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17-01-2002, 17:05:18
About twice a year, i become obssessed with the aquisition and playing of a certain computer game. Usually this happens long before the game is released- allowing me months of agonised anticipation and fevered dreaming. I did this with Civ3, but only had about a month to work up a sweat- and thus was quite satisfied when it finnally came out- instead of bitterly dissapointed as i should have been. (now i can't howl at the moon in bitter disgust as any self respecting gamer should be at this stage of eagerly-anticipated-gameware ownership.. of course i am suitably ashamed at myself for neglecting my duty as both a gamer and a forumer).

Never mind, I've gotten an early start on Halo and Republic: The Revolution, and fully expected those two titles to ensnare me in an ever gaining unhealthy fixation. By the time they come out i should be ready to play em five times before registering my disgust and contempt for this unoriginal piffle throughout- erm... here.

Unexpectedly however, i've been blind-sided by the sudden and desperate need to play Aliens vs Predator 2, (as if from nowhere!) maybe becouse I've been revisiting Rebellions prequel >shrug< i dunno. I understand the game has already been released in the UK, and i've read Trippers review, but i was wondering if anyone else could share their thoughts on it whilste I await my next game-allocated bundle of cash before running into the nearest soft-shop, grabbing an employee and making it sell me this latest key to PC induced, soundblaster justifying, 3d-card revelling bliss.

18-01-2002, 00:50:56
Played AVP2 through as Marine, Alien and Predator.

Great game. The marine and Alien missions are the best, as I always find the predator a bit ploddy and with cumbersome weapons. Still fun though.

I was disappointed with the demo, but the full game is worth getting.

18-01-2002, 11:04:41
Good game, but I felt not quite as good as the original (which made System shock 2 look relaxing). Played most of the way through the alien and the pred but the marine is just too hard. althought the first section as the marine is a master piece in winding the tension right up and holding it there till the player snaps and starts shooting at his own shadows.

Trips memory warning is spot on - its chugs on less than 256Mb

18-01-2002, 11:51:04
Well the Kit needs more RAM anyway, you know the games market has had another growth spurt when 128Mb becomes insufficient.

Thanks for the opps.

18-01-2002, 13:24:54
my workmate really enjoyed avp2
he said it was really atmospheric with the marine but maybe a little bit boring as the alien
still he really reccommended it

No longer Trippin
19-01-2002, 04:32:02
If you turn down the graphics details it will only stop for a brief second or two to load the next wave of aliens it will send at you. Apperently they aren't "set" in the game, but triggered to appear when you run into "x" location. Even with the details down, the game still looks good. I suggest turning down the brightness a bit as they made it a tad to bright to be as gloomy as the original.

04-02-2002, 13:34:18
Is the AI anything worth posting about?

No longer Trippin
04-02-2002, 18:55:39
The AI is shit compared to other games. They make it harder in difficulty levels by strengthing the enemies hitpoints, increasing damage, and placing the enemies in spots where your bound to get shot to shit regardless of what you do. The AI basically is of DOOM level... its just made harder by placement and number of enemies.

A good example of this is during the predator mission when your escaping the pods. Play it on one level, then play it again one level up... it gets fucking frustrating. Shoot, the sythetic shoots, get hit for half your life, recharge, heal, repeat. The games AI falls short of Half-Life easily.

There is a scripting bug in one of the Predator missions, apperently if you don't do x things in y order, you can't progress.

The graphics aren't as good as RtCW, but its the Lowtech, I mean, Lithtech engine, so that's expected.

16-02-2002, 15:23:49
I've been having fun with this game, at first it did feel "clunky"- like Foetus sed (in alien mode as well i found). You can't flow like a fluid flying force of violence as the alien, and this upset me for awhile- but once you get used to the different playing style, like the predators clunkyness- once you get used to it is alright, gives you a better sense of what it is to be a nine foot tall humanoid built like a brick shit-house with the ability to move in a surprisingly stealthy manner. The start of the Alien level is really entertaining- and gruesom, and Beta is definately right about the first marine level, tension like nano-cord drawn very tightly at neck level in a dark place where paniky types run around very fast in a blind... um- panik.

AAGH! I SAW SOMETHING!! :shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot:

so much for "short controlled bursts people"

The first alien level confirms a suspicion i've had for along time- the aliens are alot more vulnerable and easy to kill then Ripley and her friends would have us believe, their just animals really with an unusual reproductive process and ridiculously corrosive blood- abit like a tiger that can walk on walls and with... ridiculously corrosive blood really. However the nightmares continue.

They mostly come at night.