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17-02-2003, 12:32:40
just a quickie on the mod issue. I followed BGH advice on modding CMBO and got some 'madsomeguy's mod' over at HQCombat, which did make the maps better looking

mad dog mod (http://www.combatmission.com/MDMP/mdmp.asp)

- any other general ones + quickly installable ones I should look at? I've seen thousands of them that simply change a bit the paint on the Mark3 version august 42 to september 42, and this is too much detail for me, I can't be bothered...

- I also found the CMMOS tool but don't really understand it's use. Is it worth looking into it?

- On scenario/mods, are there any on the Africa Korps? That would require totally new maps and weather conditions...

- If we can build up scenarios from scratch, why not make ahistorical ones, like a german landing in England in 41 and ensuing land battle?

17-02-2003, 12:53:50
I have (had) the mad dog mods+some other ones. I have now lost track of what I have due to having reinstalled cmbo aftre a HD failure 6 months back.

If you figure out CMMOS let me know and I might try it.

Personally I think the german tanks in bb need repainting - the dull grey pnz4s dont look particarly nice even though theres more detail on them than in the original.

Also remember that adding lots of hi-res textures will slow the game down a bit.

17-02-2003, 12:55:44
as for the invasion of britain idea I think cmbo doesnt support home guard troops armed with only the ability to fall over at amusing times and go "you stupid boy!"

The Shaker
17-02-2003, 13:21:01
I picked up the latest CMMOS over the weekend (spurred on by the huge amount of out of date extras on the CMBO CD) It seems relatively easy to use, and with more CMBB stuff on the way probably a nice little investment. Definately a lot easier than installing single mods at a time.

17-02-2003, 23:38:20
CMMOS is just an "organizing" program that will shuffle mods in and out of the game at will. Every time you DL a mod using CMMOS (you'll have to read up on it to learn EXACTLY how this works) it goes into the database. Then you can start CMMOS and pick and choose different mods. Any given vehicle could have several mods to choose from...this enables you to just click, rather than physically replacing the bmp's in the graphics folder.
There are many, many modes available...you may have to enter "CMBO/BB Mods" in Google to locate them all.
I highly suggest the terrain mods and fire and smoke.

18-02-2003, 20:13:19
Originally posted by Beta1
as for the invasion of britain idea I think cmbo doesnt support home guard troops armed with only the ability to fall over at amusing times and go "you stupid boy!"

Well, if it was the French invading, then you'd have something.:cute:

Can't find any fire and smoke mods, but just got the mad dog 1&2 to take home tonight.

So if I'm understanding what I've been seeing, fans have modded units and terrain and rules for the pre-overlord years - Africa, Sicily, etc.? (and BB covers '41-45, Eastern Europe)

18-02-2003, 20:42:47
Yes...you can even get a D-Day mod that you can install in your BMP folder in order to do beach landings, etc.
I suggest that you make a copy of your graphics folder and keep it safe somewhere, so you can easily re-install the original graphics if you put something in there you don't like.
I have a new interface screen (the bottom part of the screen) that I like a lot.
Hell, I've even seen mods for the faces of the men. There is also a great small arms mod out there as well...makes all the carried weapons look a lot better.
Just hunt around on the net...they're out there.

18-02-2003, 20:54:37
Now this all sounds very confusing.

18-02-2003, 23:17:00
don't worry about it for now, there's no impact on the game system (mods are purely aesthetics)

18-02-2003, 23:33:30
although there are new rules systems as well... :)

18-02-2003, 23:36:31
if you're talking about RuleSets, IMHO it's different
you can't change the system, it's hard coded
you can of course decide on new engagement rules (some players don't want to have tigers in their games, for ex.)

19-02-2003, 00:13:47
Those players must be pussies then.

19-02-2003, 00:53:50
Yes, yes I believe they are.

19-02-2003, 08:14:06
indeed, taming a tiger is one of the great pleasure of CMBO
it's a bit different in CMBB, as the russians have worthy heavy tanks quite able to take tigers for a ride in the park