View Full Version : I made a new CD last night

23-01-2002, 13:43:40
A little Nelly, A little Sum 41, a little Guns and Roses, a little Wu Tang Clan, a little Trick Daddy, a little Cash Money Millionaires, a little Busta Rhymes, and a little AC/DC.

I think I confused myself while I was listening to it.

23-01-2002, 13:46:47
Sounds good!

23-01-2002, 13:50:49
It's quite good. I got a couple of old Wu Tang songs and mixed in 2 off their new album Iron Flag.

Only 1 AC/DC song. Thought about adding another but I decided to give this album more of a rap presence.

23-01-2002, 13:52:56
I haven't heard Iron Flag is it good?

23-01-2002, 13:56:19
Fairly good. Uzi (Pinky Ring) is really good, I think as is Y'all Been Warned. The other songs are good but on the whole it's not up to the quality of 36 Chambers, but then again what is?

On a side note, it's just not the same without ODB in the middle of the song making no sense what so ever. I hope he gets out of jail soon and starts fucking up the records again.

23-01-2002, 13:58:19
Yeah, he is my favourite. :D

23-01-2002, 14:14:01
Yeah, he's so drunk all the time no one has any clue what he's saying.

23-01-2002, 15:41:34
Little Nelly? Australian actress, prominent in the RHPC?

23-01-2002, 15:46:17

23-01-2002, 16:35:24
I've got all the Wu-Tang albums exepct Iron Flag. I used to really love them, but I am going off hip-hop now.

23-01-2002, 16:39:13
I used to love them too but I didn't enjoy many of their solo efforts. Plus, they just won't ever beat 36 Chambers which is sad, yet good because 36 Chambers is frickin awesome.