, 16:54:23
I'm a C64 man. Actually a Siemens BS2000 host man

26-01-2002, 18:11:51
Started out with a BBC model B way back in the eighties.....

Did actually have one of those early sinclair machines too but the Beeb had a proper keyboard and lots of ports to plug things into so was better. :p

26-01-2002, 21:50:38
I remember my brothers old ZX81 and the old specky. Happy days.

Do you think the kids of today will have great memories of their first computers? Personally I don't think so.

Vincent Fandango
26-01-2002, 22:43:25
I don't think so. C64 is C64, Amiga is Amiga, but PC PIII 1000 Mhz + Geforce3 + 60 GB Harddisk is .. a well ... OK .. nice

27-01-2002, 17:06:49

27-01-2002, 17:25:00
ZX81, Spectrum, Amstrad CPC464, Amiga 500, PC.

Spectrum takes the nostalgia prize, closely followed by the Amiga.

Sir Penguin
27-01-2002, 19:20:06
I don't remember what our first computer was, but I remember learning to read by playing Rogue on it. I remember when we upgraded to a 486 though :).


28-01-2002, 03:21:34
Amstrad 664, upgrade to 286, upgrade to Celeron 400...

28-01-2002, 03:32:18
You do realize the minimum sysreqs for WC3 is a P3 600MHz, Shining? :cry:

28-01-2002, 06:05:27
Yes, I do, or at least that's what they wanted for the public beta.

28-01-2002, 09:27:05
ZX81 (eventually upgraded from 1K all the way to 8K)
BBC Model A 32K (Upgraded to a model B)
Commodore 64C
Commodore Amiga 512 (Upgraded to 1 Meg)
486 DX2 66 8 Meg
PII 233 64 Meg
Athlon 1.2Ghz 256 Meg

If I continue getting 8x the RAM with each PC my next one will have 2 Gigs of RAM. :eek:

28-01-2002, 09:31:06
I started with a Vic20...

28-01-2002, 09:43:34
Best overall standard of games was probably the Amiga.

28-01-2002, 10:42:56
I'm a C64 man, but yeah the amiga did have a stunning software library

Vincent Fandango
28-01-2002, 10:43:59
Yeah, brother!

28-01-2002, 13:53:08
here's to the c64!

I really reallly really really really reallly really really really reallly really really really reallly really really really reallly really really want to get hold of an emulator and play Lords of Midnight/Doomdark's revenge.

28-01-2002, 13:55:09
C64 and Amiga games kind of blur together in my mind a bit so I sometimes forget which platform they were on.

28-01-2002, 14:21:56
Originally posted by King_Ghidra

I really reallly really really really reallly really really really reallly really really really reallly really really really reallly really really want to get hold of an emulator and play Lords of Midnight/Doomdark's revenge.

hey i love the internet - just got both emulator and lords of midnight - that's me sorted for this evening then :)

PS - is it bad form to quote yourself? :o

PPS - oh i forgot this is an AMIGA thread :D

28-01-2002, 15:45:37
I think it turned into a nostalgia thread. :D

28-01-2002, 15:46:26
I'm sure its bad form to quote yourself.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
29-01-2002, 00:42:15
Let's see... if we're talking computers, that's one thing, but if we include games machines, I had:

- A Hanimex electronic game system (10 games on 1 cart!) Cheap and nasty.

- A ColecoVision. This rocked, had a ton of cool games, and one of the best controllers that ever came out for an 8- or 16-bit system. Kind of a brick with a sort of paddle on it that worked like a joystick, two buttons and a "phone pad" on the front. I broke both of mine through overuse over the course of the nest 10 years. And what was great about them was that they worked on the Coleco, the Atari, the C-64 and the Amiga (and probably a host of other stuff too. The Coleco came with a driving wheel too, which was good but not THAT good.

- The Atari 2600 adapter for the ColecoVision. Defender, Centipede, all those cool classics... :)

- C-64, the first of the computers I owned. I remember how we got it cheap - the local department store had an offer where if you brought in an old calculator for a trade-in, they'd knock off $100. My mother didn't know about this offer until she went to buy the machine, so she went down to the small electronics department, bought a $6 calculator and traded it to them for $100 off.

Initially we just had tape drive, but that was horribly slow, so a while later we got (taraah!) a 1571 disk drive that's bigger than my current desktop machine (well, almost). This was so much better. And to top it off, an ActionReplay cartridge from the U.K. I had my dad buy when he went over to visit the family. In fact, I liked it so much, I got one for my next computer.

- Amiga 500! I pestered my parents to get me one for Christmas for 6 months, not knowing they'd bought me one in August :) Still one of the best computers ever (not in terms of power, or capacity or anything, but in terms of user friendliness and operating system, the Amiga is still unbeaten IMHO to this day). Made infinitely better with the Action Replay cart and an extra 512k of RAM. First computer I had with external speakers (I even made the cable - and a null-modem cable for multiplayer!)

-Amiga CD-32. Initially I bought this for the upgraded chipset, intending to turn it into an Amiga 1200 with the somethingorother expansion you could buy for it. Had some nice games, and the first joypad-style controller I had.

