View Full Version : C# to be stamped as ISO standard. Goodbye Java

02-04-2003, 20:19:10
With Sun still fucking around doing nothing and claiming how evil C# is to the world, C# (and its corresponding CLI [Virtual Machine]) are to be stamped as official ISO standards in April.

Something Java and its VM do not have, and probably will never have.


Death to Java.

02-04-2003, 21:00:50
Fine by me: C# is actually good.

02-04-2003, 22:13:55
Fuck you! Java will never die!!! JAVA!!!111omg31321-57u129857y319857108375198375!!!!!!!111

02-04-2003, 23:18:21
Sun realised if they had turned Java over to ISO, they lost total control over Java. That's a direct quote from Scott on why they didn't standardize Java.

I think it's funny that Sun is still claiming in court that Microsoft killed Java by just thinking about C# in 1998. Talk about pathetic... They've tried that in court 5 times and had it fail, but they are trying it again, and they finally got a sympathetic judge to listen to them. Should get interesting...

Especially when their biggest claim against Microsoft is that they forced Microsoft via court to stop distributing Sun's approved Java for Windows, and that's why Microsoft needs to be forced to carry all Sun software in all Microsoft's OS, because without Microsoft distributing Java, it will never be used again. Then why'd you guys force them to stop distributing it? Buttheads!

Of course, that's Sun for you. They learned that they couldn't service their main customers if they moved across state from them. Which upset their customers. So they've moved back to where they had been.

Fun fun. I will laugh so hard when Sun goes out of business, I might just die.

Sir Penguin
03-04-2003, 00:55:41
Excellent, not only do we get rid of Java, but Darkstar dies!

I wonder how long it will take for the UVic C SC department to switch their first-year courses to something other than Java. They only switched from C++ a couple years ago, and that only because of the JVM. I predict they will go back to C++ with the .Net framework. Maybe they'll go with C#, but a lot of undergrads wouldn't like it.


03-04-2003, 08:57:29
I don't trust MS, but I think at least a standard syntax and VM is a Good Thing. I keep seeing news about this or that Java testing suite that Sun or somebody else won't share. Or the stresses and strains between Sun and IBM over Java. It's really goofy. Either a program is guaranteed to work on the VM or it's not. You can't have a situation like you do now and still try to get everybody to use Java. If anything, the decision by Sun not to make Java an ISO standard enabled MS to create J++, since there was no "right way" to do Java anyway. I think J++ was a dirty tactic, but MS probably figured that one proprietary thing is as good as another.

I'm not sure if incompatibilities can't be introduced somehow, but so far, so good.

03-04-2003, 22:17:25
IBM is doing the exact same thing MS did. Just like HP, Motorola, and a whole slew of companies. Extending it and only supporting the bits they want. Nothing new there.

Now, with MS supporting C#, and it going ISO, this should get interesting. I'll find out in a few weeks. My Visual Studio 2003 .Net will show up then. Just in time for some new projects...