View Full Version : Free Game of the Week - Soldat

Scabrous Birdseed
27-02-2003, 18:55:22
I know, quite a few of you will know this one. But still, it's one of the finest Liero clones out there and the game I was going to feature just crashed my PC three times in a row so you're going to have to live with it.

Like Liero, undoubtedly the model here, Soldat is best described as either "Worms in real time" or "Counterstrike in 2D" depending on your reference point. A side-on 2D shooter with free movement both horizontally and vertically, the game is basically ceaseless Polish botmatch mayhem with a variety of excellent weapons. Or if you've got broadband, deathmatch. Kill your friends!

Unfortunately lacks Liero-style split screen mode, but you're all sad loners anyway, aren't you?


28-02-2003, 09:17:11
"Free" game Sold at...??????????

03-03-2003, 22:12:38