View Full Version : Just given my Bass back to it's maker for a service...

22-01-2002, 11:58:16
Wow. Just taken my bass back to its creator - Mr John Diggins, aka JayDee Custom Guitars. He hand builds basses to order, and only currently makes approx 2 per month.
He said that he was delighted to service it for me and was surprised at how well I'd looked after it "most basses that come back to me have been played to death" was his comment.

I feel a certain sense of love and caring and general sentimental gushingness over this - this man hand made my bass for me 10 years ago and now he's tending to his own creation.

Is this just me being a sentimental old twat?! Can't wait to get her back in 2 weeks time all spick and span...

22-01-2002, 12:00:33
That's pretty cool... what was the place like? See any half made basses?

22-01-2002, 12:14:55
Unfortunately I didn't get to visit the actual workshop, was too pushed for time on Saturday, but I've been promised a tour when I go back to pick it up! Will let you know what it was like for sure, may take my camera along and take some piccies!

Apparently last summer he had an open day and about 150 people came to the workshop and brought their JayDees with them, he said it was the most amazing sight - the entire shop floor lined up with his basses! It was so successful he's going to do another one this summer, hopefully I'll go to that.

He makes 5 and 6 string basses now, although they're somewhat pricey, over 2000 quid. Ouch.

22-01-2002, 12:16:46
I always said bass players had string envy. ;)

Your bass is definitely the best one I've played.

22-01-2002, 12:32:47
If you change the word 'bass' with 'dildo' this thread is a lot funnier!

08-02-2002, 17:46:58
Hey, just got back from my JayDee factory visit, an excellent day!

My bass was looking brand new - all the frets, brass work and wood had all been polished. The action had been reset, the frets filed down and the jack socket replaced. All in all, totally pukka and looking beautiful. It was standing next to a row of 4 other JayDee basses, one of which was a prototype new model which featured red LEDs embedded in the fretboard. That was selling for 4500, pricey!
So, Mr John Diggins himself showed me around the factory, he's a lovely bloke. Showed me a Fender Strat with a snapped neck that he was building a new neck for, a new JayDee bass body being formed, a double bass which had a kick hole in it being mended, and then, best of all, the JayDee Model 1 - the original JayDee Mark King bass. There it was, being restored, it was fantastic.

It takes JayDee 3 months to make 1 bass, involving 75 hours of labour and the rest of it setting/forming/drying times. No wonder hand built instruments are so expensive.

All in all, a really lovely trip - a small workshop, run by John and his son, hand making their own custom made basses and repairing pretty much any musical instrument you care to mention. I'd write more, but I'm not thinking straight today.

It was a true pilgrimage for me, and I got the impression that JayDee is a real craftsman, not just a guitar builder. Fantastic.