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17-01-2002, 09:36:58
Snapcase's article here (http://www.counterglow.net/article.php?id=Sweden)

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17-01-2002, 11:19:07
I don't think I'd call Joy Division losers, though. Admittedly, Mr Curtis might qualify but the others were fairly successful.

17-01-2002, 12:24:01
Out of all those I've heard a few.

The Hives are excellent and getting a lot of play on MTV2 at the moment. Very energetic, cool, look like they are enjoying themselves and the music is great.

Backyard Babies and Hellacopters are both a bit more rocking. Backyard Babies especially really rock I haven't heard so much Hellacopters. Having said that I haven't heard the new Backyard Babies album.

No mention of the impending reissue of Candlemass' first three ' classic' albums? ;)

17-01-2002, 14:52:08
What happened to my ammended article I submitted (different headline, a few more additions, availability information)?

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17-01-2002, 15:11:29
I had already put the first one up, I didn't realise the 2nd one was different. If someone else can edit it = paste in the new article then I'd be grateful - I'm outta here in a couple of minutes.

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17-01-2002, 15:27:13
meeting was postponed - amended article should now be up.

17-01-2002, 15:30:01
I've edited it myself as well. Er, which version will be up now?

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17-01-2002, 15:46:51
The version there now looks fine to me so it doesn't matter.:D I won't touch it again, so if there is anything wrong then I'll leave it to you.

17-01-2002, 16:56:40
I like this pointless discussion- it makes my article look really popular. :)

18-01-2002, 07:03:48
I didn't recognize a single band listed.

I demand a Russian article.

(Good article, given that I have no clue what you're talking about)

02-02-2002, 18:45:35
is our secret broder daniel revealed?

forget them, they are worthless.:nervous:

02-02-2002, 19:23:45
I thought the Bear Quartet was Luleċ's secret.

*End Is Forever*
02-02-2002, 19:51:53
Forget the music, let's focus on what's really important... ;)



02-02-2002, 20:06:22
That's Umeċ, not Luleċ!

02-02-2002, 20:07:55
i don´t know so much about the bear quartet, i have heard them once, but i have just lived here in luleċ for six months.

broder daniel is the kind of band that would lose their "magic" if they became big.

ps. sahara hotnights latest record was a disappointment .

02-02-2002, 20:09:33
Originally posted by Snapcase
That's Umeċ, not Luleċ!

actually, it´s skellefteċ.

*End Is Forever*
02-02-2002, 20:10:42
Who said anything about the music? ;)

Johanna Asplund... mmm... :)