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13-03-2003, 13:32:20
played this on my sega genesis (megadrive) emulator at home last night

great fun game, for those that don't know it's like blood bowl using the madden engine

only played one game, i was baffled for a bit and went 0-12 down, then my old madden memories came back and i burnt them for 26 pts.

There's some really nice grahical touches and fun stuff like bottomless pits and mines on the field. I bribed the referee on one play and afterwards the opposite team ganged up on him and killed him :D

13-03-2003, 13:58:08
Killing refs is always good.

13-03-2003, 14:18:49
I thought this was about Bayern München

Resource Consumer
13-03-2003, 14:59:35
killing refs is a duty not a right