View Full Version : Imperium Galactica 3 renamed Galaxy Andromeda

28-03-2003, 18:59:16
Found at: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/galaxyandromeda/news_6024137.html

Perhaps my CorpSpeak to English translator's cynicism base tone is set to high, but the press release sounds like they are saying "we have to market this game under a new name, because IG1&2 were so poor, noone would ever buy 3."

29-03-2003, 03:04:46
and target specifically for a german market apparantly.

01-04-2003, 19:48:15
What makes you say it is targetting the german market, Nav?

02-04-2003, 14:09:37
a lot of drink and the fact (as I remember) that the game's site was in german.

02-04-2003, 14:16:42
Only if you were so pissed you clicked on the german flag instead of the british one when you entered the site.

CDV are crap though. They handle the combat mission series for europe distribution and apart from releasing it later than everywhere else in the world and renaming the SS units, and preventing UK people ordering it from the US distributer, and having a really crap support page thats mostly in german and making the patches 3 times the size of the US one their OK