View Full Version : I'm not agreeing with Snapcase!

25-01-2002, 13:42:02
And if anyone sees a post or two in here they interperet in that way they are taking too much acid.

25-01-2002, 13:46:30
too much acid? never hurt me :clueless: :eek:

25-01-2002, 13:47:18
I'm sure. :D

*End Is Forever*
25-01-2002, 16:12:37
What do you think of Pink Floyd, Mike? :)

25-01-2002, 16:17:23
I really like them but at last band practice I was heard to say that they don't rock. :o

*End Is Forever*
25-01-2002, 16:21:54

25-01-2002, 16:23:29
Originally posted by MikeH
I really like them but at last band practice I was heard to say that they don't rock. :o

blame the acid :clueless: :eek: :nervous:

25-01-2002, 16:28:47
Well they don't rock. They have cool tunes and they are especially good to listen to when stoned but that is kind of why they don't rock. They don't exactly make you want to thrust a 2 pronged fist in the air and leap off the stage of the AD do they?

25-01-2002, 17:50:32
But they practically invented the "melodic intelligent middle class thoughtfull acid based rock" genre

26-01-2002, 13:43:56
aka. the "white wuss music" genre. They can't take the basic polyrhythmic action of african-american music, so they go for soul-less, predictable overproduction instead.

Lazarus and the Gimp
26-01-2002, 14:22:59
I liked them better in the "barking mad Syd Barret" days. They're rubbish now.

26-01-2002, 14:34:57
I have to admit to not minding "Asylum" Syd Barret either. Arnold Layne is actually a good song. But to go from mildly inoffensive psychadelic pop to overwrought symphonic rock was inexcusable.

Vincent Fandango
26-01-2002, 16:57:29
I like Biding my Time

*End Is Forever*
27-01-2002, 13:20:17
I prefer to rush straight in.

27-01-2002, 16:03:58
Don't they say fools rush in but then given as I am too lazy to read the whole thread, I don't know whether this is out of context.

27-01-2002, 17:01:08
I never said that Pink Floyd were bad, I really like them, especially the older stuff. They make music it's good to chill to and think about.

*End Is Forever*
28-01-2002, 07:10:43
Completely out of context. Just read VF's post before it. :bounce:

28-01-2002, 12:35:31
Pink Floyd have their place, Marillion on the other hand I'm not too sure about.