View Full Version : My Computer Keeps Crashing 2 - On Startup

Scabrous Birdseed
25-03-2003, 14:39:52
My computer at home has a tendency to BSOD (ooh, geek term!) irreversibly when I start it up, right when the GUI (ooh!) is about to load in Win98. It happens... occasionally, according to no apparent pattern, say once every 10 startups or so. It usually does not do it again upon rebooting, but it has happened that it's done it upwards of four times in a row. Restarting from safe mode always fixes it. I have caught it on Bootlog.txt (ooh!) twice, and nothing seems obviously wrong.

Seems unlikely my overclocking (ooh!) is causing it, so what is?

Sir Penguin
25-03-2003, 20:08:06
You've triggered the pseudo-random kernel BSOD attribute. If you were in Linux, you could do `echo 0 > /proc/kernel/bsod`, but I don't know how to modify the running kernel in Windows.


25-03-2003, 20:32:40
I dunno. I really hate Windows 98 because it's just a pain to deal with. The last time I installed it on a machine, 98SE kept rolling back the registry even though there weren't any problems. All my driver installations and some other things were lost every time this happened. I finally gave up and installed 2000. 98SE also has a nasty tendency to hang on shutdown, which should never happen as far as I'm concerned. It's also easy for one program to clobber (not a technical term) another program's memory. System files can be hosed by anybody's installer program. "DLL Hell", they call it.

General ideas....

Maybe a BIOS or driver update would solve things. Of course some companies shirk when it comes to supporting the hardware they design and produce. Antivirus software can cause bad behavior. Try cleaning up your startup queue with msconfig.exe. I don't imagine that Bootlog.txt would cover errors from third-party programs. I haven't used 98 much in the last 3 years, but maybe re-installing could replace any DLLs that were overwritten with buggy versions.

25-03-2003, 22:14:20
Format c: /sys

Should fix that. Oh, and installing win2K or XP

25-03-2003, 22:47:42
I've seen that problem. Usually, it was either just time for a Win98 rebuild, or caused by an occassional loading of drivers out of order. If it's the later, a rebuild will not help, you'll just have to live with it. If it's the former, a rebuild will fix it.

26-03-2003, 17:29:45
BSOD BullShit OverDose ?

Yeah my PC plays up on occassions too, insisting I reboot. Bad enough, but the startup menu on the reboot is always set up for least convenience.

Is there any way one can hack it so after 1 second delay it boots into "normal" rather than "safe" mode ? It'd save me having to watch it, and catch it before it wastes my time booting into "safe".

10-12-2003, 08:08:33
Have you tried rebooting?