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24-01-2002, 21:37:06
Delayed due to my damn cold. but finally here..



24-01-2002, 22:39:43
Sounds interesting. How does it compare to the Elite series?

I love the "devil-bastards at Sierra (more on this later)" quote :)

25-01-2002, 00:06:48
It is nothing like elite. Elite was a very good game, BCM is not. Elite was stable, BCM is very buggy and unstable.

Do not try and report any bugs for BCM, you will get abused and your messages deleted from Derek's website, as others have found out. To post at Derek's website you must suck up to him. And NEVER mention his forging of racist emails, or his Ph.D fraud as they are very touchy subjects, as Derek hates how he was caught out doing both.

25-01-2002, 00:45:16

I thought that was a very good and very fair review of BCM.:beer:

Good job, sounds like you had a good time playing it, and I like your humor.

Again, good, fair review and I liked it.

Too bad that there are people out there who will lie about the game because it was created by Derek.

I have been playing the game for quite a while, I was a beta tester, and it runs SOLID as a rock on my machine, K6-III 450 with an old V770 video card, so not sure what thier problem is. Except for the fact that they just HAVE to say something negative about Derek. :shoot:

But off to other things, but wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoyed the review. :smoke:

25-01-2002, 01:19:49
What lies?

That it is buggy? Just read the other reviews and most say it is buggy. Also read Derek's website and you will see people posting bugs.
That it is unstable? Just read the reviews and visit derek's website and see how unstable it is.

Just a typical toady who likes to accuses others of lying but has no facts to back their statement up.

And I wouldnt boast about being a "beta tester" with so many bugs being let through!:sleep:

25-01-2002, 01:25:09
And like I said, runs SOLID AS A ROCK, what's your problem, afraid we'll find out you are still running a Pentium 75? Hint for you, BCM will NOT run on a pentium 75mhz, oh, and private me your serial number for your BCM game, I want to see if you ACTUALLY bought it, so therefore actually KNOW what you are talking about.:lol:

and whichever one you are, this is getting truly pathetic. Shirley, Fabio, bill? which one is it today? Gotta love your consistency though, no matter how sick it is.:clueless:

25-01-2002, 01:58:06
My serial number for BCM is 51B4-42C2-D692-232D

And who is "Shirley, Fabio, bill? ":lol:

PS I just checked usenet and shirley, fabio and bill appear to be people who point out when derek lies on usenet and laugh at his posts and many lies!!:lol:

25-01-2002, 02:24:23
JUST checked Usenet huh? LOL:lol:

Sure figured that out quick didn't you.

So glad that you gave Derek your $50, that's a good thing, so your ranting is fine, as long as Derek got a piece of the action.

I still say you're full of it, because I have yet to have a problem and 90% of people haven't had a problem either. and those that did, upgrade to the newest drivers and wow, it works just dandy..

Also, the fact is that this game is HUGE, and no matter how hard we tried there was no way that we were gonna get all the bugs.

Derek has come out with every fix, for EVERY bug that has been found, and has a full page just to show what was found and what was fixed. What other game has that?

What other game has a FULL support forum, with the creator there to answer questions, what other game has patches come out so quickly for the few bugs that were found? What other game comes out with patches with extra things that allow even MORE gameplay for the game? Answer: NONE!!:cool:

Nah, you go ahead with your goofy rantings, and I will continue to point out who and what you really are, just another one of these Derek Smart wannabes who is so jealous that they don't have the expertise or the wherewithall to pull something like this off, that you just HAVE to attack him whenever and wherever you can. Pretty sick if you ask me, but hey, you spent the $50!! :gasmaske:

25-01-2002, 02:53:15
The things you find on usenet. What happened to multiplayer in BCM! That is a bug that Derek cannot fix

I see why you accuse everybody who posts the truth about Derek and BCM of being the same person, as that is what Derek does.

