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21-03-2003, 18:58:10
[Combat Mission series review by maroule (http://www.counterglow.com/article.php?id=combatmission)]

Thanks to maroule (and apologies that it took me so long to post it!)

21-03-2003, 19:10:36
Damn you maroule, I really want to buy this game now. Damn your hide.

BTW, Nav, the bottom-right picture on page 2 overlaps the link to the next page. I am using IE6, Windows XP, the window is maximised, aqnd my screen resolution is 1280x1024.

Sir Penguin
21-03-2003, 19:50:47
Holy crap, Nav did something that doesn't work in IE, but works in Opera! :eek:


21-03-2003, 19:58:51
It works in Opera, but Phoenix handles it best.

21-03-2003, 22:12:18
thanks Nav (and welcome to the club Sean)

21-03-2003, 22:29:02
If I was to buy just one, bearing in mind that BO should be cheaper, which should I go for?

21-03-2003, 22:35:15
there are lots of debates on this

the short version : BO leans towards 'action', infantry and artillery play, and is on a very fun theater

BB is more tactical, harder on the infantry, requires more patience, has a much much better interface, is prettier

21-03-2003, 22:35:54
I should point out that this is all hypothetical. Yessir.

There should be a law against good reviews of good games. It’s practically advertising.

21-03-2003, 22:36:52
And that’s no answer at all. Now I may well have to buy both to see which is better, and that money could have gone to feed starving children (me).

21-03-2003, 22:50:16
Originally posted by Sean
BTW, Nav, the bottom-right picture on page 2 overlaps the link to the next page. I am using IE6, Windows XP, the window is maximised, aqnd my screen resolution is 1280x1024. The site is best viewed with a window of roughly 1024x768.

and anyway i'd rather that the game is actually discussed here rather than any problems with the article, please pm me in future!

22-03-2003, 08:40:00
Originally posted by Sean
It's practically advertising.

Battlefront told me the check was in the mail

22-03-2003, 09:04:47
Nice review. Liked the locked in the basement bit.

I thought it was obligatory to get the phrase "devil-worshipping-bastards at sierra" into every review though.

Resource Consumer
22-03-2003, 10:29:19
An excellent review. I might add that I never get smashed when playing, just before playing which might explain something. An honourable mention for the Shaker's style which must exist somewhere if ever you can find his troops.

BTW, we should post some links to this review in some less enlightened parts of the net...

The Shaker
22-03-2003, 10:47:32
your smouldering t34 appears to have discovered them :)
will go off and read the review now.

The Shaker
22-03-2003, 10:54:06
Wooo nice article.
now whats an enfilade?

ignoring the abject rejection.

The Shaker
22-03-2003, 10:54:39
Hey LOD i can see you!!!

Resource Consumer
22-03-2003, 11:08:45
That's more than anyone else has done for a while....

Well, that T34 was sacrificed to block your LoS which it is doing quite nicely:D

22-03-2003, 12:49:07
Shakey: the At The Drive-In song that goes ’sacrifice on railroad tracks/freight train coming, freight train coming’. It also means some clever business with doors so that when they’re open everything looks cool.

The Shaker
22-03-2003, 19:05:04
I like that song.

22-03-2003, 21:05:40
Originally posted by The Shaker
Hey LOD i can see you!!!

Shaker got LoS to LoD...

BTW guys, I'll play the turns sometime this week- no more waiting for me :).

23-03-2003, 20:24:34
thats cool - me and RC are off this week! Doh! (well I'm here till tuesday night)

24-03-2003, 07:46:21
great review maroule

but i have one question - which one of the series do i have to buy? if i buy combat missioon 2, does that have everything in it, or will i not be able to play the older campaigns?

24-03-2003, 08:35:23
you should buy the 'bundle' from battlefront, the two games are in it (and no, to answer your second question). The two are similar but different (and unot compatible), and are worth your time, in different ways.

Should you choose only one to start with, take CMBO, it's cheaper and IMHO slightly more accessible to a beginner

24-03-2003, 13:17:11
Worst review ever maroule...no mindless side bars, no cussing..that's shit.

Now I actually got to play BO yesterday and I had a few mishaps, you know, small things like my own artillery landing on my troops and half my armor getting stuck in the snow about 1500 meters away from the first objective.

24-03-2003, 13:39:45
well, there was a fellatio reference, but it got edited by nav :lol:

24-03-2003, 13:48:40
Well damn. That would have been more interesting.

24-03-2003, 13:49:20
I just got round to reading the review. Pretty good. I even got to the end.

24-03-2003, 14:17:47
Originally posted by Venom
and half my armor getting stuck in the snow about 1500 meters away from the first objective.

