View Full Version : Mario's New single & FAB Quiz

24-03-2003, 11:28:28
Have you heard MArio's new single its wicked and the video's on all channels now. I also found a FAB quiz its good fun.
Are They Just A Friend??

Q1. When you look at them do they?
A Smile sweetly in your direction
B Sneer at you
C Turn away shyly

Q2. At lunch, do they?
A Take the empty seat next to
B Go as far away from you as possible
C Hover near your seat but sit somewhere else

Q3. When you send them a text msg do they?
A Reply instantly
B Reply next day
C Reply later that day

Q4. When you talk to them, do they?
A Talk about themselves
B Talk about one of your friends
C Talk about you

Q5. When you see them do you?
A Rush up and start talking to them
B Carry on with what youre doing
C Smile but find it hard to talk to them

If you answered mostly As then click here

If you answered mostly Bs then click here

If you answered mostly Cs then click here