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25-02-2003, 11:18:51
all right CM gamers,
my g/f is out this WE so I'll have time for a TCP/IP battle in CMBO or CMBB

timing : around noon saturday (but before the France-Ireland match :D) or sunday morning/afternoon

let me know if that'd work for any of you

25-02-2003, 21:05:11
HMMMM....You're 8 hours ahead of US Pacific?
I might be able to swing something late Saturday night my time or early Sunday morning my time....hmmmm. Most likely Sat. PM but that would mean you'd have to get up early on Sunday and skip church.

25-02-2003, 22:12:15
skiping church should be all right, I've been doing that for the last 15 years :D

I'll PM you some time proposal tomorrow
and feel free to send your turn ;)

26-02-2003, 15:51:51
Turn sent...bear in mind that it is 2AM your time when I can log in on a weeknight.
I have also been known to fall asleep on the couch before logging on...such is the liability of having a very active child in the house! Not to mention a wife who is almost 8 months pregnant.

26-02-2003, 15:59:00
we have 9 hours difference
I can play very early sunday if you can play between 11 pm and 1 am your time.

Otherwise, don't worry, we'll do that another time

26-02-2003, 16:28:54
Maroule - I'm around at the weekend so I will set up our return leg. I have to download those bloody enormous patches first though.

26-02-2003, 16:46:06
cool, looking forward to my revenge :D
and good patching...

26-02-2003, 17:43:52
I'm all for them adding content but 30Mb for the 2 patches is a little excessive

26-02-2003, 21:07:30
Maroule...that sounds like it will actually work for me. I can be on @11pm my time Saturday night...and can probably manage to stay up the next few hours if you want to start later/play longer.
Are you on ICQ? My # is 77756564 if you are.
I also have Trillian and AOL instant if you prefer.

26-02-2003, 21:08:58
BTW, I've never done a TCP game...don't imagine it will be too tough? I'll do a "dry run" on one tonight and see if it requires anything. Don't know if it matters who hosts, but if we need the most stable connection, mine probably isn't the one, as I am dialup. The good news is that I rarely get disconnected.
Let me know...

26-02-2003, 22:38:04
all right then, I'll host and will confirm every thing saturday morning (for you) by mail
I'll just need your IP address
any preferences for a setting?

27-02-2003, 00:19:30
Well...first off, will CMBO tell my my ISP or is there another way to figure that out?
Secondly, we can start out with something armor heavy on a medium map and see how it goes...maybe do 3 minute turn limits? That would approximate the panic of war and decision making I imagine.

27-02-2003, 02:23:06
BGH, you can use ipconfig to find your IP, if that's what you need. Presuming you run a MS NT OS family (NT, 2000, XP)

27-02-2003, 16:10:15
I use Crapdoze 98 I believe.
Is that the command line in MSDOS and does the comp have to be actively online at the time?
Also, since I've already exposed myself as a neophyte, is the ISP something that changes, is locationally dependent or different each time you're on?

27-02-2003, 16:15:58
the IP address does change (I think, I'm no expert)
under 98, you can find it on the 'property' or 'details' of your connection icon
If you can't find it, I'll send you mine and you'll host

27-02-2003, 17:06:50
OK...I'm pretty sure I can find it.
What messaging system do you use?

28-02-2003, 06:38:07
In 98 dos box, it's er... wincfg? Darn, it's been too many years, and I don't remember.

Your IP will change every time you dial in/connect. No biggie. There are several free 'What's my IP Address?' freeware programs around, if you don't want to bother with having to go through the properties or whatever it is for the connection.

28-02-2003, 16:11:55
Yeah...I found a utility on my PC for determining it, so I think we're a go if maroule is still up for pitting his early morning delirium against my late night delirium.

If all else fails, Maroule, and you don't have Trillian or ICQ or something, we can meet here at the appointed time (11pm Sat mine and 8am Sun yours) and co-ordinate?

Thanks for the help, DS.

28-02-2003, 16:25:09
that's cool with me
send me an email just before 11pm your time with your IP address

28-02-2003, 18:31:37
You should consider Trillian (free IM program that can integrate most chats) or ICQ (same, but a little buggy sometimes). Email will be fine, but I'm worried about potential lag time.

03-03-2003, 10:39:03
So the game actually went on
BGH had chosen a scenarii where a heavy armoured German force hammers a village held by US forces.

The krauts have about half the wermarcht with them, the US have a few canons but favourable terrain. We were about half the game when BGH threatened to finally overwhelm my defences. However, I think I blew up at least half his vehicles, including 2 tigers (or 3?) and about 10 lighter vehicles. Highlight of the game : one canon was particularly effective (thanks being in the command radius of a good commander), blowing up at least 5 or 6 SPW before being turned into minced meat by a very angry BGH.

BGH stopped the game after two successive reboot and his wife giving him angry looks (mind you, it was probably 4 am when he stopped, it was noon for me). Very entertaining, although of course attacking is more interesting than defending. My first Tcp/Ip ever, quite a change of tempo from PBEM, really fast and furious.

Thanks for the game BGH.

We can pursue it by PBEM if you want (the final outcome is not really in question, the only variable will be how many more vehicles I can blow up), provided that I'll later play the attack. I think I can conduct an attack with more limited losses. Final outcome would be to compare the points between the 2 games. if you're up for that challenge, send me the pebm at the same time as our ongoing game.

03-03-2003, 17:17:12
OK...sounds good. I have no doubt you'd be able to improve the outcome, given you will know the redoubts, overlooks and most likely cannon placement. But it is only fair, as I got to ultimately tear you a new one! ;)

But yes, he pasted the shit out of my first two waves of HT's, which I essentially rushed at his gun/inf emplacements, hoping to get close enough to offload the infantry into his foxholes. Unfortunately, at least three of them brewed up in spectacular fashion, incinerating the onboard occupants.
Usually, a gun will take cover much sooner than that one did, and I misjudged its effectiveness, causing much loss of life on my part. Essentially, the battleground was a high bowl shape with a town as the creamy center filling, but you had to go down a very horribly sighted road full of mines to get to the town. Basically, you had to eliminate the opposition on either side of the town in order to get a flanking maneuver going on the town. (That was my strategy anyhow). The US defense force, as noted, was limited but with great LOS and command.
The Krauts had a boatload of ACV's and a complement of 3 Tigers and a Stug at the very last reinforcement.
BTW, 2 Tigers were still mobile, one had become immobilized but was a great building leveller (think I messed up a HQ and some other guys taking down a building with it) and a Stug that ran over some mines before it ever got a shot off.

Hat's off to Maroule--a very staunch defense in the face of wave after wave of of vehicles.
TCP was fun--if you want, Maroule (or anyone else) you can go to the CM Scenario Depot site and look over some other pre-made battles, especially for play balance in a TCP game.
And TCP worked fine...the reason I was freezing toward the end was because I had ICQ on and someone messaged me and froze the loading CM game.
So, in the future, I'll just stick to Radio Chat I think and if things seem to be taking too long, I'll check email for messages.
That's one drawback to CM--can't minimize the window to look for IM's.

Lot's of fun...up until the wife walked in. :)

05-03-2003, 13:51:10
tigers are good buildings leveller indeed... :(

18-04-2003, 13:23:22
Any of you twits fancy a game tomorrow around 10-17 CET?

18-04-2003, 13:58:48
no game for me until next wed, when I come back

18-04-2003, 14:02:46
Don't ever come back.

18-04-2003, 14:20:19
you'd miss me, like your first gonorrhea

18-04-2003, 14:24:15
So with some penicillian you'll never come back?