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25-02-2003, 16:28:45
check this guy out


Now thats one you dont want to run into

Courtesy of http://www.tankmuseum.ru/index_e.html

25-02-2003, 16:32:28
the asshole tank

25-02-2003, 16:55:50
Holy shit! What does that thing fire, smaller tanks?
Check out www.war.com for lots of cool tank info!

25-02-2003, 17:01:44
Its for launching satellites, isn't it?

25-02-2003, 17:18:02
Now that's my kind of gun. Though I bet it takes a week and half to aim and fire it.

25-02-2003, 22:30:40
And another week and a half for the dust to clear...

While not quite as daft this one, the german pnz6"Maus" never saw combat - so is not in CMBB.


It looks like a quite conventional tank until you realise that its about 6 metres tall and weights over 180 tonnes.

Thats the 128mm gun from the jagdtiger.

And that coaxial gun aint no MG. Its a second 75mm tank gun....

25-02-2003, 22:35:53
And as I'm a bot bored heres some more


Some sort of wierd german mine clearer apparently

25-02-2003, 22:38:02
One for maroule


so thats what happened to the french army :)

25-02-2003, 22:52:37
there not tanks, they're kitchen robots, to peel vegetables
never make fun of our great 1st armoured culinary brigade

25-02-2003, 22:54:46
one medium french tank of 40 (the somua something) was actually very competitive at the time, it's its use that was to blame (diluted in infantry corps, and not concentrated in armoured division, the way de Gaulle had required in 37 in his book 'vers l'armée de métier' - he obviously had read his Guderian)

26-02-2003, 01:16:32
Those are the worst tanks ever. And I'm even including the WWI tanks.

Jon Miller part Deux
26-02-2003, 13:23:31

the french had very good tanks

just didn't know how to use them

Jon Miller

26-02-2003, 14:36:04
If french tanks rated "very good" how would you rate the german's?:)

26-02-2003, 14:47:15
they were average in the 40's, their concentration in armoured division with the support of stukas and mec inf made the difference. French and British tanks were not that inferior.

Playing CMBB, in 42-43 especially, it is shocking to see how much better the russian tanks were (KV and T34). Of course, the big cats (panther and tiger) were fine specimens, but too long/expensive to produce. That's the BMW syndrome, I suppose...

26-02-2003, 15:49:04
The French grossly underestimated the power of massed tank assaults in support of infantry and grossly overestimated their fixed defenses.
I'm sure they never thought the Germans were going to do what they did--but a fast mobilization in force would have at least made it more difficult.
And they did have some good tanks...though more light than heavy.

26-02-2003, 16:08:55
it's not 'the french', as I said some knew about blietzkrieg concepts (de Gaulle and others), it's more the french HQ.

Bear in mind that most of the high commanders in the Fr army came from WWI, from infantry background (of course, no significant armor then), where defensive tactics ruled the day. Plus they were conforted in their rigidity by the fact that they had won. Previous victories are a powerful obstacle to change, only defeat or failure forces a rethink. It's the same in military history and in business...

Besides, the Germans pierced through the Ardennes, and everybody thought that was impossible... there were also deep social and political reasons to prefer a defensive war, hence the french forgetting what the little corsican had said 140 years before 'the best defense is attacking'.

26-02-2003, 16:49:49
and let's not forget the somewhat superior german air power, which they were combining with their tank/infantry thrusts