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11-02-2003, 16:35:36

Looks pretty good - its a compilation of posts from the battlefront.com forums. Covers lots of useful stuff

11-02-2003, 17:24:42
Yes...if that is the one I think it is, it is a culled forum database...simply indispensable to the serious gamer!

04-03-2003, 09:29:12
this guide has been my bible, very good posts there
a guy named Pillar also produced a good brief tactical guide, but I'll never give you the link..

06-03-2003, 16:47:14
Hint: if you read the strat guide, you'll find the link :D

06-03-2003, 16:54:05

08-03-2003, 19:46:50
I think its odd that the Hummel had a better blast than a 150 mm infantry gun.

08-03-2003, 23:44:40
That is odd. I always assumed they were the same.


The 150mm infantry gun is a short barreled gun while the hummel is a longer barreled version - so its possible that the shells were not compatible and the hummel had a larger HE load relative to the IG.

There is a SPG version of the 150mm IG in CMBB

Infact its the one I was wondering about in thise thread http://www.counterglow.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11182

08-03-2003, 23:46:21
Whats more odd about the hummel is that the AI that controls the targetting is daft enough to fire a 150mm HE shell at an infantry squad thats less than 10m away.

Given that the 150mm blast is rather large and the armor on a hummel rather thin. This tends to result in a rather amusing self destruct

10-03-2003, 14:18:41
Hmm, time for an 10m area fire Hummel experiment. :lol:
I love the blast on the Hummel against infantry in trees and buildings (building go boom on the second or third shell). My two favorite pastimes are blowing up and setting fire to buildings. (in CMBO, of course). Even though the AI is crap when you play as a defender, I still do it sometimes, just to set up flamethrower ambushes (large AP minefields are fun too).

That SPG version of the 150 *DOES* look like the Popemobile, doesn't it?

10-03-2003, 14:27:41
MDA, why don't you play the CG CM dimwit championship with us?

10-03-2003, 14:32:30
Can that be done with me just having CMBO?

seriously considered replying with maroule's own sig

10-03-2003, 14:40:04
yes it can, BGH and LoD only have CMBO too
so you'll only miss on slaughtering Shaker, who only has CMBB.

Join us, it's a lot of fun. If you like surrendering, you can play the French too!

Resource Consumer
10-03-2003, 14:40:06
Yes. I think everyone has CMBO (maybe Shakey doesn't, I am not sure)

10-03-2003, 16:09:06
Still haven't bought this yet. Maybe I should now. Me want new games to play.

10-03-2003, 16:28:35
MDA, PM me if you want in and I'll sort it out.

LoD plays slow slowly you will probably still finish your second games before him

10-03-2003, 16:29:27
go for it, you can't possibly better spend your money.

Only question, which one? CMBO is nice because the allied troops (us+brit) are very cool to play, but CMBB is, quite logically since it came out 2 years after, a better game (better interface and options). The bundle pack could be an option.

10-03-2003, 17:32:46
I think I'd like Beyond Overlord more. It's the theater I like better and I had more fun with that demo. Which isn't to say that BB was bad, I was just more interested in the Western Front. I'll buy both though.

Resource Consumer
11-03-2003, 13:56:41
The other thing you might like about CMBO more than CMBB is the artillery. In CMBB artillery setup takes a while, while in CMBO it is quicker which leaves more time for the serious business of blowing things up and inflicting mayhem...

11-03-2003, 14:58:50
indeed, CMBO gives much more importance to infantry and artillerie, while CMBB gives a greater edge to vehicles, mainly because the small arm fire mechanism has changed and was made more penalising to infantry (more easily suppressed), while arty was also made more expensive, longer (for russians) and slightly less effective.

11-03-2003, 15:23:49
Blow stuff up good!

11-03-2003, 15:43:35
you can still do it but big caliber arty is horribly expensive
direct fire from a hummel or KV still blow up buildings very quickly, though...

13-03-2003, 17:36:39
Buy it, Venom!

