View Full Version : Championship Manager 4 'Enhancement Pack'

29-03-2003, 15:59:44
Add one more to the list of euphemisms for 'bug fix'

well CM4 may only jsut be out but already there is an 'enhancement pack' available.

having bought it today, i can say gratefully it appears to have a fix in it for the general snail like pace of the game (and i don't just mean crunching data, it's slow to respond just moving between different game windows).

Anyway i'm grabbing it now so i'll report back on how it goes.

29-03-2003, 22:12:23
Think I might stick with 01/02 until the start of next season. It feels a lot more solid and runs a lot quicker than CM4.

Resource Consumer
31-03-2003, 11:37:40
I installed it and it seems to run fine on my system. Maybe a little slower than 02/03 but not so much. Actually, I am getting quite into it now and the interface has grown on me since the demo (or maybe they have tweaked it a bit, I am not sure)

01-04-2003, 12:50:20
I'm still waiting for your feelings on this game, K_G and RC

Resource Consumer
01-04-2003, 13:14:39
They are still mixed. One of the things to overcome is the familiarity with the CM3 series, so everything feels a little odd. After a couple of days, I can say that the interface does not feel as bad to me as it did on the demo.

The compare player function works better. I can say, though, that, although the 2D display is nice, the "in game" is a little disappointing. It ducks to the 2D when something of note haoppens but does not return to the display you were watching before (in my case player stats).

I am hoping to have another run at it tonight. My interim view is good, but given my very high expectations then it is not mind blowing like I had hoped.

01-04-2003, 13:16:45
Because of Pokemon Ruby i've hardly played it so far, 6 games as west ham, won 2 drawn 1, lost 3 (including a 3-2 defeat to reading in the league cup, ironically enough)

pre-patch - very slow, especally annoying during matches - switching to the tactics screen became a real pain

post-patch - better but still slow (i should point out here that i have a 1.4ghz athlon with 512mb ram)

some other thoughts:
i really like the new screen layout
the training seems ridiculously complex
the 2d view seems pointless (only real benefit of the 2d view so far was watching my right back rufus brevett mishit a long pass and score from 60 yards)

but not really played it much yet, in fairness