View Full Version : Color me surprised: MoO2

25-03-2003, 23:06:28
I pulled out my MoO2 disk, and dropped it on my Win XP machine. Amazingly, it installed and played with _NO PROBLEMS_! It's a DirectX 2 game. I've got DirectX 9 on the machine. It's hard to believe that Microsoft hasn't broken backward compatibility, in all that time! That's so unlike them!

MoO2 is definately a much better game then MoO3. They did do an interesting job of utilizing all the "new things" from MoO2, but... the UI sucks, horribly. And it's just so freaking tedius!

26-03-2003, 00:05:37
my moo2 crashes once in awhile - usually when I move through menus fast - there's some graphical glitches (button bar disappears) and it locks. Fairly rare occurence though. The intro movie even plays correctly on DX8 (Time for DX9, I guess).

26-03-2003, 00:31:07
I've played MoO2 on my XP machine tons before, as a matter of fact the only games I've never been able to play on XP are SimCity 3000 and any EA sports game earlier than 2001 versions.

26-03-2003, 17:43:17
Moo2 has never left my HD. Amazing game. And so much better than the atrocity called Moo3.

26-03-2003, 19:27:05
The AI was Nerve Stapled.

27-03-2003, 11:38:57
The designers were on SMAC?:)