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17-03-2003, 10:46:54
For those interested, from the beta information:

Patch 302

- "Your CD key is already in use." message now displays appropriately when connecting to Battle.net with an already active key.
- Fixed an issue with transports that allowed players to instantly teleport units to any location on the map.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when morphing a buffed unit when "Spell Detail" was set to Low or Medium.

Human Changes:
- War Engine, formerly known as the Rocket Tank upgrade, now costs 150/50, down from 200/50.
- Dragon Hawks now benefit from the steel weapons upgrade.
- Dragon Hawks are now built at the Gryphon Aviary.
- Dragon Hawk build time reduced to 45 from 65.
- Flame Strike now costs 125 mana, up from 80 mana.
- Flame Strike area is now 200, down from 250.
- Flame Strike secondary DoT lasts 6 seconds, up from 4 seconds, but also does 33% less damage per second.
- Flame Strike cooldown is now 10, down from 13.
- Banish cooldown increased to 10, up from 6.
- Banish durations modified to non-Hero(Hero): 12(5) / 24(6) / 36(7), from 8(6) / 16(7) / 24(8).
- Banished units can no longer cast spells.
- Arcane Vault cost increased to 130/30 from 70/30.

Undead Changes:
- Locust Swarm damage reduced by 50%, but life transfer rate doubled.
- Impale now does 100/200/300 damage a level, down from 120/240/360 damage per level. It also no longer stuns, beyond the fact that impaled units are in the air for a while and lose any channel spell they are casting.
- Obsidian Statues now regenerate .5 mana per second, down from 4 mana per second. They are now similar to a slightly improved Moon Well for mana regeneration.
- Obsidian Statues are now 2 food, down from 3.
- Obsidian Statue cost reduced from 215/50 to 200/35.
- Black Sphinx hit points reduced to 800 from 1000.
- Black Sphinx cost increased to 100/50 from 85/35.
- Tomb of Relics cost increased to 130/30 from 70/30.
- Devour Magic range increased to 600 from 500.
- Spirit Towers no longer require a Graveyard to be built.
- Spirit Tower gold cost increased to 145 from 135.

Orc Changes: - Spirit Walkers have an attack range of 400, up from 250.
- Spirit Walkers now start in corporeal mode, and can enter ethereal mode as a defense. When Spirit Walkers leave ethereal mode, they cannot become ethereal again for 30 seconds.
- Ethereal Spirit Walkers can no longer cast spells.
- Troll Batrider's Unstable Concoction now does 750 damage to the unit it attacks (up from 500), and 100 damage to surrounding units (down from 200).
Additionally, its splash radius is now 200, down from 300.
- Batriders now have 400 hit points, down from 500 hit points.
- Batrider range is now 300, down from 550.
- Liquid Fire damage per second is now 10/sec, down from 25/sec.
- Wind Walk now has a cooldown of 5 seconds.
- Wind Walk costs 75 mana at all levels (changed from 100/75/25).
- War Mill now takes 70 seconds to build, up from 60.
- Watch Towers now take 65 seconds to build, up from 55.
- Voodoo Lounge cost increased to 130/30 from 70/30
- Hex duration is now 24 seconds on units, up from 15.
- Hex cooldown reduced from 17/13/9 to 14/11/8.

Night Elf Changes:
- Spirit of Vengeance now has Resistant Skin, which renders it immune to Kodo Beast Devour, among other things.
- Mana Flare can only hit 1 target per 1.5 seconds. Previously, Mana Flare could hit an infinite number of targets.
- Mana Flare now costs 50 mana to cast, down from 100.
- Phase Shift now has a cooldown of 6.5 seconds, up from 3.5 seconds. Its duration has also changed and is now 1.5 seconds, down from 2 seconds.
- Phase Shift no longer turns Faerie Dragons ethereal--instead, they are temporarily removed from the game, and reappear a short time later. This still causes attackers to switch targets, and causes any projectiles en route to a Faerie Dragon to miss.
- Faerie Dragons can no longer use Phase Shift when casting Mana Flare.
- Phase Shift no longer dispels Web and Ensnare.
- Enchanted Bears and Enchanted Crows now cost 100/50 to research, down from 150/75. They also take only 20 seconds to research, down from 30.
- Ancient of Wonders cost increased to 90/30 from 40/30.
- Ancient of Wonders attack increased from 1d3 + 12 to 1d5 + 20.
- Ancient of Wonders hit points increased to 550 from 500.
- Blink can no longer escape Entangling Roots and other immobilizers.
- Mountain Giants will now use the 'War Club' ability when you right-click on a tree with them.

