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27-02-2003, 02:40:00
So far... not bad.

It's a standard RTS game, where you are allowed to design your own units. You mix two animals together, choosing from their traits for your unit. Bamf. Mix a Rhino with a Chameleon for a giant bastard of science that can hide against anything and has a tongue to hit things 60 feet away. Or hammerhead sharks with dragon flys to make some mean flying skeeters. Etc etc etc

It only uses 2 resources... coal (wood equiv in the standard RTS games) and electricity. Coal is limited, electricity is processed out of the air.

Original though? I've seen a lot of news that this is an original game... guess they are unfamiliar with Warbreeds or Gene Wars. Both fine games of genetic engineering your own animals. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

So far, on the single player campaigns... I'm on mission 7, and needed to cheat to just survive the start of 3 of the missions. Sigh. I don't feel bad though... the computer cheats like there is no tomorrow to begin with, and I just don't find it fun to replay a mission 10 to 15 times because you are supposed to lose at the start due to mad rushes you cannot have any defenses built before hand. Hey, if the game carried over the resources (which are stored in your mobile base) from mission to mission, I wouldn't need to cheat anyways...

Other then that? It's been interesting. The 3D modelling could have been done with more detail, since all the 'cut scenes' in the game are all machinations.

If you like the basic RTS and want something a touch different, look it up.

27-02-2003, 16:06:55
I've been following that game since it's beginning, but when it seemed to go off the tracks a bit, I gave up on it.
I was pretty excited about it...I love the concept.
But your review doesn't make me want to go out and get it.
The only game I've finished lately is "Freedom Force".
All the rest were abandoned at various stages of difficulty (read:impossible) or repetition (read: Dungeon Siege).

27-02-2003, 16:09:02
I thought Freedom Force looked great... then I played the Demo and totally lost interest.

Lukon Straker
27-02-2003, 16:52:35

27-02-2003, 17:05:17
Hmmm...why's that?
I think it is one of those games that you have to get into for a ways, then winning becomes pretty engaging. Also, being able to design/import your own hero is pretty fun too.
And toasting the living shit out of stuff with El Diablo was a blast!
I'd consider picking it up when the price drops...lots of mods out there.

27-02-2003, 17:06:52
It was really tricky to control. The camera angles and things just made life really hard. It felt really cool but really frustrating at the same time.

27-02-2003, 17:48:40
BAMF! Nightcrawler!

28-02-2003, 06:47:09
Hunter, sorry. It's really just a basic RTS, using the gimmick of 'cross two critters to make your unit'. It's nicer then some RTSes, as there are only the 2 resources to worry over. As I said, the SP campaign was irritating me a bit, with their mad rush beginnings, but then again, I'm no longer a teenager with reflexes of greased lightning in a bottle. And I just don't find it interesting playing the same scenario over and over and over again to perfect the order of clicking for the start of a such a thing so I did everything perfect according to the designer, *and* luck is on my side to with some bad path choices on half of the armies attacking so I don't get super-swarmed.

There's a demo of this game, isn't there? try it out, if so. Maybe they'll let you play with critter crossing, so you get the full taste of the game. ;)

If you want truly interesting RT games, check out Majesty and Startopia. Those are two of the best RTS games I've seen or played in years. Good enough that I not only finished them, but went back and did and played them through a few more times.

28-02-2003, 06:58:04
I'm going to check out the demo and see if it does it for me. I don't like hack and slash stuff. Halflife is the limit of my killing needs.