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Lazarus and the Gimp
06-02-2003, 17:16:52
"Counter Culture (2002)"

Disc: 1
1. New process - Akufen
2. Danger high voltage - Electric Six
3. Killer - Bug & Rootsman/He-Man
4. Phostographt - Crossover
5. Broken telephone - Be Good Tanyas
6. Judgement Day - Dowd, Johnny
7. Creeps in a white cake - Melt Banana
8. Shack up - Bis
9. ODB on the run - Dempsey
10. Lopster - Soulcentre
11. Way down - My Robot Friend
12. Bang - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
13. Mice in drain - Dymaxion
14. Take you high - Willis
15. I'm still here - Waits, Tom
16. You suck - Edan
17. Speakers push the air - Pretty Girls Make Graves
18. She - Breeders
19. Perspex sex (Ewan's hi-NRG remix edit) - Freeform Five
20. St Patrick - Yorkston, James

Disc: 2
1. London is the place for me - Lord Kitchener
2. When irony wears thin - Prefuse 73
3. Midas - Rubicks
4. Poor Audrey James - Boggs
5. Schaukeldrehen (edit) - Ananda, Gabriel
6. Lucifer's grain - Dury, Baxter
7. Soldier girl (radio edit) - Polyphonic Spree
8. Absent father - Joyzipper
9. Enjoy your worries you may never have them again - Books
10. You lied Satan - Trash Money
11. Calculator - Rogers Sisters
12. Lover you don't have to love - Bright Eyes
13. Talk it - ESG
14. Johnny are you queer - Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre
15. To know him is to love him - Langley Schools Music Project
16. Reality check - Schneider TM
17. Bury the hair - Tracy & The Plastics
18. Nag nag nag (Akufen's karaoke slam mix) - Cabaret Voltaire
19. Lost cluster - Bitstream
20. See America right - Mountain Goats
21. Manhattan on fire - Pink Grease


I love them.

*End Is Forever*
06-02-2003, 20:28:54
Shack up - Bis

They still going? Anyone remember "Candy Pop"?

Scabrous Birdseed
06-02-2003, 21:00:06
London is the place for me - Lord Kitchener


Resource Consumer
06-02-2003, 22:40:26
Tracy and the Plastics, where have I heard of them before? (this is bugging me)

07-02-2003, 10:15:57
Can you buy this in stores like HMV or is this mail order from Rough Trade itself?

07-02-2003, 13:55:35
Originally posted by *End Is Forever*
Anyone remember "Candy Pop"?

Yep, I used to love the whole Secret Vampire Ep when it first came out. I listened to it again a couple of years ago and it is shit. Candy Pop still rocks though.

Lazarus and the Gimp
07-02-2003, 17:27:29
I bought it from Virgin.

10-02-2003, 21:27:08
Sounds like a great compilation, i 'm gonna go buy it.

I'm terribly intrigued by track 9 of disk 1 - is it a tribute to that rascal Old Dirty Bastard? [edit - apparently it is] I need to hear it now.

11-02-2003, 21:03:27
Ok, bought this today. It's quite a mixed bag, some stuff jumped out and grabbed me, some stuff i hated straight away.

Disturbingly, i've heard at least 3 tracks so far that seem to feature children's choirs. This must be a record since the Clive Dunn 'Grandpa we love you' EP

Provost Harrison
11-02-2003, 21:50:08
Is track 17 (17. Speakers push the air - Pretty Girls Make Graves) a Smiths cover out of curiosity?

Scabrous Birdseed
11-02-2003, 23:56:11
But what's Kitch doing on there?

12-02-2003, 09:36:53
Originally posted by Provost Harrison
Is track 17 (17. Speakers push the air - Pretty Girls Make Graves) a Smiths cover out of curiosity?

couldn't comment, not much of a smiths fan

Originally posted by Scabrous Birdseed
But what's Kitch doing on there?

no idea, nice track though

Provost Harrison
12-02-2003, 21:30:28
Originally posted by King_Ghidra
couldn't comment, not much of a smiths fan

Well you should be :p

12-02-2003, 23:06:27
my faults are too numerous

but i like me that way :o