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28-03-2003, 16:18:25
I have internet cable since december, and it has been really really slow since the beginning. Last weekend a friend of mine moved to a house close to mine and he has cable as well. His downloadspeeds were 6 times faster then mine! So after some searching we discovered that I was working through a proxy server. When I changed it to a automatic configuration, my download speeds went up from around 30kb/s to 170 kb/s!! I am now a happy little home surfer.

But how come a proxy server slows your download speed so much?

28-03-2003, 20:48:02
Well, generally, because it is much slower.

Sir Penguin
28-03-2003, 21:32:26
In theory, it shouldn't. One of the uses of a proxy server is to store data that's been downloaded recently. Like your cache on your internet browser, but for everybody who uses it. Because of that, proxy servers usually boost speed since they're probably closer to you than the server you're actually downloading from. However, if the proxy is a long way away, it could go too slow to be worth it. Also, if there's a lot of traffic going through the server, you could have limited access speeds.


28-03-2003, 21:33:52
It's one more thing that has to happen, going out and coming back. More hardware that has to do something, makes it slower then direct. Think about it...

Also, you have now added another limit point into your communication chain. You will only be able to go as fast as it lets you (is capable of handling and processing), so...

29-03-2003, 03:15:18
It's obviously gay.