Item Changes:
- Boots of Speed now give a 60 movement speed boost, up from 40. They are also a level-2 item now (up from 1), and cost 150 gold (up from 100).
- Tome of Power is once again in the game as a level-8 artifact. However, it has been reworked. It now gives you a level's worth of experience, rather than just promoting your Hero to the next level up.
- All player shop Orbs give a +5 damage bonus now, down from +6 in most cases (+9 in the case of Orb of Venom).
- Orb of Venom poison damage per sec increased to 6/sec from 5/sec.
- Claws of Attack +9 no longer sold on Goblin Merchant.
- Circlet of Nobility now sold on Goblin Merchant for the low, low price of 125 gold.
- Ring of Regeneration is now a level-3 item (up from 2).
- Sobi Mask is now a level-4 item (up from 3).
- Potion of Omniscience no longer drops in multiplayer games.
- Staff of Teleportation is now available at the first nightfall, as opposed to dawn of the second day.
- Periapt of Vitality now costs 350, down from 400.
- Tiny Great Hall gold cost increased to 600 from 450.

- All normal spellcaster upgrades (i.e., adept and mastery) now cost 100 at first level, and 200/50 at second level.
- Summonables give 1/2 the experience they used to when killed. Powerful summonables such as water elementals and the Spirit of Vengeance have been increased in level to preserve their old values, while small summonables such as skeletons have been left as level 1.
- You can now buy neutral Hero for free if it is your first Hero.
- Life Drain now costs 75 mana to cast.
- Life Drain now deals 20/35/50 damage per second by level, down from 25/40/55.
- Charm cooldown increased to 45 seconds, up from 30 seconds.
- Becoming ethereal now makes a unit unable to cast spells.
- Backpack upgrades now take 20 seconds to research, down from 75.
- Magic damage does 100% damage to Unarmored now, up from 50%.
- Magic damage does 50% damage to Heroes now, up from 40%.
- Level-1 and level-4 Sea Turtles are now melee creeps.
- Item sell price reduced to 50% of base price (down from 75%).
- Instant revive now costs 2.5x the Hero's base revive price, up from 2x.
- Level-10 Dragons are once again magic immune.

Patch 301
- Several Battle.net Clan related message improvements.
- Several minor button and art related fixes.

Human Changes:
- Flamestrike area of effect no longer increases with level.
- Flamestrike initial damage decreased. It now does 45/75/105 damage per second down from 70/105/135.
- Arcane Vaults can now stock an inventory of up to 3 Ivory Towers. They also restock towers much more quickly (30 sec down from 120 sec), and charge 70 gold for them, down from 80.
- Dragon Hawks now deal piercing damage and have heavy armor.
- Dragon Hawk cost increased by 50% (Food, lumber, gold)
- Dragon Hawks now have 650 hitpoints.
- Dragon Hawks now deal 21-26 damage, and attack 12% more slowly. (Cooldown increased to 1.7 from 1.5).
- Banish is no longer auto-dispelled by dryads
Undead Changes:
- Obsidian Statue and Black Sphinx both now have 400 mana. Obsidian Statues previously had 750 mana and Black Sphinxes previously had 300 mana.
- Obsidian statue mana regen increased to 4/sec from 3/sec.
- Orb of Annihilation mana cost increased to 25 from 20.
- Carrion swarm max damage increased to 375/700/1000 from 300/550/800.

Orc Changes:
- Spirit Walkers now have 150 less hitpoints in ethereal form than in corporeal form.
- Spirit walkers are now called "Spirit walkers" regardless of their current mode (ethereal vs corporeal)
- Spirit Link now lasts 75 seconds, up from 45 seconds.
- Orb of Lightning damage bonus reduced to 6 from 12.
- Orb of Lightning now procs 50% of the time on summoned units, and 35% of the time on units, up from 35% and 25% respectively.
Night Elf Changes:
- Blink cooldown is now 10/10/1 by level, and Blink mana cost is now 50/10/10 by level.
- Entangle now interrupts channeling spells such as Starfall and Blizzard.
- Fan of Knives maximum damage decreased to 450/825/1200.
- Fan of Knives now costs 110 mana up from 100 mana.
- Faerie Dragons now do piercing damage.
- Taunt no longer affects units that are casting spells or units that are repairing something.

Item Changes:
- Sobi mask no longer sold at goblin merchant.
- Boots of Speed now sold at the goblin merchant for the low, low price of 100 gold.
- Dust of Appearance cost reduced to 75 from 200, but number of uses reduced to 2 from 3.
- Items now sell for 75% of their base price rather than 50%.
Changes to Neutral Buildings, Units and Heroes:
- Transport ship hitpoints upgraded to 1500 from 600.
- Silence now costs 75 mana regardless of level, and has a cooldown of 15 seconds regardless of level.
- Silence Area of Effect is now 150/250/350 by level.
- Silence duration is now: Units(Heroes) by level: 16(8)/20(10)/24(12)
- All races now have a backpack upgrade on their town hall equivalent. This upgrade gives units the ability to carry items. It currently costs 125/75.

17-03-2003, 11:01:36
Is this changes to the Beta version of the expansion? I probably don't need to worry about them do I.

17-03-2003, 11:06:30
"Worry" would be a bit strong, yes:). You might fret though.

17-03-2003, 11:09:40
As I have never heard of most of the units and advances that have changed it doesn't really mean anything to me anyway. :D

17-03-2003, 11:13:45
It'll make a nice piece of history though:).