View Full Version : Mozilla team admits Mozilla is a steaming pile of buggy crap

02-04-2003, 21:10:32
And have radically adjusted their roadmap: http://www.mozilla.org/roadmap.html

The Mozilla Browser is to be replaced by Phoenix.
Mozilla Mail to be replaced by Minotaur.

They finally realized that the code is large, unwieldly, baroque, and generally unmanagable, and are now frantically trying to clean it up. They've even implemented code reviews.

It's pretty much no longer a community project, the only people still doing stuff are the Netscape software engineers who are doing it because it's their job.

Gee, couldn't see this one coming. :beer:

02-04-2003, 21:11:47
Phoenix is excellent, it’s my second-choice browser behind IE. Opera just has a sucky interface.

I still think that Gecko gets floats wrong sometimes, though. Both IE and Opera manage it.

03-04-2003, 10:09:09
I think that Mozilla has come a long way. Back around M18, it felt icky. Now, it's well-behaved and stable. I use it daily because I'm hooked on popup-killing and tabs, not to mention something that looks good in both Windows and X.

I'm glad they've decided to eventually split the apps. My greatest peeve was the fact that in 4.x and Mozilla, the Mail/News client used the same executable as the Browser. Netscape 4.x was particularly bad in that the Mail/News client seemed to block the Browser while downloading articles from a news server. M18 seemed to do this too.

It seems obvious. Instead of having one process do everything, just split things up and let the OS handle the contention for resources. It sure beats having one part of the blob block another. I want to browse while the newsreader is loading a large newsgroup. I don't want to sit and wait for several minutes.