View Full Version : Surrealism is Qweeg as your DM

10-02-2003, 23:26:49
OK, so we had this monster NWN MP session this weekend, with my 5 member team going up against another 5 member team in a wonderful module DMd by a really, really good DM. Anyway, we battled, jostled for quests, loot and magic most in an non-stop 10 hour session of the most fun I ever had on the Internet. In the end we approach this final mountain top, where Mr. Badass Balor awaits us. Fighting desperately to slip at least one guy past him into the Chamber of Victory, we get us asses handed to us on a platter - a mean customer, that Balor guy. We respawn at a temple, run back to the fight only to see him dispatch the other team similarly, and shout "RESPECT MAH AUTHORITY!". I laughed so hard I almost fell of my chair.

We won, eventually. Bitch didn't know how to protect himself once we figured out he was all magic and shape-shifted into Golems. ;)

10-02-2003, 23:45:56
Is that real, or did you make it all up?

Resource Consumer
11-02-2003, 00:01:46
Nobody could make that up - even Qweeg

11-02-2003, 16:32:00
Nothing can beat a really good mutiplayer gaming session.

11-02-2003, 18:43:23
A really good sex session.

11-02-2003, 19:20:12
A really good multiplayer sex session?

11-02-2003, 21:03:58
There are modules for that available, I understand.

And no, I didn't make it up. Our DM obviously thought throwing around Qweegles was a cool thing to do. I still crack up just thinking about it.