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14-02-2003, 12:50:48
The founding fathers of german Techno.
2 guys survived the early very bizarre punk?/jazz?/experimental? band and made some CDs with basically just a weird sounding synthesizer bass, drums and vocals. All dressed up in black leather they did a very minimalistic act in words as in music. They experimented with words and were often mistaken for neo-nazis. Their biggest hit was "Tanz den Mussolini", a hard dance track, but the had a couple of fragile tracks like "der Räuber und der Prinz". The lyrics were very vague, more like slogans, quite often just 2 or 4 lines.
I saw their new video "Der Sheriff" and it was amazed how similar it sounds to the good old days(though their last release was in 1986 IIRC). Still very macho and cold. Impressive

14-02-2003, 12:52:39
Oh, and DAF stands for "deutsch-amerikanische Freundschaft"