View Full Version : CM: SturmTigers, or where the hell did my army go?

30-01-2003, 15:00:51
Have any of you guys encountered one of these before?

Under the standard pricing scheme its about 300 points (ie bloody expensive), Only carries around 15 shells, all HE, it has a gun thats only 5 calibre lengths and so is pretty inaccurate and takes over a minute to reload.


Its gun is 360mm.

Its blast value is over 2000..

It wipes out entire companies even if it misses its target.

It has 150mm+ sloped front armour.

I took one against the AI for a laugh. Got a bit of incoming fire from a MG in a heavy building. Sturn tiger slowly trundles round to face it, fires. No more machine gun. Infact no more building, or the 3 next door. In one shot.

Later (after the dam thing had reloaded) I was moving some infantry across a open space and had the sturmtiger aiming at a building 300 metres away.

Sturmtiger fires, wipes out 4 buildings (and probably occupants) and caused 25-50% casualties on my own troops 300m away. It even caused 10-20% casualties at 250m in cover.

This thing is a nightmare. And makes me very very pleased that I'm playing the germans in all the next round CMBB games!

The Shaker
30-01-2003, 15:05:29
clucking bell.
I nearly took one at random against you you'll be pleased to know, cos it sounded funky.
However it is likely i'd have whupped my own troops.

30-01-2003, 15:10:53
interesting one...
never saw or heard of it, will check it tonight
it seems useful mainly when defence is static though, I'm not sure it would like to come across a mobile armoured force of dirt cheap T34

30-01-2003, 15:12:05
On the map we're on I think it would be pointless, bearing in mind hummels (150mm) blow themselves up quite frequently (they fire at infantry at short range and the blast is greater than their armour) I suspect a self destructing sturm tiger is not pretty.

But on the kind of map I'm fighting maroule on it would be a matchwinner - its almost perfectly flat with 1000m LOS in places, and with 1/2 big woods where most of the infantry has ended up.

2 sturm tiger shells into that wood and maroule wouldnt have any infantry left - and the blast would probably imobilse any tanks caught within 100m or so

maroule - to answer the T34s how does a sturm tiger with 2 88mm AT guns on either side sound? The T34 would struggle against 150mm sloped armour and the 88s would mince the t34s. You probably need IS1s or SU122s to get it from the front.

30-01-2003, 15:18:19
found it, it's the sturmmorser (tiger), indeed a 380 gun with 14 H as ammo, as you said

well, I'm playing the germans next against RC :)

beta, of course in our game that would be painful, whether you or I had one... but that was my point, in a map where the view is restricted, and where you have to move it, coming across a T34 is a bad idea, except if you can devote a good protection to it. As with all other weapons, it's the general context that give it its value.

30-01-2003, 17:56:49
Theres something similar in CMBO - the british churchill AVRE (auxillary vehicle, royal engineers). It had what was essentially a large mortar tube in place of the normal 75 or 95mm gun which fired a rocket propelled projectile kind of like a large dustbin full of TNT. Like the sturm tiger the intended use was in taking out bunkers - even if the shot didnt physically destroy the bunker the blast would leave the bunker crew in a pretty bad way (probably wondering where their eardrums had gone)

However it was pretty useless in CMBO because it only had a range of about 250m and you really dont want to get that close to an AT bunker and you can take out MG bunkers easily enough with normal tanks

31-01-2003, 13:52:27
what game is this about?

31-01-2003, 13:53:52
combat mission barbarossa to berlin


31-01-2003, 22:04:48
2000 point blast? BLOODY HELL! That's about as much as naval arty...

@Churchill AVRE: the only place they're good in is street combat, they demolish buildings pretty well. Still, they're an expensive toy, especially taking into account that they're shells only have a blast of 80 and are shaped-charge, not HE.

01-02-2003, 12:23:06
They have the same kind of effect as a naval shell - you can take out groups of building with one shot

According to the "world war 2 tank guide" the gun was really a 14.9 inch mortar designed to be mounted on a U-boat to bombard land targets and was more of a unguided missile than a shell. The shells weighted 350kg. Estimated production 18, in three companies

Resource Consumer
01-02-2003, 12:54:43
Doesn't this seem to be exactly the same problem as the beloved King Tiger. i.e., all eggs in one.....

01-02-2003, 15:21:22
Beta: you got a screenshot of this baby?

01-02-2003, 22:51:36
You wish is my command!

01-02-2003, 22:52:05
Exactly why its in desert cammo in the snow though I have no idea!

The Shaker
02-02-2003, 12:36:44
It's actually a big winter camo brick with a picture of a tank in desert camo on the front.

Resource Consumer
02-02-2003, 17:34:25
and the commander is wearing a wooly hat....

02-02-2003, 19:29:07
Originally posted by Beta1
You wish is my command!

Whoa, mama, that gun is huge!
BTW, Beta, what do you take your screenshots with?

02-02-2003, 20:08:39
One more thing - if that gun is such a gaping hole, shouldn't it be easy to damage?

03-02-2003, 09:34:40
press control+printscreen (next to scroll lock) then open paint/photoshop etc and paste the contents of the clipboard into a new image.

I could be wrong about the control button, maybe its alt or shift - its in the windows help files

03-02-2003, 10:26:58
I've already tried that (it's alt+PrintScreen), but it doesn't work. Probably becasue I've got Voodoo One :).

03-02-2003, 11:24:49
could be a problem due to the pass through cable that they use - alt+printscreen just dumps the video memory to the clipboard. On the early voodoos the area where the 3d went would be blank in the video cards screen memory and the 3d added on by the voodoo card later...

03-02-2003, 15:06:02
That's prolly' it.

09-02-2003, 20:05:18
I've dl'ed a screen grabber that can take screenshots from 3dfx and DirectX, so problem solved :).

11-02-2003, 00:08:20
Uh...I never press Alt+...just prnt scr and then go into Paint and paste. Try that.

11-02-2003, 09:52:37
Seems we're both right!

From the win2K help files

To copy the window or screen contents

To make a copy of only the active window, press ALT+PRINT SCREEN.
To copy the entire screen as it appears on your monitor, press PRINT SCREEN.

To paste the image into a document, click the Edit menu in the document window, and then click Paste.