25-01-2002, 03:32:48
ROFLMAO!! You're funny, so misinformed and eager for every little scrap to get Derek with. :bash:

The MP patch is coming, patience young detractor. The MP patch will be released to the Beta team here momentarily, but then again, you already knew this. But you had to say it anyway, SO FUNNY, and so desperate!! :lol:

The MP is going to be one of the funnest parts of the game. Should be LOTS of fun. :smoke:

But this, the MP is a bug thing is hilarious, you're REALLY reaching.... :gasmaske:

It is also quite amusing that you decided to use the nick of a 3000AD regular for your comments, but then again, that's why you used it. So how many times a day do you check the forums over there? Quite a few, because you posted pretty soon after Derek put the link to this page up on the 3000ad forums. NOW THAT IS FUNNY, and again, PRETTY SICK... but then again, we were ALL expecting it.... so predictable....:clueless:

Cmdr Nova
25-01-2002, 03:34:30
Ooh, I see a flame war starting.

*splashes a ton of water on it*

See the official BB topic for this review at 3000ad.com:


Wonderful impersonation there, Shirley.

Some of you don't believe me that it's an impersonation? Then have "Epsilon5" answer this: what's the shorthand of the AW place we're getting? :hmm: Even easier: what is the name of the street you live on? :hmm:


No answer?
Then Goodbye! (http://www.rp.orionfleet.com/misc/goodbye.mp3) :bash:

On another note: I liked the review. It's good to see a review, not based on past facts and not based on graphics. It's also great to see a reviewer actually read the manual/appendix and download the patch. I give it my thumbs up approval. :)


25-01-2002, 04:18:41
Poor little nova

YOU answer some questions for me so we all know you are the real nova.

Why do you support a liar and racist email forger?

No answer?
Obviously a fake!

The review was ok, but the PC Zone review was more accurate:
"...it's bugged to hell."
"...the actual implementation - not to put too fine a point on it -sucks."
"...a rushed idea that wasn't thought through.""...no fun whatsoever."
"...constant machine-crashing bugs."
"...Smart wasn't quite as up to the task as he has led himself tobelieve."
"...ill-thought-through, amateurishly coded and riddled with holes."
"...you're lucky to come away from Battlecruiser Millennium not
wanting to put your fist through the screen..."And my personal favourite:
"Battlecruiser's biggest problem lies with Derek Smart himself."

truthfull and accurate!

Cmdr Epsilon 5
25-01-2002, 05:08:19
How stupid can you be in trying to impersonate me? :bash: What are you trying to do exactly?? :hmm:

Nova : CCentris

I prefer not give the street name. I keep a safety margin against any unsuspected stalker.

But I can tell you that my postal code starts by H7N

Oh and Gordon aka Fabio aka Taco Supreme aka Shirley aka Herbert aka Master1 aka jamesg (I admit I'm unsure about the last one), your reign here won't last. Do you really think the Counterglow admins will tolerate such attitude from you?? :lol:

About the review : I like it! :coolgrin:

And I never played Elite.

25-01-2002, 05:11:57
Isn't that fascinating, that serial number is not YOURS, so, where is YOUR serial number? I know who owns that particular game, and it's NOT you.

So, either you have the game, or you don't, if you don't, then you have no reason to criticize it, except that you hate Derek. In other words a TROLL, DETRACTOR and all kinds of other fun exciting things that we would call a basic troublemaker who has nothing to do except start flamewars over BCM and Derek Smart.

Indeed, so, Shirley I believe, please enlighten me on YOUR serial number and then we can decide if you are actually stating a REAL opinion, or you are just that, A TROLL....:bash:

And I know what I believe, and I'm pretty sure whom the rest that read this will believe as well. You are a TROLL, starting a FLAMEWAR, about a game, BCM, that you have never played, let alone loaded up on your own machine, unless of course it is pirated, and then, well, let's just not go there, shall we?:shoot:

So, there you are fair readers of this thread, he has so far, said all the normal negative things that the obsessed with Derek Smart TROLLS say, and has given a STOLEN serial number of the game, and I know who owns that particular copy.

So he has LIED, he HAS pretended to be someone that he is NOT, and he has said nothing that is new or NOT in the Derek Smart Detractor handbook .

He has hidden his identity, and pretends that he knows what he is talking about.:lol:

So, who has the credibility here? I don't think it is the person pretending to be Epsilon 5.

Thanks Shirley/Fabio/Herbert/ Et al, ad nauseum, you're TOO easy!!:shoot:

Oh. and nav, will you please private me the IP of the above person PRETENDING to be Epsilon 5, I would like to compare it to other IP's that I have from this probably same person, who follows Derek Smart around the net and flames him wherever possible. He's really obsessed and he needs help, I intend to find him and get him that help. Thank you for the assistance!!

