View Full Version : This war's like a messy divorce.

28-03-2003, 14:49:43
The parents rant and rave at eachother and throw the furniture about, and the bloke demands his WoMaDs back, and the wife says she's keeping the house, and in the background a family portrate of happier times featuring the couple back in the 80's celebrating their Mutual Interests against the Shi'ite manics next door. And the parents lie about eachover to the children in desperate attempts to turn the little sprats against eachover, and family councilors with big concerned eyes turn up an insist 'We have to handle this situation in a way that's best for the Iraqi people' who sit there looking miserable and neglected and abused.

28-03-2003, 14:51:16
So what are your plans for the weekend, Qweeg?

28-03-2003, 14:51:33
how very qweeg

28-03-2003, 14:55:49
exactly what I was thinking (how very qweeg, not the divorce thing)

28-03-2003, 15:01:00
Drekk, I have no plans of any pressing import, why do you ask?

28-03-2003, 15:03:19
You really need to get out and get your mind of the war for a minute. :D

28-03-2003, 15:06:32
I do, I only come here to get my mind 'in' the war.

war war.

warwarwarwarwarwarwarwarwarwarwaaaaaaar!!!!!:bash: :bash::bash:

28-03-2003, 15:50:33
Sun's going down Like a big bald head Disappearing behind the boulevard. It's Sharkey's night. It's Sharkey's night tonight. And the manager says: Sharkey? He's not at his desk right now Could I take a message? Hey Kemosabe! Long time no see Hey Sport - You connect the dots! You pick up the pieces! Well I drove down to Big D.C. And I walked into Room 1003 And there they were The Big Boys. And they were talking Big B Little O Little M Silent B They were saying: Let's teach those robots how to play hardball. Let's teach those little fellas a little gratitude. Hey! What's that big noise from the sky? Sounds like thunder - Nope. Sounds like the Fourth of July - Nope...Wrong again. You know? It's just those angels walking They're clomping around again Wearing those big clumsy shoes We got for them. Well deep In the heart Of darkest America Home of the Brave Well HA HA HA You've already paid For this Listen to my heart Beat.

28-03-2003, 16:06:04
That's great, what's that from?

28-03-2003, 16:23:18
redfred typing prose with his face now?

28-03-2003, 17:48:36
Laurie Anderson: Sharkey's Night.

I think she did two songs called Sharkey's Night. This one was from Home of the Brave album.

28-03-2003, 18:22:10
Was she married to Burt Reynolds?

28-03-2003, 18:36:53
Ah, i've heard Big Science, very interesting stuff