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29-01-2003, 10:37:40
I know arty is the best killer on the battlefield, but I'm very disappointed by its use/effects, which means I'm obviously not using it properly.

Which caliber do you find the most useful (price/effect/delay)?

Conditions of use? (I guess that arty with LOS and in command radius is more effective)

troops composition (how much arty do you normally take in a 2000 pts force)?

other arty means : namely planes. Useful?

29-01-2003, 11:08:22
Arty In CMBO

Artillery is the most effective weapon you have without question. In a 2000 point game I normally buy as much as I am allowed. Eg as the british, 2x4.2" mortar FOs, 1x4.5" artillery FO. This gives me lots of big mortars (Blasts around 100-140) and 1 medium gun (blast 200ish). As the germans I normally take a 150mm FO (250 pt blast) and a couple of mortars either 81 or 120mm.

The artillery splits into 2 types - mortars and light guns (75-88mm guns, + all mortars) and medium-heavy guns (120mm+). Mortars are less effective than guns at the same calibre so all mortars are in the first group even thought the big british ones are almost good enough to fit in the second group. The first group typically have loads of ammunition and fast response (less than 3 minutes) The second have less ammo and slower response but do massively more damage. I primarily use the light artillery to as a rapid response to any outbreak of enemy infantry or to lay down smoke (eg against RC the sudden appearance of a platoon out on my flank that was threatenning a gun was met with 2 minutes of 4.2" mortars which soon got rid of them). These light weapons dont really have the power to destroy good infantry but they will suppress the enemy effectively allowing you to either adjust your defence/offense or bring in the big guns.

Heavy artillery is ideally only used against concentrations of enemy infantry. In attack you advance to contact with the enemy, bring down the artillery for 2-3min and then advance while the enemy is still suppressed. You never used artillery against armour unless you really have no other choice as it is not very effective (unless you have the truely huge guns and get lucky). In defence you allow the enemy to come to you, block his main advance with infantry and then drop artillery on to them (very effective against the AI who doesnt space its troops far enough apart). The best price/effect seems to be in the 120-150mm range, any bigger and it gets too expensive

The other important thing is not to fire off all your ammo just because you have a target. Target a light FO and a heavy FO onto the same point the light guns will fire quickly and suppress the target. When the big guns turn on , stop the light ones. Anf then only fire the big guns for as long as necassery - your not aiming to turn the target into a moonscape, once the enemy units have broken they are as good as out of the battle.

and if your oppenent is daft enough to let you choose a defensive battle just after d-day with no restrictions on force make up a 14" naval oberver and a lot of TRPs is awesome. Try it against the AI - if you take 5-8 TRPs and cover each avenue of advance you can drop shells with enourmous blasts in about 40 seconds. I have taken out entire companies with 1 shell with these... Fortunatly in a combined 2000 points these are out of reach.

Now in CMBB artillery is totally different

The delay times are massive and as a result only the light guns are really of any use in a responsive role. heavy guns take so long to fire they are useless except as part of a preplanned strike (targetted in turn1) or onto a TRP. But as neither of these are available in meeting engagments I wont go into them. So I buy 2 mortar observers and then mostly use them for dropping smoke.

Fighter bombers are not much use in CMBO as they are too expensive and almost every allied tank has a flexible .5MG for AA purposes and german armies often have 20mm or 36mm flak guns which make short work of them.

In CMBB air power seems nore effective, especially as some of the planes have larger 20mm guns that can easily penetrate top armour. There is a general lack of AA cover in the russian armoury amd flak cannon seem less prevelent in the german units than in CMBO which make survivalbility better. However I still woudnt risk using air power except in broad daylight and good weather. Air power is a bit of a gamble, sometimes you spend 150 points and bag a couple of panzers, sometimes it just wanders around strafing infantry... You pays your money and tankes your choice.

So arti in CMBO - good, in CMBB not as vital as good tank/infantry selection.

29-01-2003, 11:26:53
great post
thanks for having taken the time & effort
I'm considering buying CMBO now, BTW

29-01-2003, 12:58:54
Its still my favourite. :)

The Shaker
29-01-2003, 13:40:23
Question about air planes then....am I right in thinking you buy them..and they just randomly strafe the battlefield for however many turns of ammo they have?

29-01-2003, 14:00:39
you're right
you have no control over them

29-01-2003, 14:01:58
Just like all his other units then.

29-01-2003, 14:02:16

29-01-2003, 15:03:47
yep and whats even more annoying is you have no idea how effective they are. Because theres no observer attached you cant just bring up the kills page at the end of the game. I know I've lost light tanks to them befor but I have no idea if I have killed any becuase they often attack units I cant even see!

29-01-2003, 15:10:12
I was on the receiving end of one, as russian, I had a T34 blown off, but not much else

29-01-2003, 16:27:21
woo I've never seen anything that big get taken out.

In one game against the AI I had 2 or 3 planes buzzing around, one of them got 2 light tanks (hotchkis or similar) and another had a go at a group of pnz4s with rockets (but missed). I had a pair of 36 flaks which managed to shoot down 2 of the planes though.

I have a sneaking suspcision that the flak 36 may be one of the best (and most underrated) weapons in cmbb. In cmbo it was usefull for taking out the occasional HT or armoured car but was bugger all use against a sherman. In CMBB you encounter a lot more light armour, especially in the early years and loads of russian armoured cars (like those annoying ones with the 45mm gun). The 36 flak is lethal against these targets, it has a incredible muzzle velocity so its super accurate and a very high rate of fire (every 5 or so seconds it seems and each of these is really 3-5 shots). It kills light armour very quickly and a pair of them can often force the crew to bail from heavier tanks - they often get track hits to immobilse or gun hits. And they are dirt cheap. They are even quite good against infantry, like a long range MG. I quite like those heavy antitank rifles that look like mini AT guns. They have bugger all penetration but they fire so many rounds/minute they often take out tanks anyway!

As I'm playing the russians in all the cmbb battles at the moment I though I should figure out how to play the germans for next time!

29-01-2003, 16:38:19
I'll check it out
I'm also finding the russians very fun to play, to my surprise, I thought I'd enjoy the germans (and their supposed superior weapons and organisation) more. But I must not be using their HQ to their potential, I'm sure it could make a difference.

29-01-2003, 17:03:15
The germans seem a little more fragile than they did in CMBO. Probably cos I'm used to having them tooled up with automatic weapons and HMGs built into every squad. In CMBB the bog standard german rifleman at the beginning of the game is practically useless.