25-01-2002, 05:26:15
Poor "jaguar" and "peewee commander epsilon"

What claim do YOU have to any name? it is a name that I use, so you can change yours!!

And as if nav would dare give my ip out to any toady who asked for it, and as if you would know ip's anyway!

Here is a question nova ran away from, will YOU answer it or run away also:

Why do you support a proven liar and proven racist email forger?

Cmdr Epsilon 5
25-01-2002, 05:37:37
I support Derek Smart because I believe he is not what you are trying to say he is.

(that means liar, racist email forger, phd fraud and the likes)

25-01-2002, 05:38:13
Like I said, same old stuff from the detractors handbook.

Don't you have anything new, like he shot his computer, or rammed his car into a wall, or beat up some little kid at the Baskin Robbins.:clueless:

Come on Shirley, use your imagination, I'm sure you can come up with something....:lol:

You have a STOLEN serial number, you pretend to be a regular on the 3000AD forum, and you just go after Derek Bigger then Big, it is SICK Shirley/Fabio/Herbert/et al, ad nauseum, just sick!!:gasmaske:

You need help, this stalking thing is NOT healthy.......:eek:

And can't you come up with anything else as far as a nick is concerned, but that is that Obsessive thing again, you are obsessed with Derek Smart, so you have to use a nick from the 3000AD forums. Like I said, Sick man, really sick, YOU NEED HELP!!:eek:

Oh, and as to the last question, there is NOTHING proven about it, and yeah, you're gonna give the old song and dance with the USENET posts, and the e-mail garbage etc, etc, please don't, because I have seen it, and it's OLD, SOOO OLD!!!! And if you think that your word or testimony means a thing to me, well SORRY DUDE, I don't think so. You will say ANYTHING to get Derek, so I see it from that light, ALWAYS... You'd lie through yoru teeth if you could hurt Derek in ANY way shape or form.:bounce:

Derek has been nothing but good to me, I consider him a friend if you really must know, and I LOVE BC3000AD, and I LOVE BCM, they are my dream games and I play them as much as I can.

It's too bad you don't take as much time to relax and enjoy yourself as you do going after Derek Smart, it might actually do you some good. But again, what should I expect from an obsessed stalker such as yourself. :bash:

and by the way, I KNOW exactly what to do with an IP address, and I have a number of them that are probably yours, from the 3000AD forums, the commanders Forum, the VE forum, and now with Nav's cooperation, the IP from this forum, gives me an awful lot to work with, don't ya think?:gotit:

And Nav, these emoticons are KILLER, I love em!!

25-01-2002, 06:10:37
First off Nav, excellent review!

Shirley...You're a loser why don't you get yourself a life and stop trying to live someone elses. I figured it's better I post than let you use my good name. It actually turns my stomach to think that you sometimes go under the name Gordon

To others that may be reading, if you're into space simulators you will not find a better game on the market. I've played quite a few and no other game matches what you can do in this game. Its got the military action like freespace, trading like X-BTF and more. You'll have to be sharp to command a large Battlecruiser in this game. Bugs? All games and other programs have them but think back and ask yourself this when you ask for support do you get it? Well I can tell you that with BCM you will not only get support but many times game enhancements, the developer of the game is extremely active on the boards and answers most support questions personally. Besides the game is running very well on my machine and considering the size and scope of this game it is rock solid. The graphics are a little dated but more than adequate as game play is more important. Hey most of the time playing games I shut off the eye candy (if I can) after the novelty wears off and that usually come pretty quick. This game will evolve as the series continues so one will never become bored playing it.
So don't listen to the detractors go over to the board (3000AD.com) and see for yourself if its as buggy as the imposture states.

R Williams
25-01-2002, 06:38:00
Cool review Nav! Its nice to see someone review BCM that has actually played it.

Well, well Shirleys here singing the same ole lame tune again I see.

You keep claiming that Derek is a proven liar. When in fact the only proven liar is you. You've proven it over and over in every post you make. You've also proven that your a thief when you posted the stolen serial number.

I suggest you find some help soon little man. You've proven beyond a doubt that you need it.

25-01-2002, 07:21:23

What a *deleted personal attack*. I cant even understand why a *deleted slanderous and offensive comment* like you wastes your time like this.

Whats worse is that a *deleted infuriating slanderous yet true comment* Like you has not even played this *deleted overly posotive to the pont of fanboyistic gloating commentary* Game.