Got a Churchill Crocodile stuck in the snow about 20 meters from its starting position recently. Best to stick heavy armor on roadways in wet or snowy conditions. Still managed to beat the AI - If there are a lot of flags on the map (five in this case), the silly AI tries to defend them all and I just take them away one at a time.

24-03-2003, 14:23:37
As a side note, at least some people reading this review went “what a simpleton, everybody knows the side lower hull armour of a T34 is at 0 degree, not 30”. They thus fail the addiction test.

Bastard :)

24-03-2003, 15:25:23
I would have accepted 1 or 2, but I had 4 immobile tanks. 1 half track was immobile too, but what was because my guys didn't move in the proper order and the front halftrack was blocking the road so tard boy tried to drive around and stuck himself in some trees.

24-03-2003, 16:31:58
Drop some "friendly" arty on him.

Some people claim that you're less likely to get bogged in scattered trees than in open ground - tree roots and brush may provide better traction than mud. Haven't really tested this, though.

It kills me to say it, but Maroule wrote a good review.

I totally got suckered reading about the T34 armor - I couldn't remember or picture a tank with a sloped lower hull.

24-03-2003, 17:25:05
How do I get my infantry to jog along road in single file? They always end up trying to through the trees round each other because the ones in front (yes, they are the faster ones) take longer to get going.

24-03-2003, 17:49:51
The only way I know is to set their pause times, but I don't want to pause I want to ATTACK!

24-03-2003, 18:01:24
Originally posted by MDA

Some people claim that you're less likely to get bogged in scattered trees than in open ground - tree roots and brush may provide better traction than mud. Haven't really tested this, though.

In my experience you immobilse much more easily in scattered trees than in open ground. Very easy to throw a track.

24-03-2003, 18:01:55
Yeah, but they are already in formation. They should get moving, damnit.

Also, the foggy map didn’t actually look very foggy to me.

24-03-2003, 18:46:14
That's shitty discipline in your soldiers then Sean. Breaking formation like that...what kind of a twat is commanding them?

25-03-2003, 09:45:04
sean what graphics card have you got - the fog dont work on voodoo boards as far as I know. Failing that check you have smoke/fog turned on.

25-03-2003, 16:06:20
I cycled through the fog options, and I have a Radeon 7200.

25-03-2003, 16:20:05
I've never had fog either....

25-03-2003, 16:23:56
Fog is neat, maroule and I have a heavy fog game going now.
About six turns in and still no contact with the enemy. He's apparently hiding and waiting for me to stumble onto him so he can wipe out whole squads in 10 seconds.

25-03-2003, 16:42:39
There is a heck of a lot of info in this game to absorb, worse even than Champ Man, because I know about football.

25-03-2003, 18:42:42
true, but it's also (somehow) intuitive, except for tanks : tanks are weak in BO, protect these giant steel machines as fragile asmatic babies

25-03-2003, 18:48:55
Dammit I drive my tanks in wrecklessly, unless there's German armor in the area then I cower until they're spotted.

25-03-2003, 18:54:48
Ah, right. When I did the tutorial (my only win so far, and it took two attempts) I went for their tanks first.

25-03-2003, 19:20:50
in BO, zook, piat and schreck/faust are really lethal so against a human oponent, the 200 meters distance with anything possibly hiding a AT team is paramount. Play against the AI following this rule (even though the AI is more forgiving) to prepare for PBEM

Really, go to PBEM as soon as you master the basics, it's still the best way to learn quickly

25-03-2003, 19:27:36
Well I did need 2 Bazookas and 10 rounds to hit the damn thing. First guy fired all 8 shots over 2 turns from about 190m and never came close. Ran the second guy over there after a turn or two to about 150m and he whacked it on the second shot. Turned out to be critical though because I wasted 2 turns where I could have wiped out the remaining Germans because I was afraid to send my Shermans over the hill with that damn gun there. He would have ripped them to shreads. So instead of slaughtering the retreating troops about 20 guys survived.

26-03-2003, 00:08:38
Wreckless tank driving is actually a good thing. Is squishing infantry with your tank modeled? I know there's no graphic for it, but it'd be fun to cause casualties in routed troops that way.

26-03-2003, 21:00:10
Just gave BB a quick try but went back to BO pretty sharpish to continue my attempt at Blood on the Vines. I could do with having a longer attention span.

26-03-2003, 22:18:27
sure, the trick to remember is really to...
oooh, a butterfly....

27-03-2003, 02:09:45
WAAAAAA I thought I had an awesome game going and SUPRISE hidden guns took out my Jacksons. It got ugly from there on out but at least I was already in the process of flanking them.

27-03-2003, 07:51:53
flanking is good, but hidden canon means poor recon...

anyway, it's sometimes impossible to explore every tree, esp if they're far behind his line with a long range LOS to you. Ideally, a bit of arty on the most likely places is useful, if you can afford it. I never do it, so I get blown away a lot.