Always get a Hummel. They're like long range Wasps (not quite as satisfying as setting your enemy on fire, but BIG blast damage). German indirect fire isn't nearly as satisfying.

Oh, the tourney is closed, but you can still solicit a game from me. I would imagine BGH (or anyone else) would like a game as well.

13-03-2003, 17:48:34
I don't want to play you guys. You're too good. I hate to lose.

13-03-2003, 18:13:26
Fine, play with yourself, then.

13-03-2003, 18:27:23
I think I will......aaaaahhhhhhhh that's better.

14-03-2003, 16:23:56
Bundle Pack has just been purchased.

14-03-2003, 17:01:46
Nice! Too bad you didn't get it a tad earlier...I'm up for a TCP game this weekend!

14-03-2003, 17:04:40
I'll need more training.

The Shaker
14-03-2003, 17:30:12
Best training you can get is being beaten time and time again by twats off counterglow.

14-03-2003, 17:33:39
I'd rather get beaten by a bat.

14-03-2003, 17:57:00
The key to CM is to treat it like you are actually commanding the battlefield in real life. If you get impatient and rush your troops or orders, you will usually pay a heavy price. Getting down on the ground level view and seeing terrain in relation to movement can be a bit tedious, but it is essential to success.
There aren't many 'gamey' tactics to employ, so it is a pretty level contest of strategy, especially vs. a human opponent. The AI can spoil you as it is a bit Borg-like and not as intuitive as a live opponent.

The Shaker
14-03-2003, 18:20:18
That's why my troops never move, I'm a coward at heart.

14-03-2003, 20:44:37
BGH is right (even though he forgets his own advices at times ;) ) : patience is key

but god it's tempting to charge...

14-03-2003, 21:30:25
Even the AI can handle a charge.

Just don't ask it to conduct an intelligent assault. All you need to do is put a sharpshooter or FO overlooking the heaviest cover areas between the AI side and the flags (TRPs!) and have on or offboard arty ready to drop. There is no subtlety to the AI unless its in a designed scenario. It defends the flags pretty well, though.

20-03-2003, 13:16:22
Package arrived yesterday but my computer is still broken :(

20-03-2003, 13:24:26
Shame. Keep clear of coffee.

20-03-2003, 13:35:41
I brought the manual to work to read. Do you think that's bad?

20-03-2003, 14:09:34
that's very good.
I didn't find the manual so enlightening the first time I read it though. It took me quite a while to really understand the relative importance of some of the stuff like unit status (supressed, tired, etc.) and to get the proper idea of relative cover (how protected your units are in trees, behind a wall, etc.). That being said, read it.

The Shaker
20-03-2003, 14:14:10
SO what is the best cover, and what's the worst.

20-03-2003, 14:31:44
you'd have to ask Beta for that but my guess (for infantry) in order :
hard building (except when they fall on you)
trenches, man hole
stone wall
light building

others as bushes, wood fence, etc. can conceal you but won't protect you

of course the very best cover for any unit is to stay concealed, and in a way your LOS is your main tool to protect your units...

20-03-2003, 14:37:45
I never knew the effects of the different types of movement. I always had my guys running everywhere.

Resource Consumer
20-03-2003, 14:40:14
I find that troops get very very tired in CMBB - more than CMBO.

20-03-2003, 14:45:13
true, they get tired quickly, you have to be very economical with the assault (A) or run orders, and even sneak will tire them

in that context mouvements like 'contact' (E) are useful, it's like a normal 'move', but with more awareness (they'll stop upon seeing the ennemy), then for the last few meters (assault, or to get to a cover) swith to (A)

Resource Consumer
20-03-2003, 14:49:21
I've never used that one. Certainly in our first game I overused the run order...