I really think that a *deleted arbitrary reference to neanderthals * like you should get a life and find a new reason to continue your *Deleted reference about a waste of parental reproductory organs* exsistance.

That is all

25-01-2002, 10:16:07
Originally posted by Fistandantilus
Sounds interesting. How does it compare to the Elite series?

I love the "devil-bastards at Sierra (more on this later)" quote :)

That was Venom's quote I just couldnt resist re-using it!

elite (talking frontier onwards here) was more one man against the universe and more free-form in it's universe model. (which incidently I prefer over BCM's). Oh and many years earlier and with graphics that are very dated. But I still keep going back to it from time to time.

25-01-2002, 10:28:25
Woo that was fun (but who are all these people).

I played the first one (I think unless theres been more versions) and while I had a few problems with it found it worked pretty well bug wise, and while you could do an awful lot it just never really grabbed me. Too much getting to places and finding nothing there. (esp when you'd just managed to off load onto a planet surface). Bearing in mind I like my space sims, (at the moment i have alliance, hardwar and Independance War 2 installed on my PC) and the big space strategy bits (rather liked imperium galactica 2) do you think I'll like it.

Ideally Nav will answer this as everyone else in this thread seems to be argueing on some agenda I have no clue about.

The Management
25-01-2002, 10:31:04
It has come to our attention that a user here is impersonating another user from another board. While we feel that nobody has the proprietary right to a handle on this forum, it should be noted that the 'Epsilon5' here is not the 'Epsilon5' from the 3000AD discussion forums. The views he expresses are his own and not representative of 'Cmdr Epsilon5' as he is registered on this board.

25-01-2002, 10:47:19
It's amazing how sad some people are. It's only a game. A game! I'm laughing all the way to the.. well the end of the page.

25-01-2002, 11:32:19
Hello all the new people!

Interesting to read the review and then see all the arguments. I guess it proves Nav's "he has acquired admirers and haters the world over" comment.

Oh and the arguments aren't that different from our CivIII / SMAC arguments are they? ;)

25-01-2002, 11:58:10
I was going to finish the review with "Please flame away..." might as well have done! :D

25-01-2002, 13:00:48
devil-bastards at Sierra. Damn right.

25-01-2002, 18:45:18
I played the first one (I think unless theres been more versions) and while I had a few problems with it found it worked pretty well bug wise, and while you could do an awful lot it just never really grabbed me. Too much getting to places and finding nothing there. (esp when you'd just managed to off load onto a planet surface). Bearing in mind I like my space sims, (at the moment i have alliance, hardwar and Independance War 2 installed on my PC) and the big space strategy bits (rather liked imperium galactica 2) do you think I'll like it.

I think You'll like this game a lot, expect to attacked a lot too, I can't believe how fast the AI is in this game and smart, boy is it smart. It's almost scary.

The trading is a MAIN part of the game, have to trade to be able to upgrade your engines, weapons systems, etc, but once you have the trading part all set, then you can go out and really kick some tail. You can take over space stations, attack ground installations, go first person with your marines and watch the carnage, drive around a ground vehicle etc. I quit doing this because I kept getting killed, so I stay in my ship and let the marines get taken out, I can replace them!! LOL

This game is very sophisticated and has immense scope, the galaxy is huge and it's going to get even bigger with the add-ons that Derek is working on.

The graphics are a little dated, but the new graphics coming down the pipe are unreal, very realistic. I will need to upgrade my machine, otherwise my poor computer will be beggin for mercy.

I love this game, it is a ball to play, and once you get Fleet command and control, man oh man, imagine this, you go to Galcom, main station at earth, tell it to launch it's ships, and then take them ALL with you to attack a sector, it's GREAT fun!! You give them orders to defend your ship, defend each other, attack a ship or space station, the game is so open it's unreal.

You'll like it, you'll like it a lot!!

25-01-2002, 18:59:50
Thanx for the info.
I'm downloading the demo right now...

Originally posted by Venom
devil-bastards at Sierra. Damn right.

Yes! That line should be included in every review we make at Counterglow. Can we add a (TM) near it? :)

25-01-2002, 19:27:34
jag, nice too someone so excited by a game. Reminds me of when I couldnt get away from Frontier: Elite II.... shame I dont have the same kind of game playing time on my hands that I used to.

