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20-01-2002, 09:08:38
This won't come as any form of surprise to many gamers, but EA is REALLY gauging the heck out of The Sims fans.

I installed The Sims on my machine last night. When I went to install Hot Date, it DEMANDED that I provide the House Party CD. It claimed it needed it to install files. Now, here's the fun part... it only copied the new music files from House Party (the mp3s provided with HP), which were ALREADY present. Hey, way to go EA! You are forcing everyone who might have just bought The Sims and the latest expansion to BUY another expansion! Wow! What a BRILLANT idea. And since there is no MENTION anywhere on HD that you HAVE to have HP, you are REALLY going to piss some of your customers off. Wow.

Not smart. What's next? When you buy the latest Football game, they require you to stick in the latest Hockey game? Blah.

21-01-2002, 10:41:02
That's terrible!

21-01-2002, 11:30:34
Who wants to play The Sims anyway ? :lol:

Resource Consumer
21-01-2002, 14:29:29
presumably you could create a CD and set up files just as blank with an .MP3 extension. That might get round it - but I agree EA are bastards.

I bet they'll do the same thing with the Vacation extension as well.

22-01-2002, 06:48:16

Is there perhaps a small possibility that you already had houseparty installed, the game detected this, and made you insert the CD because having the music copied to the drive is the better way to go (Diablo2 does this with it's single expansion - you need to reinsert the original CD so it can grab the music files).

22-01-2002, 10:54:05
Ned... the files were ALREADY installed on the HD. It's just a guarantee that to PLAY Hot Date, you also HAVE to buy House Party.

I ended up digging through the Usenet The Sims newsgroups, looking for some info on an oddity in my installation. Anyways, looking through the 6000 messages between the two primary newsgroups, I noticed that everyone that had HD also had HP... because they HAVE to. So... to get into the Sims, right now, with just The Sims and the latest, they guarantee sales of Expansion pack 2 (which didn't originally sell as well as expansion pack 1 - Living Large...). Because otherwise, HD will not install.

That's just a low blow...

And now that many of them have The Sims, House Party, and Hot Date, they figure they might as WELL get Living Large (Expansion 1). But what most do not realise, is that they will have to DEINSTALL the entire thing, clean their registries, and start again, as LL HAS to be installed after TS, but BEFORE HP... There is a lot of 'You poor bastard' consoling on the newsgroups... as customers are losing lots of their new objects and families when screwing up their backups... and then pity and LOL at those that didn't even know they HAD to back those up, if they wanted them after the reinstall.

Not exactly friendly and fun, eh?

22-01-2002, 22:41:59
I assume that they r all gay twats.

Resource Consumer
23-01-2002, 13:55:25
Maybe the computer sometimes plays the MP3 files from the hard drive when HP is installed. Installing HD means that there is another CD in the drive so they need to be copied?

I think it is likely that most players who have HD already had HP. Has anyone said "I needed to but HP to play HD"?

As an experiment, why not just install the SIms and Hot Date in another directory and see if it still asks for the HP CD.

02-02-2002, 10:09:14
Because you cannot do that, RC. The Sims only has: Install... and Deinstall. Pulling up the installer when it's INSTALLED, causes it to deinstall. This is VERY aggravating, especially when you just want to do a repair. You cannot do that... you have to deinstall, clean the registry, and then reinstall the games, in the correct order, and then put your stuff back into it. Sigh.

I'm now on my fourth pass of doing that. So I am REALLY getting a chance to check out what gets added, and when.

Ok... looks like I was wrong. Yep, I admit it.

HD is so full of stuff, that they didn't put the Buy and Build music on it. The older stuff has the Buy and Build music on it. So, when HD installs, it asks for the previous installed package's CD so it can grab the game music that it doesn't have included. How I got those originally already, I don't know. I don't remember boosting them over, but I've gone through a lot of crap to get The Sims back to working. It only takes one little thing to upset that house of cards... fun program, but pretty easy to upset.

My latest boo-boo that knocked the house of cards that is The Sims (with all expansions) over was dropping in a Maxis provided item. It hosed up a good bit of the features. And without a repair feature... sigh.

I'm going to build a list of what object belongs to what, at this rate. I am sure that there are some out there already, but I just haven't spent enough time digging them out to find them yet.

Another fun thing... about HALF of the Objects provided by Maxis through their web site is included among the various expansions. But about HALF of those included are under DIFFERENT names. Makes it a lot more difficult to KNOW what is already included. Does explain why I had duplicates of certain objects on my old system... because the game expansions installed those objects under a different name, which made it a different object to the game.

I don't doubt that EA is gouging the public. But it's not as infuriating as I had thought it was.