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13-02-2003, 16:55:13
I thought it was only the previous handle of SB but apparently it is also a band, whose music (the little I had the chance to listen to) is great and they are coming to play live in athens this saturday!

heh :o

I'll go if I can somehow get the 19 euros for the ticket.

Allegendly they are one of the most influencial punk rock bands of the last 10 years yet they have escaped my limited granted these days attention!

13-02-2003, 16:59:34
19 euros?

That's nearly ten packets of greek cigarettes!

or three packets of UK cigarettes :mad:

13-02-2003, 17:06:01
precicely 7.6 packs of cigs :D

Scabrous Birdseed
13-02-2003, 17:08:09
Why do you think I canged my handle?

13-02-2003, 17:09:20

Scabrous Birdseed
13-02-2003, 17:11:54
Own Goal. I found out there was a shit emocore band with the same name. After that it was spoilt for me.

13-02-2003, 17:14:51
I thought you'd say they were a shitty band but I decided not to jump to conclusions.

*End Is Forever*
13-02-2003, 20:42:26
Snapcase made me throw up. Their video for "Coangulation" (I think) involves the camera spinning around lots, and I watched it with a hangover.

Incidentally, they are a shit emocore band.

Provost Harrison
13-02-2003, 22:26:33
I third that ;)

14-02-2003, 19:06:41
well some "excerpts" (sp?) of their music I've heard sounded pretty good.

What does emocore mean?

Provost Harrison
15-02-2003, 19:47:50
"Emocore" derives from the Sanskrit "Emocoro" for unadulterated gobshite ;)

16-02-2003, 01:12:49
Well God didn't see it fit for me to go and see them tonight.
Hopefully He'll change his mind for Flaming Lips and the Residents who follow.

Resource Consumer
21-02-2003, 11:45:14
Apparently, there is a really crap hip hop outfit called Scabrous Birdseed....

Scabrous Birdseed
21-02-2003, 13:09:07
That'd be, er, me. :o

Actually I did a thorough google search before picking this user name. My first choice, "Johnny Birdseed", incredibly had unfavourable pop-culture associations, so that one had to go.