20-03-2003, 14:58:47
run is often a desperate action : if you're shot at, you're as good as dead (you're at your most vulnerable). Better assault (if forward) or withdraw (if backwards, although you can rout)

20-03-2003, 15:00:11
The moveing tiredness thing is also cos the maps bigger. If youve moved from CMBO to CMBB its second nature to have your men run 1/4 of the depth of the map, normally results in tired and which goes back to ready in about 30sec - cos the map is only 1-2 km deep, in CMBB the maps tend to be bigger but cos you scale the model size up to see the infantry you dont realise your now trying to get your guys to run 1km instead. As a result I keep planning flanking moves that get there far too late because the distance is much bigger than I thought

As for cover you have to remember cover and concealment are modelled seperately, cover is the chance someone shooting you hits something else in the way, concealment is whether they can see you to shoot at you.

From what I can remember

trenches are best cover and concealment although the trench itself can be visible,
heavy buildings are good for both
stone wall are good for both,
light building are good concealment and adequate cover
forest/woods are similar, moderate cover and good concealment (LOS is around 20-40m in woods/pine forest)
scattered trees are poor cover and ok concealment (if your on sneak or with a stealthy HQ your probably ok, otherwise not)
brush is ok concealment bugger all cover.

foxholes are good concealment but not as good cover as you would think (nowhere near as good as trenches)

Theres also the effects arty has in each terrain - which do you think is better - being in a wood in a foxhole being shelled, or being in the open in a foxhole being shelled? Being in a trench in the open or being in a building?

In each of these cases its almost always better being in the open - the presences of trees causes airbursts that are far more powerfull than a ground burst, especially to troops in foxholed that are relatively well covered from horizontal blasts,

the building case is less easy to judge but a trench gives very high amounts of cover and so even in the open you can escape unscathed by anything less than a direct hit. Buildings give good cover from arty (again a direct hit is required and even then you have a chance), but a direct hit or even a near miss from a big shell can flatten the building, which aint plesant for the occupants, whereas a trench will not collapse.

The run/advance/move option is tricky. For crossing open spaces under fire you are meant to use move (in CMBO) or advance(CMBB) cos it makes the troops use cover better and gives a slight moral boost. However if the gap is not large its often better to choose run and get across the gap as quickly as possible and minimise the time under fire. Theres no correct answer really for that one.

20-03-2003, 15:01:13
I always wondered why my guys would turn around and retreat at the first shots. Now I know, because my dumb ass was running them around.

20-03-2003, 15:17:32
what sort of cover where they in - if they are in open ground and being shot at they will often hit the dirt then try and crawl to the nearest cover.

This normally results in them getting mown to pieces where as if they just ran there they would probably make it in much better state.

20-03-2003, 15:34:25
Oh they were frequently in the open. I just thought that running was the best way, I knew move sounded stupid so I figured RUN to the next cover point was the best way. Many times they didn't make it.

One example: It was in the demo map, I was holed up in this house facing a tree line on the top of a low ridge. Germans all up in the forest but I had forced them back and had 3 Shermans blasting the tree line or any guys that popped up. I tried to run across the field and get rejected a few times. So I just drove the tanks closer and blasted the shit out of anything that moved and advanced then.

20-03-2003, 16:28:47
against a human opponent in CMBO, 'moving the tanks closer' (ie less than 200 meters) is very dangerous because of zooks/piats/shrecks
(in CMBB less so)

20-03-2003, 16:34:44
I figured on that and made the anti-tank troops a priority. Plus I didn't think that 200 meters would be a kill shot from the front. Ooops on my part (another place the documentation may help?)! I kept trying to flank with my bazooka troops and get in close for a side or rear hit.

20-03-2003, 16:41:21
shaped charge penetration (like in PFs and Bazookas) is independent of range and velocity. Very cool. I think you probably already know this as it involves explosives. Here's the link anyhow.

panzerfaust link (http://www.geocities.com/Augusta/8172/panzerfaust.htm)

OTOH, armor thickness is a factor and front armor is usually up to the task - barring defects that are modeled in the game.

