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13-02-2003, 16:34:41
I have just discovered a song that's perfect for LWP4... but I already picked my songs. Should I change and reshuffle my entire selection?


Scabrous Birdseed
13-02-2003, 16:51:04
I had a dilemma myself with my selection. Basically, I had a genre I wanted to acquaint people with, and I wanted to balance my pick in such a way that the song I picked was (a) a really good song, (b) typical of those aspects of the genre I wanted to promote and (c) connected in some way to the musical tradition everyone else comes from, to ease them in. In the end I had like ten songs to chose from, each of which displayed one or two of these qualities but never all three.

I think the solution to your dilemma is to do what I did- just rip down every single song you are even considering putting in, until you have like 40 minutes of music. Then pick out a selection of these that feel right together, are nicely spread out, and fit the time available. For me, several songs I was really doubtful about ended up on the CD, while two near-certs were left behind. I think my selection this time is radically better than the last one, purely because every entry has been weighed in comparison to other entries from different genres and picked because of its suitability in a compilation environment.

(In case you're wondering about the solution to my dilemma, (a) won out. Big time.)

13-02-2003, 16:54:36

I think that I might actually spunk off all my existing tunes and start again. This new one has to go in. I think it's the best LWP song I've heard.

13-02-2003, 16:55:16
Best LWP song meaning, one I really like, that isn't really famous, a really good song, and has something interesting about it and everyone else will probably hate it. :D

13-02-2003, 16:55:43
I also have a dilema, well more of a problem really. Before writing my CD I made sure I deleted the artist and track title, only problem is, now I can't remember the name or performer of one of the songs.

What a retard eh?

Scabrous Birdseed
13-02-2003, 17:10:33
Do a web search for the lyrics?

Er, may I ask where you got it from? If you have it on CD you can always run it through a CDDB-enabled app.

The Shaker
13-02-2003, 17:12:17
I just picked a couple of MOR songs which I don't really like.
They'll probably go down really well.

13-02-2003, 17:12:28
Good plan, Stan.

13-02-2003, 18:43:01
I have been listening almost exclusively to a larger list of songs, including about five by one artist, in an attempt to narrow it down. I’ve got nowhere.

Lazarus and the Gimp
13-02-2003, 20:16:37
I just picked a few tracks that I thought people might like. Took about 5 minutes.