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21-02-2003, 10:02:34

Possibly the daftest looking vehicle in the game. Basically the 150mm infantry gun on tracks. Has crap armour and only carries around 8-10 rounds. But is only 50 points - thats cheaper than the normal 150mm gun.

Anyone used these much? I suppose if you keep them hidden initally they might be useful late game for blasting the opposition off a flag. Then 8 rounds would be plenty. On the other hand thats 50 points you cant spend on propper tanks (although I often get left with <100 points in the armour allocation that I cant spend. And of course if you lose the armour war then this thing is toast as soon as it reveals its position.

Any thoughts - do you think its worth 50 points or would you rather spend 100 for a 105mm StuH, 89 for a 150mm hummel or 140? for a 150 brummbar?

21-02-2003, 10:18:38
it's the papamobil!

21-02-2003, 10:21:02
I never saw it before so never wondered
it probably depends on the context : on a scenarii where I'm the attacker and have to uproot solidly entrenched positions, + have filled my armor quota, then why not... but that's a lot of ifs

21-02-2003, 13:47:31
but it comes out of your armour quota. Thats the problem - its 50 points that could be spent on tanks but it isnt really a tank.

For a similar cost you can have one of those heavy PSW armoured cars. Admittedly it only has a 75mm gun with about 1/4 the blast of the 150mm on this thing but it has enough ammo to fire for a lot longer (even comes with cannister rounds sometimes). Then the cost comes out of your vehicle allowance, has better armour, and they look much better too :)

I guess these things may be usefull in large battles where you could spare 150 points and where the cover is good enough to allow it to avoid enemy armour.

Its kind of the same problem with any of the non-AT SPGs (eg wespe) - why spend armour money on something that is crap against armor, no better against infantry than a tank you could have bought instead and can be taken out by the light guns on most ACs. Hell even a 0.5MG could probably kill a sIG

21-02-2003, 18:24:21
Yeah....I'd pass. You really have to have a good armor/gun ratio in CMBO at least. I experimented with Priests for a while and thought they'd be a good investment, but lost them due to the open top. I'll never sacrifice armor for power again, because power is useless unprotected.
Maybe in some kind of oversight or reserve role, just for the hell of it, but I can't see how it would work very well strategy wise. I could see "some" utility in a defense mode, where you want an emplaced gun to move up over a hill or from behind some woods quickly, but only as a secondary gun behind your main emplacement.
Actually, they would be good for that purpose, because moving large stationary guns quickly is nearly impossible if they aren't already attached to a truck.
Hmmmm....still...a tank is a better option in the long run.