- Amiga 1200. As you can see, I got the adapter. First computer I had a hard drive for, with a whopping 600 Meg. After using it (the hard drive), I couldn't believe how I'd managed for so long without one. The rest of the machine was solid, too. Who would have thought that a 14MHz machine with 6 Meg of RAM could be so powerful? I sometimes wonder how awesome the Amiga could be with today's hardware. A decent multimedia computer for around $400? Or less? I don't think it's a dream.

- And then onto the PCs. A Pentium 133MHz with a cheesy 2D card and generic soundcard. Not bad for the time. It did everything I wanted it to do, so I was happy... until I started running out of HD space (6.4Gig!), something I didn't even come close to doing on my Amiga1200 hybrid with 600Meg.

- Upgraded to a 450MHz P-II or something, which ran things a lot faster. Had a 13Gig drive in this one, which also got full rather quickly. Must be all those games I installed. Oh, and the bloated OS :hmm: I ended up selling it to my mother to finance moving to the States. Heh :)

- Now I'm using the computer my wife bought to write on. Back to a sub 10 Gig drive, it's a Compaq of some sort or another. I'm aspiring o upgrade to a built-it-myself sometime soon, which'll be nice. Not that the Compaq is bad, but it's getting a bit cramped in there again...

Out of all of the above, the Amiga still stands out as the best computer(s) I ever owned. It was everything the PC wasn't and has only just become. Pity the head of Commodore in the early 90's basically rode it into the ground in some kind of suicidal nose-dive. Still, there are people who are trying to revive it, even today. And good luck to them, I say!

Greg W
29-01-2002, 01:32:28
Tandy TRS80 (Commonly referred to as the TRaSh80) Colour Computer 2. :rolleyes:

More often than not though I was using the School Apple IIc/IIe. Playing Wizardry I and II, Bard's Tale, Ultima III and IV, LodeRunner, The Hobbit...

Next computer after that was a 386sx25 (I think). Whopping 8M RAM, 20 Gig HDD, and I think the video card had a huge 1M from memory. Played Civ to death on this. :D

Also played a lot on a friend's Amiga 1200 at this time. There were so many pirated games around then for it.

Then a P90, 32M, Matrox Mystique (2 or 4M, later added a Creative Voodoo2 as well), and a 120 Gig HDD.

Upgraded to a PII 400, 128M RAM, Voodoo Banshee 16M, 4 Gig HDD (later added a 10 Gig).

Upgraded again to an Athlon 1200, 384M RAM, GeForce2MX w/ 32M, and a 40 Gig HDD.

My best memories were the old Apple IIe/IIc at school, playing all those old RPGs. Then the 386 playing Civ. Man, I played that game to death. :D

31-01-2002, 03:50:36
IBM PC XT. Clickety-clack keyboard, monochrome monitor (later replaced with a Packard Bell VGA monitor). 5.25" FDD. A 20MB HDD was added in at some point, which I've been told used to be a big deal. Carmen Sandiego games from Broderbund. And Codename: Iceman from Sierra, though that last game ran very poorly, and the 386DX that was later the household computer simply blew it away. It actually survived until 1994 or so, running Word Perfect for DOS. And it ran BASIC.

31-01-2002, 14:10:07
ZX81 (1988) -> Speccy (1988-89) -> C64 (1989-92) -> 286 (1992-94) -> 486/66 (1994-97) -> P200 MMX upgraded to Celeron 400 (1997-present)

Vincent Fandango
31-01-2002, 14:49:38
1983-1986 C64
1986-1988 C128
1989- now C64
1987-1990 Amstrad PC 8084 8 MhZ
1990-1993 Escom 386/SX 16 MHz
1993-1996 Escom 486 66 Mhz
1996-1999 Custom PII 166 Mhz
1999-2002 Siemens PIII 750MHZ
2002? Hmmm ...

02-02-2002, 10:42:06
First computer that was MINE was the Atari 400. Ah... such a great little machine. Back when games were made by people that wanted to have fun, rather then just make a clone... Or at least, back when it was a lot easier to get backing to make an 'original' game.

Second computer that was MINE was the Amiga 1000. Amiga's were and ARE the best darn computer, ever. It's what Linux wants to be... And you HAVE to love a computer that is epilectic, and liked to eat disks occasionally. That's why the Amiga was so well pirated... the internal floppy drive occasionally got slightly magnetized at the factory, and so it would occasionally ruin a disk. You had to back up EVERYTHING because of that...

Seriously, the Amiga really was the best system available. Of course, it was third generation Macintosh/Atari/Amiga... the same design crew did them all, and applied the latest and learned to the next set.

But I played with a LOT of computers before my Atari and Amiga.

Heck, I've still got my Atari. And I picked up a new Amiga 1000 very cheap, after my original got stolen (along with my brand spanking new 33 MHz, cutting edge PC). The loss of that Amiga was serious blow to me.

Running a nice game rig now, but still... the PC doesn't have the charm of the Amiga. And still hasn't caught up with ALL the features of the Amiga, believe it or not. Now, that's saying something... And it's by far closer then the Mac. Sigh...

08-02-2002, 11:27:57
never forget the Guru meditation error :clueless:

08-02-2002, 11:37:43
I had forgotten that!

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
08-02-2002, 17:55:03
One of the funniest things I ever saw was when someone hacked an entire pool of PC clones at Uni to display the "Workbench 1.3 Insert Disk" screen when the boot disk wasn't inserted.