Sierra don't seem to mind that statement as they included a link to the EE review on the game's site!!! :smoke:

25-01-2002, 19:30:38
If they remember me, they already know I hate them. I've told it to them many a time.

Cmdr Epsilon 5
25-01-2002, 23:25:15
Originally posted by Fistandantilus
Thanx for the info.
I'm downloading the demo right now...

Don't forget the demos are based on the pre-release beta code. The game as much improved since then. Before asking for tech support for the demos, in case you hurt yourself to a bug, read the FAQ, the demo readme, and search the boards

Demos are officially UNSUPPORTED but you might find someone who has time to lose ;)

You should download the second demo only, since the first one is quite older and more likely to be bugged.

Resource Consumer
26-01-2002, 10:34:48
Thanks the real Epsilon5, I shall download the 2nd demo next week at work.:)

Cmdr Epsilon 5
26-01-2002, 13:54:10
Great :cool:

26-01-2002, 14:52:38
Ahh, the sweet smell of a Proxy spam-war.... >inhaaaaaale<

MikeH, how dare you say this:
"Oh and the arguments aren't that different from our CivIII / SMAC arguments are they? "

our arguments are much more refined, more like intelectual debates really. *shuts up now and hopes nobody thinks about that too much*

hello you new angry people you. suckit to em! they dunno their asses from their elbows da stupid phux!
*generic shit-stir 1.5a Venom Class*

26-01-2002, 18:16:47
Hmm not sure if I want to mess around with beta-code demos. How much does this thing cost - if a fist etc like the demo then maybe I'll just shell out.

Also wasn't there a demo on one of the (UK) games magazine cover discs a few months back?

Cmdr Epsilon 5
26-01-2002, 23:03:38
Beta1 (odd name with someone who doesn't want to test beta demos :D), give a try to the second demo. It might work, it might not, but if it does, you will have a good idea of how the game looks.

The major problem i had with the demo is that the autogen (space traffic) didn't always worked.

29-01-2002, 00:44:49
Poor peewee commander epsilon "I support Derek Smart because I believe he is not what you are trying to say he is.
(that means liar, racist email forger, phd fraud and the likes)"

Derek IS a racist email forger. Details at http://follies.werewolves.org/archives/1NotSmart/1Forger/ASummaryOfTheExposedForgery.html

Derek IS a Ph.D fraud. He claimed he had a Ph.D from a "renowned, accreditated school" He later admitted in a email that he bought his "Ph.d" from a degree mill. You do know what a degree mill is, dont you? More details at: http://follies.werewolves.org/PhDFraud/

Derek is a proven liar. He constantly lies about his fake degree, the features in BCM, his legal action that he has been threatening for years etc.

Poor Jaguar, accusing people of lying BUT you know Derek lies all the time but STILL support him. your "hero" is a proven liar, racist email forger and admitted Ph.D fraud but your world would be nothing if you admitted these facts so youjust stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and scream!!

And what are you going to do with a IP?? you DO NOT have any IP's from here or VE, so stop lying. Again.

As to obsessed, Derek even set up a page of hate of people who point out his lies as he hates to be caught out!!

Gordon - IWar2 is MUCH better than BCM, less bugs, more stable and you are not abused if you post bugs or ask for help like BCM!

R Williams, telling lies like Derek I see. WHERE HAVE I LIED!!!! come on, you accused me of lying where have i lied. I even posted epsilon5's serial number, that was not a lie!!

All the toadies will not be able to answer my points



Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
29-01-2002, 01:11:43
Heh, I remember this "fake PhD/racist remarks/buggy as crap" flamewar on Usenet when BC3k first came out. It was as funny and interesting then as is it now: not at all.

Oh, and Jaguar, Civ3 runs SOLID AS A ROCK on my machine at home. But it's still buggy as hell - just, for some reason, not on my machine. Because it runs fine for you, doesn't mean it is.

ANd, since I haven't played it, I can't say it isn't either. I do know that my mother-in-law's computer, even with the operating system installed fresh, crashes for no reason.

Sometimes it is your machine, but that's no excuse to not getting the problem fixed! Firaxis have a lot to answer for.

08-04-2002, 03:41:52
It is now April, and there is STILL no sign of multiplayer, BCM is STILL buggy and unstable as derek is not able to fix it!!