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25-02-2003, 22:17:58
After hearing the track 'the She' on the Rough Trade sampler and quite liking it, i was compelled to illegally download several other tracks from the album 'Title TK' which i belive was released at the arse end of last year. So far i like what i've heard 'London song' in particular, anyone else heard any of it at all?

It's all pretty chilled indie rock but some really nice guitar noises and drumming bits (excuse me my music vocabulary is limited).

Actually it kind of reminds me of American Thighs by Veruca Salt, so i'm going to go and illegally download that now...:nervous:

25-02-2003, 22:29:07
Hurrarh for Veruca Salt. I didn't think anyone else anywhere liked them. They used to be one of my favourite bands, and I saw them live twice in two days once.

I might download some tracks from that Breeders album.......

25-02-2003, 23:19:21
an ex gf of mine got me into veruca salt just prior to when i went to uni back in '94 and i used to play the album all the time, i loved it.

things obviously went a bit pete tong for them and they have a completely different line up now, although one of the original birds is still in it.

but downloading the old songs was a great idea, they are still wicked :beer:

btw the new breeders tracks i recommend are little fury, london song and the she

25-02-2003, 23:24:03
Sinister Foxx is a great title though, you have to get that. I've also got London, Little Fury, Huffer, and Song of Three, and their all sounding great so far.

25-02-2003, 23:29:08
ah i do already have sinister foxx, i think the iguana references must have freaked me out :clueless:

actually speaking of foxes, isn't that cute teen three-piece that we saw at the walkabout playing in Reading tomorrow night?

such lovely girls :o

25-02-2003, 23:43:34
The chicks from Oxford that Mike had tickets/flyers for? That's friday I think.

26-02-2003, 09:18:58
Caliber, yeah. Friday night at the Rising Sun Arts Center, it always sells out 'cause it's tiny so we have to get there early. I have 5 flyers for a pound off each.

26-02-2003, 09:33:36
shit does that mean the birthday thing is on saturday, if so i'm double booked again :mad:

26-02-2003, 09:46:19
Yep. P****'s birthday on Saturday the 1st.

The Shaker
26-02-2003, 11:43:48
rude word?
I bagsied one of the money off vouchers didn't I?

26-02-2003, 11:47:15
i'd really like to go, whether i have to pay full price or not

26-02-2003, 12:44:05
Can you afford it? Full price is a massive 3 pounds.

26-02-2003, 12:45:38
Hey, about tonight, what's the plan?
Where were you last night?

26-02-2003, 13:38:20
I haven't got the tickets yet, hopefully they came in the post today... I'll call you later, when's Gung fu?

I was knackered. Couldn't be bothered to leave the house.

26-02-2003, 13:57:45
I am going to be smelly and tired (no change there then) at the gig. I might not stay to the end but I'll try. Training is 7-9 I could meet you either at the Central Club at 9.10 or at the venue.

I'll try and bring a cd of my first attempt on the 16-track. It's not the best I could do but I am learning as I go along.

26-02-2003, 14:19:21
What gig are you talking about?

26-02-2003, 14:45:00
Sonic EP. Wanna go?

We're going to beat them up for stealing half of our name before we thought of it.

26-02-2003, 14:47:37
Where is it? I'll go if it's free.

26-02-2003, 14:57:43
Fez Club. Bummer.

26-02-2003, 15:09:46
Nevermind. Sonic EP are very good though, they do a mean Smashing Pumpkins cover.

26-02-2003, 15:12:05
I'll meet you at 9:10 at the central club -if the tickets are here. Otherwise I'll text you and tell you not to bother!

I might not stay 'till the end either. :D

26-02-2003, 15:59:24
Ha ha! You guys use COUPONS for concerts!
Ha Ha!

26-02-2003, 16:54:00
They use TICKETS retard. Doesn't everyone?

26-02-2003, 16:58:30
I think he's talking about the money off flyers.

It's mainly for local bands, and/or small gigs the deal might be that the band gets paid based on how many people come into the gig with a flyer with their name on it. Also, the people coming to the gig get in cheaper if they have a flyer.

In this case, it's to encourage people to come to the first one.

26-02-2003, 17:00:17
Hmm, so it's me that's the retard them.

26-02-2003, 17:02:52
Was that ever really in doubt?

Lazarus and the Gimp
26-02-2003, 19:52:56
If this thread is still about The Breeders, I love the latest album. I think "Off you" is the best song they've ever done.

26-02-2003, 20:23:33
It's brilliant isn't it.

I haven't downloaded Off You yet, but currently I'm loving Huffer.

26-02-2003, 21:17:54
Who's the retard now, monkey boy?
Actually, that is a great idea. Almost as good as my idea to name my band "FREE SEX AND BEER" in a pathetic attempt to pack the venue.

27-02-2003, 09:39:15
There's a band round here called *To Be Confirmed*

27-02-2003, 10:10:02
Is that the same thing as "To Be Announced" in American-speak?

27-02-2003, 10:15:28
Yep. It's sometimes TBA here as well.

17-07-2003, 21:12:28
Bump because Title TK is just a fucking brilliant album and i finally legally own a copy (which sounds much better than the mp3's i was listening to) :D