20-03-2003, 16:48:53
I've noticed a marked difference between veterans and regulars when it comes to getting into cover - regulars drop and crawl more often, and veterans will generally run for cover, occasionally even when this takes them closer to the enemy.

Troops don't seem to take any comfort in being behind a stone wall, despite the cover it affords. They'll usually withdraw to different cover, often standing up and exposing themselves to fire to do so. (in CMBO, anyhow)

20-03-2003, 16:49:28
My simple mind knows only enough to be dangerous. I figured as long as I didn't show him my flanks I'd be ok. Seemed to work ok enough. What kind of armor defects are you talking about?

20-03-2003, 16:55:57
Well, AT infantry is very effective and very cheap in BO, so that's always a good choice. You only need flanking on the most armoured vehicles. That said, distance will affect your aim (not your penetration) so getting closer is good, esp if the tanks are unsupported by infantry (they won't spot you)

20-03-2003, 17:04:58
Figured that much.

Now for BB why is the Russian AT gun so shitty? I laid in waiting until thos fuckers were like 300 meters away and STILL couldn't penetrate shit.

20-03-2003, 17:09:07
Shot traps under the turret that deflected rounds downward into the top armor of the tank are the first thing that come to mind - there was also variability in quality of the armor itself, e.g. I think the Germans had a decrease in steel quality near the end of the war. Its in the manual somewhere.

20-03-2003, 17:54:05
I'll get there eventually then.

20-03-2003, 18:03:27
Venom - 200m is a good distance to keep away from AT teams, mainly because its pretty hard to hit anything with a ww2 bazooka at 200m. Equally the panzerfaust has a maximum range of 100m (less earlier in the war). So again 200m is safe. The only problems turn up when the other guy has panzershrecks (range >200m) or PIATs (225m). Its still unlikely you'll get hit at 200m but it does happen. Both the PIAT and the shreck are harder hitting than the bazooka, the shreck in particular has very good penetration. Shermans esp are very vunerable to shrecks even from the front. Never, ever, ever get closer than 100m to a wood that may have a german platoon in it, cos if the fausts dont get you the shrecks probably will. Also watch out for hidden 0.5MGs they have quite good armor penetration at close range, easily enough to take out a HT and they can kill the crew on stugs and hetzers from the flanks and rear (at <50m I think)

In BB the "safe" range is pretty variable. Theres few shrecks to worry about and the russians dont have anything that good.
But, if your a realtively small tank a couple of AT rifles can really ruin your day out to 200+m, light AT guns also pop up in wierd places because they are fairly easy to push. and multiple ampuloments can be a very nasty suprise (often they do bugger all but I've taken out 3 Pnz4s with a battery of 5 of them firing from a wood)

Shot traps to play a part- esp with early Panther As, a ricochet from a AT rifle aint going to be an issue here though, your looking at rebounding 75mm+ rounds

20-03-2003, 18:31:02
Good info Beta. Thanks. I had no idea about the .50s.

20-03-2003, 18:39:20
he he,
and so should Beta know about it
he's betting his life on this info in our current game :)

21-03-2003, 13:55:54
Not on that lot - its demo charges I'm using. If I had 1945 german troops on this map against your tanks you wouldnt have a hope.
The shrecks and faust-100s would shred your armor (a KV2 would pose no problem to a shreck) and those big 13 man stormkompanie squads would decimate your infantry. I often use a vet stormkompanie as the backbone of my attack as the germans in CMBO (in CMBB they dont seem quite as hot). The combination of the large squad size (13), + 4 MP40 SMGs, 1 MP44 Asault rifle and 2xMG42 LMGs gives them ridiculous firepower close up and at range. Back them up with one of those Volksgrenadere comapnies (the 2xSMG, 1xVG ones) and you have enough close range firepower from the VG SMGs to overwhelm anyone with the Sturmkompanie sitting slightly further back and using their double LMGs to provide suppression.

