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21-01-2002, 14:01:07
In no particular order:

1) Winning the 250km endurance race in Gran Turismo – hell it took 1hr 45 min to do, I was just glad it was over.

2) Seeing that the Romans had completed the Manhattan Project in the original Civilisation – I think I actually shit my pants after this one

3) Double perfecting M Bison on the hardest skill level in Street Fighter II on the SNES – I definitely jumped up in the air after that one.

4) Beating Sephiroth at the end of FF VII – a great victory tinged with sadness because such a great game was over

5) Activating Super Nashwan power in Xenon II – rarely do you get the chance to unleash real devastation in computer games, but this is one of those times

6) Pulling off any of Nina’s or King’s multi-part throws in Tekken – ouch! can a limb really bend that far?

7) Beating commando twice through on the c64 – my sister and I were an awesome combo, me with the joystick, her with the space bar. ‘Grenade, Clare, grenade!’

8) Using the docking computer in Elite – ‘da daa da da da, da da da da’

9) Meeting the soliders in Half-life – the love affair started here

10) Hearing the imperial theme and seeing ‘imperial star destroyer at 5km’ on your HUD in X-wing – mommy!

can't wait to hear everyone else's!

Vincent Fandango
21-01-2002, 14:14:32
Beating "Impossible Mission" on the C64

21-01-2002, 14:36:13
1. Running past anyone in Half Life DM and blasting them to death with the Shotgun.

2. The 2v2 game of ISS Pro Evolution 2 I played with Shakey, King_Ghidra and my old housemate that we were leading 4-1 at half time and ended up losing 6-5 an absolutely unbelievable game even though we lost.

3. Playing Pirates!

4. Meeting the soldiers in Half Life, I was so gutted that they weren't there to help me. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't read any reviews of the game, just got it on Funky's say so that it was the best game he'd ever played. I was so relieved to find the soldiers and be able to get out of the complex. Or so I thought.

5. Raising a Volcano in Populous 2 (especially when we were playing on 2 Amigas linked up over my Null Modem cable)

6. The ZZ-Top like band that play in the between level shop on Turbo Outrun.

7. The space invaders loading game for Way of the Exploding fist.

8. Knocking the bikers of their motorbikes with flying kicks on Target Renegade and bashing the pimps with the baseball bat.

9. Using the battery powered toy bunnies to clear away across the minefield in Full Throttle (in fact the whole Full Throttle game experience)

10. Chopping someone's head off with the spinning neck chop in Barbarian

21-01-2002, 14:41:22
Again, no particular order for this list.

1. Completing the Death Star missions in both X-Wing and X-Wing Alliance. I've only wanted to do that since I was 3.

2. Beating West Germany in the World Cup Final with a seven man Cameroon squad in Super Soccer for the SNES. I scored with 1 second left to win 2-1. Fantastic. Also led to my most disappointing moment.

3. Finally landing inside the Big Head at the end of Half-Life and using the crowbar to bash his brain in.

4. Winning the Stanley Cup in NHL 1996. Not because it was hard, but because it was a grueling 96 game schedule.

5. Playing Ultima 7. The one game where I had no desire to actually try and beat it. Just walk around and kill stuff.

6. Using the Stellar Converter in MOO2 to wipe out all, and I mean all, resistance.

7. Beating each and every one of my friends at college by more than 100 points in NFL 2k.

8. Finally getting the tank in Grand Theft Auto III

9. Winning my first of many MP battles in X-Wing vs Tie Fighter.

10. Beating Strike Commander. The finest, cheesiest flight sim I've ever played.

21-01-2002, 14:42:38
great post- some amazing memories there

i have to agree with the 6-5, although it also ranks as one of the single worst experiences of my life :cry:

21-01-2002, 14:51:36
The worst bit was Shakey scoring a hattrick with 'the trick'.

What I can't understand is that the two of us defended so badly. Total lack of understanding between the two of us and some great passing between them I think but I think we'd both normally go 10 games without missing as many challenges as we did in that second half.

21-01-2002, 15:17:41
Haven't played enough games to have ten defining moments, but I definitely agree with numbers 1, 6, and 9 of Venom's list, and number 10 of King's.

I would add leading a squad of Tie Interceptors against a retreating rebel blockade runner in Tie Fighter and gunning down the last of the rebel scum defenders. Unbelievably cathartic!

Hours spent playing the Mac version of Empire back in college brings back the fond memories of finally getting a nuke and wiping out a choke point only to find ten more troop carriers just off your shore.

Vincent Fandango
21-01-2002, 15:20:13
Playing Halflife together with C@H as a "Team" using Headphones. That was hilarious ("Is that you?" BLAM "Sorry, it was")

21-01-2002, 15:26:31
Nothing like leaving the MOO2 galaxy with a few dozen less solar systems, eh Guy?

21-01-2002, 15:46:00
Stellar Converters ROCK!

"Oh, I'm sorry, was that your home system? Well, don't worry, your fleets won't be around long enough to mourn it anyway."

21-01-2002, 15:50:04
- Finally getting to finish and play my infamously bad "Coffee Table of The Devil" level in Unreal Tournament- no matter what anyone says, it's still my greatest (er, least bad, okay) achievement in map-making. That or my "Grand Canyon" level DK3.

(Actually, I just thought of a better one. Damn. See Below.)

- Finding the last secret on the first level of Duke Nukem 3D.

- Beating the computer on my fav track in Screamer Rally, still the best racing game ever IMO.

