View Full Version : This week I have mostly been listening to...

21-01-2002, 12:20:21
Rocket From the Crypt, Scream Dracula Scream
Iron Maiden, Number of the Beast
At the Drive-In, In Casino Out and Relationship of Command
Daft Punk, Discovery
Dr Octagon, Dr Octagyneacologist.

Provost Harrison
21-01-2002, 13:03:26
Bad Religion - All Of Them :D
Vandals - Look What I Almost Stepped In.
Pennywise - About Time.

and various others inbetween :D

21-01-2002, 14:20:19
This last week?

Mink DeVille - The Mink DeVille Collection
Various Artists - Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit
Dirtbombs - Ultraglide in Black
Jay-Z - The Blueprint
Ryan Adams - Gold

*End Is Forever*
21-01-2002, 14:32:40
Jimmy Eat World - Clarity
Jimmy Eat World - Clarity
Jimmy Eat World - Clarity


Provost Harrison
21-01-2002, 15:23:01

It's like the Travis of the alternative world :p

*End Is Forever*
21-01-2002, 15:24:14

Stick to your sea shanties!


Provost Harrison
21-01-2002, 15:25:24
I reall think you have stretched that joke as far as it can go :p

*End Is Forever*
21-01-2002, 15:26:06
Nah, it'll stretch a bit further yet...

Provost Harrison
21-01-2002, 15:29:17
Look Iain, I really recommend you listen to Bad Religion again, see the origins of the music you love so much. If you bypass them with so little effort, you really are a musical philistine in my eyes.

To quote George Michael, 'Listen Without Prejudice'

On the other hand, scrap the George Michael quote, he's shit :lol:

*End Is Forever*
21-01-2002, 15:35:01
I was taking that message seriously... and then you mentioned George Michael. :lol:

21-01-2002, 16:51:26
The new Jimmy Eat World album is absolutely brilliant, it really isn't pop punk though.