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30-01-2003, 04:03:16
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Strategy First is holding back its upcoming space strategy game to avoid releasing it in the same month as Master of Orion III. They want to let Galactic Conquest fans have a chance to buy and play both games and not decide between buying the two.

30-01-2003, 07:59:57
That's kinda fucking dumb. Just what I would expect from Infogrames.

I bet the real reason is that the new version of SecuROM came out and they are trying to find a way to put it in the game so it can't be patched out later.

30-01-2003, 10:36:09
Seems sensible to me.

30-01-2003, 13:05:03
Must you always be the bearer of bad news?

30-01-2003, 17:10:55
Even if Moo3 turns out to be bad, I bet I can still kill a month playing it.

31-01-2003, 08:09:05
But if it turns out to be great, Galactic Civilisations is doomed.

31-01-2003, 11:10:48

31-01-2003, 11:25:46
It's probably crap (it is published by Strategy First afterall)

31-01-2003, 15:09:40
Hey, Disciples2 wasn't that bad...

31-01-2003, 15:39:47
That must be why I've never heard of it.

01-02-2003, 06:23:01
There are plenty of good games that no-one's ever heard of.

It's the really bad ones that get famous:).

01-02-2003, 07:11:23
I'll be happy with MOO3 if it has decent gameplay and good explosions. And no show-stopping bugs. I might not buy another space conquest game, but I hope there'll be a GC demo I can check out. SE4 is a deep and fun war game, but the interface is somewhat tedious. Maybe GC can improve on that.

01-02-2003, 16:54:06
It will most likely be just what you hope for, Deacon. A more tedius interface.

Well, maybe not. :D

Bearer of bad news? Hey, what is bad about that? I found the the implication they made rather funny... that everyone would be tired or bored with MoO3 in just a few weeks and would be looking for a new game. Made me laugh.