The Shaker
27-03-2003, 09:54:36
Originally posted by Sean
Just gave BB a quick try but went back to BO pretty sharpish to continue my attempt at Blood on the Vines. I could do with having a longer attention span.

I did the opposite, having started on BB I find it hard to go to BO.
Relying on PBEM games ot learn anything about BO :)

The Shaker
27-03-2003, 09:56:38
Oh yeah Sean, Venom, if you want an easy PBEM game (and sicne RC isn't here) pm me.

27-03-2003, 14:45:22
Originally posted by maroule
flanking is good, but hidden canon means poor recon...

Yeah, but the AI loves to place its cannon in trees at the back map edge. Small chance of recon getting there in one piece.

27-03-2003, 15:03:35
the AI, and humans even more
as I said, pre emptive arty or a sacrificial jeep/half track

22-04-2003, 19:38:46
Finally read this article in its entirety.
One glitch you've forgot about, maroule - the quality of the voice samples. Now, I won't go into lenghts about the Polish ones (let's just say they're not very realistic). However, the German ones are also quite anoying. Examples: "Ich bin getroffen!" (no comment) or "Ich bin verwundert!" shouted out with the same amount of rabid enthusiasm as "Ich bin verhairated!" (sp.?)...

22-04-2003, 19:42:45

22-04-2003, 19:49:14
"Ich bin getroffen" - "I'm killed."
"Ich bin verwundert" - "I'm wounded."
"Ich bin verhairatet" - "I'm married."

22-04-2003, 19:56:43
Congrats on the marriage.

22-04-2003, 21:30:47
For anyone seeking an awe inspiring, massive scenario to play in the CMBO engine, check out the Scenario Depot for "August Bank Holiday". Incredible.
Also, "Sherbrook Fussiliers" is quite a fun scenario, especially played as the Allies.

22-04-2003, 22:06:41
the larger scenarios don't normally appeal to me - I like the medium sized ones better - too many troops to control drags the game out and I like to keep the game length to a few hours - something I might be able to finish in an evening, say.

23-04-2003, 01:43:38
The thing I hate the most is big point quick battles. It's so damn annoying to set up all the troops.

23-04-2003, 09:07:02
yep, anything over 2000 takes too long to setup in my book, especially if, like me, you play infantry heavy.

Benn playing a few of these pure armor quick battles - they are quite good fun if you keep the points low and the terrain has some cover. But theres nothing more boring than 3000 point pure armor on a wide open map. Just degenetrates into a line of IS3s on one side and a line of KTs/ jagdtigers/jagdpanthers on the other...

24-04-2003, 15:20:11
I believe that in the Fusseliers scenario, though large, the initial setup is quite adequate, with maybe some minor tinkering.
August Bank Holiday has massive armor, and as the Axis you do have a lot of maneuvering to do. Don't know about the Allies...never played that side.

25-04-2003, 12:24:37
Ok what the fuck is this? Just taken from the battlefront website.

Battlefront.com and CDV Software Entertainment are proud to announce a cooperation to bring the two Combat Mission titles ("CM1: Beyond Overlord" and "CM2: Barbarossa to Berlin") to North American retail this year. CM1 will be available in May from all major retailers as a "Special Edition" for $29.99 recommended retail price.

The "Special Edition" will feature over 100 additional top-rated scenarios (for a total of 150), improved hi-resolution terrain and environment graphics (including some totally new building textures), vehicles and uniforms mods (including winter mods), and improved sound. The boxed version will come with a fully printed 200+ page game manual, and will be available for PC only.

Later this year in Q4, CM2: Barbarossa to Berlin will become available also in retail, most likely with a similar set of improved features.

The CM1 retail "Special Edition" is equal in gameplay to the current Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord (v1.12) sold by Battlefront.com but benefits from new high resolution graphics for vehicles and terrain (many contributed by the CM Mod Community, some adapted from CMBB) and updated sound effects.

The Special Editions will be available only via retail, they will not be sold online.

So what you're saying is that I could have waited a little bit and paid 40 bucks less AND gotten more maps and improved graphics? Well fuck them then.

25-04-2003, 12:52:31
The european CDV version was getting into shops in the US so battlefront decided to release an official us retail version. The extra maps and graphics are just the ones you can download free off the net anyway so dont get too upset.

25-04-2003, 13:03:36
It's about 15 years too late for that.

25-04-2003, 15:24:31
Uh...don't get more upset?

25-04-2003, 20:59:33
You are only 14 years old, Venom?

26-04-2003, 21:21:55
It may be hard to believe, but once upon a time I wasn't angry.

27-04-2003, 04:51:36
For what? 10 seconds? :)