View Full Version : The Force is....delayed with this one

18-03-2003, 13:22:01
The trouble with galatic beta testing is that it takes so damn long. Long enough to delay the release of Star Wars: Galaxies anyway. Gamespot says it definitely won't make the April 15th ship date, but it doesn't give a revised date.


Of course it wouldn't be a big time game if the development cycle wasn't altered at least 10 times, and this is something like alteration number 7 for Galaxies, so they're right on track.

18-03-2003, 14:16:54
Anarchy Online has been keeping me interested for nearly two years now. Can't wait to try SWG though. Glad they're not making the same mistake as AO did and realeasing a grossly unfinshed product.

18-03-2003, 14:28:12
Not only that they've chopped out of bunch of features to make sure they get everything they can release worked out. The first release won't include player-owned cities, vehicles, or Dark Jedi.

18-03-2003, 14:46:23
It seems to me that most games that get released late are often buggy crap. The later the release the worse the game/bugs: B&W, SMAC, MoO3, NWN.