For the fins you have great close in firepower and the advantage of having a platoon HQ to 2 squads rather than 3 so your less vunerable to losing HQs. But theres no LMG in the sissi squad so you have to add a Lahti LMG which are cheap and mobile but burn ammo very quick.

21-03-2003, 17:36:31
instead of gloating on what might have been, come over and fight like a penguin, sissi boy, it's half way in the game and still 85% for me...

21-03-2003, 18:02:02
Venom, check the link this thread refers to--nice index of topics.
One cover item that you all seem to have missed is "rubble". While it may really suck to be in a building that collapses, using its rubble for cover afterward is a very very good defense.
Rubble Rules!!!!

25-03-2003, 14:49:56
I killed something with a bazooka last night! YEAH for me!

25-03-2003, 15:44:45
now now maroule - you know as well as I do that the score you see only refers to the points you can see. So you see 85:15 because youve got 2 flags and only seen about 500 points worth of my troops + the 1800 points of yours that I havn't killed/routed yet. hence 200 point for the flags, and 1800 to you =2000, 500 unrouted (visible points to me) hence around 85:15 to you. Now if you add the other 1500 points I have (as you have killed a sum total of 1 sharpshooter and about 10 men spread across 3 squads and subtract the 3 squads, and 1 light tank I have killed that makes about 1950 points to me and 200+1800 to you = roughly 50:50.

Infact maybe I should sit in the middle of these woods and let you come to me.

Anyway I'm doing quiet well picking off your squads one by one. It must be like being in a horror movie - they are running through the woods and every time they turn around another squad has dissappeared.....

Venom, Now try taking out a Tiger with a tin openner.

25-03-2003, 15:56:04
If he's immobile like this StuG was with no infantry anywhere near him I bet I can.

25-03-2003, 16:01:57
boy, Beta can sure talk you into defeat... been watching a lot of US army press conferences, havn't you...
now walk your talk sissi, it's turn 17 and I've seen precious little but puffs of smoke (you blew a bt7 and routed two or three green squads, watch me shake in my fur boots)

25-03-2003, 16:21:00
quick question: is it possible to select from all grades of troops in an ME - against the AI I seem to be limited to Low/med/Hi qualities and no mixing. -at med, I can only choose between vets and regulars. No conscripts/greenies or crack/elite troops.

Reading some AARs leads me to believe there's a way to sidestep this restriction.

25-03-2003, 23:00:08
Originally posted by maroule
(you blew a bt7 and routed two or three green squads, watch me shake in my fur boots)

Surely, that's your fir boots?

26-03-2003, 00:29:32
I can't believe idiot boy missed that fir opportunity.

27-03-2003, 21:01:44
I did not miss it! Oh, you meant Maroule. Ok, go back to what you fir doing...

27-03-2003, 21:23:29
idiot boy is ready when you are for a PBEM :D

28-03-2003, 00:05:09
Suck me!

28-03-2003, 08:25:16
Imagine if you win... the weeks of taunting... the glory... punishing a frog for his frogness... beating senseless a surrender maroulist...

ccoooommmme... ccooooommme and fiiighht... youu cannn wiiinnn... joinn the daark siide...

The Shaker
28-03-2003, 09:56:08
It'd be so good if Venom humiliated you.

28-03-2003, 10:05:06
it's worth trying... c'mon, Venom, you can do it...

The Shaker
28-03-2003, 10:25:23
Na, he's too chicken, and too incompetant.

28-03-2003, 10:28:33
sad if true
I was a beginner when I was slaughtered by Beta the first time, and you, Shak, were also one when you had the guts to fight all the other (more experienced) players

I think you might be right, Venom is all talk and no action...

The Shaker
28-03-2003, 10:40:08
He is also, so i've been told, a butthead.

28-03-2003, 11:50:20
oh, the infamy, to cow away from the chalenge of a surrendering monkey...

28-03-2003, 13:07:33
Incompetent yes...most definitely. But I don't need any more reason to mock you. You're already you, that's reason enough for 10 lifetimes of mockery.

