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31-01-2003, 13:12:53
The instruction booklet is a bit enigmatic on this issue. How easily planes become damaged? If they are never damaged, to they make more than one airraid per match? Can they be shot down with full implications ie. a burning wreck falling on the heads of those below?

31-01-2003, 13:43:38
I havn't found much either
in CMBB at least, when you pick a plane, it indicated the max number of fly over it will make (normally 3 to 5), and their weapons. You get nothing else. I've never seen any damaged (but rarely use them), and certainly not falling down.

I'm a bit curious on their use so might play a few custom games to try them out.

31-01-2003, 14:20:08
They can be shot down/damaged but will not fall on the battlefield.

In CMBO its pretty easy to shoot them down as almost every allied tank has a flexible mount .5 MG for AA defence and the germans 20mm and 36mm flak guns make short work of them.

In CMBO, compared to other artillery they are not worth it.

In CMBB most tanks do not have AA capacity so its only really the germans who have much chance of shooting planes down. Which is just as well as its the russians who had air supremacy most of the time.

As the heavy artillery in CMBB is less flexible planes become more attractive but theres probably better stuff to spend the points on (Like another couple of tanks, infantry or lighter artillery)

31-01-2003, 21:59:24
Damn, I was hoping they'd be of more use. Well, thanks for the info.

01-02-2003, 01:50:25
I thought thr Axis had superior air support on the eastern front - or that's what one of these tacky american documentarys implied recently - hmmm ok thinking about it that'd be about as historically accurate as your average Holywood WWII movie.

Jon Miller part Deux
01-02-2003, 03:47:29
it is all about the time frame

Jon Miller

01-02-2003, 12:18:14
Initially your right. But once the tide changed in 44 the luftwaffe were almost nonexistant.

There was a saying on the western front

"If you look up and see a white plane, its the americans, if its a black plane its the RAF, if you cant see any planes its the luftewaffe"