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21-02-2003, 14:39:50
Right then lets see how addicted you lot have really become.

I want answers to the following questions.


What is the calibre of the main gun on:

The UK Sherman firefly,
The US Pershing,
The German King Tiger

How many machine guns do these tanks have

The US M4 Sherman
The UK Cromwell Mk8
The German Panzer4

Bonus question:

What is the calibre of the US bazooka


Caliber of the main gun of:

Russian IS-1
German Brummbar assault gun

How many MGs on

German Nashorn
Russian Tankette

Number of squads in

Russian rifle platoon
German rifle platoon

Bonus question

Whats the calibre of the largest on-map russian and german mortars.

If you can answer those without looking them up your a bigger geek than me. (as I dont know the answer to some of them)

The Shaker
21-02-2003, 14:47:56
None of em :)

21-02-2003, 14:55:28
Shaker passes the test - but then he's only had the games for a couple of weeks.


21-02-2003, 16:00:01
I think I know like 1 or maybe 2. But I'm not sure so I refuse to answer on the grounds that I will make myself look even stupider.

21-02-2003, 16:13:21
well when you get the game you can find out for sure.

I know the CMBO ones bar the pershing and the bazooka.

And I know the CMBB ones bar the IS-1 (but I have an idea), and I know the mortar calibres but cant remember which way round they are!

21-02-2003, 17:45:13
The Sherman has...2 machine guns?

21-02-2003, 18:18:09
I've never paid attention...I just get the biggest one available. :)
But the Pershing is probably and 88 and the Firefly a 75 or 76.
Hmmmm....King Tiger or Konigstiger is probably an 88 or maybe even in the 90's? Hell, it could be a 105. That's one bad machine...too bad it is so worthless in close. Talk about a slow turret and reload!
MG's....Sherman has two I think. As does the Panzer? And the Cromwell probably has three.
Bazooka calibre?!? Uh....ummmm....good question. Probably a 60mm shoulder mortar.
I don't have CMBB...yet.

21-02-2003, 18:36:22
I was thinking 60 for the bazooka too.

And I cheated and looked it up. 76.2mm caliber on the Firefly.

21-02-2003, 22:43:02
I would have guessed 75 or 76 on the firefly and 2 MG on the Sherman

and 88 on the King tiger (but it could be as high as 122?)

I couldn't even guess on the rest.

21-02-2003, 23:54:34
I thought the King Tiger was like a 105 or something.

22-02-2003, 23:45:19
Firefly: 76mm main gun on both the IIC and VC versions (17-pdr).
US Pershing: 90mm
King Tiger: 88mm

US M4 has 3??? 2 .30 cal - one bow, one alongside the main gun, and a flex .50 on top.
Cromwell Mk8: 2
Panzer4: 2

Bazooka - 2.36 inches - doing the numbers in my head says that IS 60mm.

I cheated and looked these up because its more interesting than ddoing my work.

Jon Miller part Deux
24-02-2003, 02:14:08
I know many of those, but from ASL, not Combat Mission

still need to get it

(King tiger had 88)

the jagdtiger (TD) had a 128

Jon Miller

24-02-2003, 08:31:05
I agree with MDA, I could cheat because it's more interesting than my work but won't cause I don't have the time

I know only a few
the russian tankette has only one HMG of 12.7 mn, but that can do some damage, as Shak is finding out

the US zook is fairly powerfull so must have the equivalent of a 88, roughly (like the panzershreck)

firefly must be 75, pershing 88, and KT either 88 or 105

number of squads for russian (3 + HQ) et german (4+HQ)

largest russian on board mortar must be the 81 mn, although I never played in 45 so they might get a bigger one then

I'm not as big a nerd as i'd like, very disappointing

My questions :

in CMBO, can a mortar without direct LOS, but with an indirect one through a PC, target an enemy unit?

how many shots as a sharpshooter

what is the range of fire, in meters, of a flame throwing team (on foot, german)

24-02-2003, 11:02:40
MDA answers are all correct as far as I know

Maroule - mortars out of direct LOS cannot target an enemy unit, they can however area target the units position as long as their HQ can see the target and they are in C&C of that HQ

Sharpshooter - 8 or 10 I forget
Flamethrower, 35m

24-02-2003, 11:04:02
43 (in CMBB)

you're hereby confirmed as the biggest nerd around *applause*

24-02-2003, 12:51:59
43? I could have sworn it was 35 in cmbo.

I wonder why(if) they changed that for BB.

24-02-2003, 13:03:21
you make me doubt, I'll check

25-02-2003, 21:10:42
I thought it was 36 in CMBO.
*scares self*

25-02-2003, 22:15:21
and 71cm