28-03-2003, 13:16:29
based on your assessment, not objective results...
disappointing but hardly unexpected...

I've started playing 3 months ago, so maybe in june you'll feel secure enough to pick up the gauntlet...

28-03-2003, 13:29:53
Nah, then you'll have 6 months experience and I'll still have only 3.

28-03-2003, 14:02:02
being twice more clever than me, it should balance it out...
you can't really lose : if you lose it's normal, you're the beginner, if you win, you're the champ...

28-03-2003, 14:29:08
You're the champ? How bad do all those other guys suck ass?

28-03-2003, 14:33:06
I'm not, Beta1 is
but some of the other players do suck ass, however, RC and Shakey being two blatant example of the decline of the British empire

28-03-2003, 14:48:52
Shakey's not good at anything, except being a twat.

28-03-2003, 14:54:27
that's the highest accolade / mark of respect in CG

28-03-2003, 14:58:18
Thank you for defining what accolade might mean. I was unclear on that concept.

28-03-2003, 15:13:11
not to be misunderstood with lucozade

28-03-2003, 15:15:45
On behalf of MoSe (to save him the trouble)

In tracing accolade back to its Latin origins, we find that it was formed from the prefix ad-, “to, on,” and the noun collum, “neck,” which may bring the word collar to mind. From these elements came the Vulgar Latin word *accollre, which was the source of French accolade, “an embrace.” An embrace was originally given to a knight when dubbing him, a fact that accounts for accolade having the technical sense “ceremonial bestowal of knighthood,” the sense in which the word is first recorded in English in 1623.

28-03-2003, 15:25:18
Thread kill.

28-03-2003, 15:47:46
MooSe kill


28-03-2003, 19:13:49
maroule is BGH? When did that happen? That looks like BGH's avatar picture, non reduced...

28-03-2003, 20:32:12
Well, I can understand the confusion, but what you have in the picture above is your common North American moose. Moose are the largest members of the deer family roaming the North American continent. There are three subspecies of moose to choose from.
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While not nearly as fun to hunt as your average Impala or Wildebeest, the Roan Antelope is a delightful addition to any trophy room and tastes great, too!

28-03-2003, 20:54:54
Thread's already dead, no need for that.

28-03-2003, 21:02:06
Christ I'm bored.

28-03-2003, 21:49:33
GEEKOID ALERT! Nerdo, typed: hunter

28-03-2003, 22:53:53
Animals are good...eatin'.

Greg W
28-03-2003, 23:18:56
Tried out the demo of CMBB, just not sure it's my typa game...

29-03-2003, 00:06:25
It's one of those games that really grows on you...much more fun and detailed than it appears on the surface.

What kind of games DO you enjoy?

29-03-2003, 12:32:15
BGH, if you have time to write a zillion lines, you MUST have time to send me back my file...

29-03-2003, 20:45:19
I love my 30-30 Winchester. I always wanted to weld a big on the lever action so I could look like The Rifleman.

Works fine for whitetails, so long as you don't get overexcited and miss.

30-03-2003, 21:19:43
Have sent the turns...

I have a .32 Winchester myself...great guns for in-close work.
I think they're the best rifles, overall. I don't have the touch for a 30.06, myself.

Let's get it on!

Greg W
31-03-2003, 03:52:19
What type of games do I enjoy? Mostly:
4x (normally turn based) games

With occasional delvings into RTS, a few wargames (Panzer General series mostly) and space flight games...

31-03-2003, 10:19:42
Originally posted by Greg W
Tried out the demo of CMBB, just not sure it's my typa game...

same happened to me, I bought it, played it once and shelved it for 4 months. Then by chance I stumbled on it last november, and I've been totally hoocked since then.

Considering the games you like, it's well worth a second look. Have you read the wonderful review of CM on this site? :cute:

The Shaker
31-03-2003, 11:18:06
what? has Venom done a review as well?

31-03-2003, 11:29:10
arf arf arf
I'll see your file tonight, young man