- Creating my best track ever, Rats!, in Micro Machines 2. I spent years trying to make a better track before my hard-drive ate Rats...

- any number of "Oh yeah!" moments in Adventure games.

21-01-2002, 17:37:20
1:The bit in the Xwing v tie fighter add on pack where your scouting around an empty system in your Awing when Star destroyers start dropping out of hyperspace all over the place culminating in the tip of a super-star destroyer appearing directly below you and all 13 odd kilometers stretching out into the distance before the enormous engine wash nearly wipes you ship out. Its a real Oh F**K moment.

2:The closing FMV in HardWar. Really beautiful.

3:Appearing out of the lake at the start of outcast with the ripples in the water around you reflecting the huge moon on the horizon and the lens flare nearly blinding you.

4:getting pulled out of hyperdrive by thargons in Elite.

5:The first time you get face hugged in AvP

6:Finding the doctor/Shodan in SS2

7: All of hidden and dangerous (apart from suddenly falling out the bottom of the world)

8:The ending in Bladerunner

I'll think of 9 and 10 later

21-01-2002, 18:00:27
Here's a couple of mine, not in any particular ranked order:

1. The first time I played DoomII, never bettered!
2. Destroying the Death Star in the original X-Wing, my lifelong fantasy come true.
3. Pretty much any part of Half-Life (what an amazing game!)
4. The most emotional part of FFVII - when "she" dies. OMG :cry:
5. The first time my creature cast a miracle in Black&White - made me feel all fatherly and proud :D
6. Reaching the final level of Bubble Bobble on the Spectrum - months and months of wasted childhood finally fulfilled
7. Beating MikeH at linked up Command&Conquer at Uni :D

There are more, but my brain has stopped

21-01-2002, 23:17:57
Hang on a minute!!!

I don't remember you beating me at Command and Conquer!!!


Duke3D, now that was an amazing game. Another top 10 moment would be using the holo Duke to trick someone into shooting to give away their position. Before we played so much that we could tell where on a level someone was by the sound effects coming from their PC.

Greg W
22-01-2002, 01:15:33
Damn, that's going to be hard to pick...

Hmm, in no particular order:
1) When I finally got to the bottom of the Abyss in Ultima IV and "became" the Avatar.
2) The act of buying Civilisation after procrastinating over it for weeks. It was my first PC game I ever bought for my own PC. And way too many other special moments concerning this game.
3) The first time I ever defeated a Raubritter, Mines and a Dragon in Darklands.
4) Australia winning the World Cup 2-1 against Brazil in FIFA 98: RTWC.
5) When my Paladin reached level 20 in Everquest and got his surname.
6) When my Paladin in Everquest got his FBSS.
7) Showing my friends the demo of Diablo and watching them all just about shit themselves at how good it was (back then anyway).
8) Playing Ultima Underworlds for the first time. This was 3D before Doom existed.
9) The first time I managed to ever keep my head above water for a long time playing Ports of Call on a friend's Amiga.
10) Building up all my land and flooding the opposition in Populous on a friend's Amiga.

22-01-2002, 06:40:45
Again in no order:

* Finishing the final level of Starcraft and seeing the ending cinematic (Tassadar died...)
* For that matter, finishing the final level of BroodWars. Those two levels are the hardest single player maps I think I've ever played (at least at the time).
* Finishing the last level of Lemmings (but I have so many good memories of the rest of that game).
* Completing the second level of my Spear of Destiny demo on 'I am Death Incarnate' difficulty. I admit I did a lot of camping to achieve this. Screw you. I still did it!
* Copying Xenon2 from a friend in Auckland. Didn't matter particularly about the game, I was just happy to have something GOOD to play on the new computer for a change.
* Beating Tom and Yin in my first multiplayer game of Age of Kings. That game was just so much fun:D.
* Ah, the hell with it. ALL of Halflife. I can't pick a part of that game that I loved much more than any other. It was just good in the sense that every single time I was getting angry and frustrated in it, I would make a really cool breakthrough and everything would be great again.
* Setting up a double dose tripwire trap around a blind corner in Halflife MP, ambushing someone from the other side with the laser gun, and watching them expertly dodge away from me and into the tripwire:D. I must have giggled for a whole minute after that...:lol:
* About a week playing Civ2 after I got it. That game really was bad for you... in the best possible way.
* Beating a computer chess program:D. It CAN be done...

22-01-2002, 09:20:27
Mine all seem so prosaic, and in no order.

- Winning 4-3 in The ISS Final over the weekend. Massive tournament, I was Paraguay and let a two-goal lead slip twice before my left back scored a twenty-yard screamer. Winning the semi 6-0 was nice, too, even if it was luck (10 shots to 9, 6 goals to 0?).

- Thief. Oh, goddamn it, Thief. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. All of it.

- Discovering that the Big Berthas (from Total Annihilation) were next to useless on the still-massive Seven Islands map.

- Winning all the tournaments on Mario Tennis. With Baby Mario, naturally.

- Another multi-player one: Mario Party, three turns left, five stars behind. Through a combination of luck and inspired minigame play, myself and my team-mate win by two clear stars.

- Heroes of Might & Magic II. As with Thief, the whole game is incredible. Aside from the editor.

- System Shock 2’s Hydroponics Deck. Urgh.

- Quake III deathmatch. And, by association, Quake deathmatch.

- Team Fortress 1.5, and the classic levels 2 Forts and Well.

- Bolton winning the UEFA Cup in my second season of Champ Man 97/98.