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26-03-2003, 02:15:19
Actual info this time instead of just randomly copied beta information.

The expansion pack for WarcraftIII (one of counterglow's top 5 games of 2002) seems to be nearing completion. It features a new singleplayer storyline concerning the Human Alliance, Night Elf Sentinels, and Undead Scourge. The two evil Heros from the first campaign, Arthas and Illiadian, are launched into a battle in the frozen continent of Northrend, each desiring to become the new host of Nerzhul, the Lich King.

3 singleplayer campaigns (Human, Undead, Night Elf)
A 'test of concept' Orc campaign, using the new tools available in the scenario editor
A new hero and two new units for each race, and rebalancing of existing 'problem' units.
Player built shops and new items for heroes, as well as the ability for regular units to carry items.
An improved interface for much of the game's control (tech queues, health bars for all units)


The Human Alliance benefits from the addition of the Elvish refugees from the ruined Quel'thalas. Calling themselves the Blood Elves, these ruined, bitter mages seek vengence for the destruction of their immortal realm.


A spell caster Hero very much like the Archmage. The Blood Mage has two definite abilities at this time (a third is in flux right now):
Flame Strike - deals a large amount of fire damage in an area and causes ongoing damage to units.
Banish - turns a unit Ethereal for a time. Ethereal units can't attack or use spells, and can only be hit by spells or Magic based attacks.
Phoenix - summons a Phoenix, a powerful flying, self immolating bird.

Dragon Hawk and Spell Breaker

The two Blood Elf units are both designed with a bend towards disabling enemy defenses and abilities. The Spell Breaker is an agile anti-magic defender, with immunity to magic and the ability to steal enemy spells and give them to friendly units. The Dragon Hawk is a medium level flyer, with a special ability that shuts down enemy towers and base defenses.


Player built shop (purchase scrolls of town portal and a range of other human and dwarven goodies)
Arcane Tower (spy on enemies and has an attack that removes mana from enemy heroes and casters)

Other features:
Rocket Tank: A steam tank upgrade that fires rockets at air units
Gyrocopters: An upgrade that gives gyros splash damage against air units. Gyros also now cost only one food (a substantial boost).
Mortar teams: An upgrade that gives them extra damage vs. units.


The Night Elves benefit from some odd new alliances in Frozen Throne, but are more or less the same style - just better at it.

Hero - Warden

Think 'thief'. Or 'assassin'. Whichever way you go, this seems to be FT's most vicious new hero.
Fan of Knives: A barrage of throwing knives that damages all nearby enemy units.
Blink: An instant, short ranged teleport spell, for getting into and out of danger
Shadow Strike: A single target poison dagger that damages, poisons, and slows the target.
Spirit of Vengence: (currently in flux) Summons a vengeful spirit to hunt down enemy units.

Units - Mountain Giant and Faerie Dragon

Two units from opposite ends of the spectrum here. The Mountain Giant becomes the game's premier fatty, having enormous HPs and armor and being virtually undamagable except by strong heroes and the best melee units. A siege ability, spell resistance, and the amusing 'taunt' ability round out this brother of all tanks. Meanwhile, the Faerie dragon is a tiny, anti-spell caster unit that can phase in and out of battle to avoid damage, and cause enemy spellcasters to damage themselves whenever they cast spells.

Player built shop

Other features:
Hippogryph riders can now dismount from the hippogryphs.


The stars of the Frozen Throne, the main benefits of the expansion for the Scoure are the Northrend Nerubian culture enslaved by the Lich King.

Hero - Crypt Lord
In Reign of Chaos, the Undead had two melee Heroes that never quite seemed to be able to stand up for themselves in combat. Now, with the Crypt Lord, they have the best. The "Bug", as it's known, has some of the best, and most amusing, abilities in the game and definitely looks like a contender for the game's coolest unit.

Impale: Damages and sends a unit flying
Spiked Carapace: grows spikey armour that damages melee attackers and improves defense.
Carrion Beetle: Turns a corpse into a vicious beetle that becomes
Locust Swarm: Unleashes a swarm of locusts to drain life from all nearby targets and to restore the cryptlord.

Player Built shop
'slow target' tower - reduces the target's movement rate when hit. Great for stopping enemy harrassment.


The Orcs have finished their involvement in the main WarcraftIII campaign, but get a lot of cool stuff anyway. In the main, their new skills serve to fix a lot of the weaknesses the Orcs had, especially in the early game.

Hero - Shadow Hunter
A Troll hero. Well well. Mebee deyes fin'ly gettin' some respect, maan!
Healing Wave - like Chain Lightning, but for healing.
Hex - a Hero version of Polymorph. (The coolest icon in the game!)
Serpent Ward - creates attacking wards with a strong ranged attack.
Big Bad Voodoo - confers complete invunerability to all nearby friendly units (but not the Shadow Hunter

Units - Troll Batrider and Spirit Walker
Very specific additions to the Horde here - flying air defense (with a useful bomb attack vs. buildings, and the 'revive dead Tauren' caster. It has some other abilities as well, but the main point here is that you can get a whole fucking Tauren back in one spell.

Other features:
Windwalk - previously the game's premier useless skill - now adds 'backstab' style damage to the blademaster's first attack against something while using it.
Fortified defenses: Burrows and towers get an upgrade that makes their armor 'fortified' instead of 'normal'.

Player built shop

Other changes:

All tier3 melee (Tauren et al) now have 'medium' armour instead of heavy to stop them getting owned hard by archers. (Now they get owned hard by casters, just like they did before, so this is a major boost).

You can change the default colours the game displays so your own team is always shown as blue, with enemies as red.

"magic" damage and "unarmored" armor types: Spell casters get their own armor and damage type now, dealing extra damage to medium armor units and being the only unit type that can damage Ethereal units.

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Just read the human upgrades but they sound interesting.