View Full Version : Protein Studios

11-02-2003, 14:26:40
Can Toki book a session in the studio?

11-02-2003, 14:28:18
Toki don't have any songs yet (although last night I started work on an epic Led Zepp-esque tune).

11-02-2003, 14:34:04
We can write one there. It doesn't take long.

You can always bring your guitar over for a jam sometime.

11-02-2003, 14:47:18
First rule: Songs must be written before being recorded.
Second rule: If songs are to be written at the studio, marijuana must be used at all times.
Third rule: Drums can only be recorded if Pete is out.
I can't believe I am refering to the spare bedroom as "the Studio"

11-02-2003, 14:48:38
Sounds fair.

I remember when...
11-02-2003, 18:40:56
boom, boom, boom, all I can hear is boom, boom, boom.
"Spare Room Studio" sounds good.