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28-01-2003, 11:58:42
I usually like to play a 3-5-2

Two front men, an attacking midfielder in 'the cheating position' behind them

Then a wide left and a wide right midfielder and two holding midfielders

At the back, i play three central defenders in a line, or sometimes the central one as a sweeper

I try and play Attacking at home whenever possible and i never play Defensive (just seems to invite trouble)

I always play Hard Tackling, and i switch between Pressing and Offside Trap depending on the opposition's passing style.

The forwards i don't ask to do anything special

The AMC i have set for long shots (loads of goals that way) and no marking (he's my creative player, he's excused)

The wide midfielders are set to run with the ball, no long shots (i want them to get down the wings and put balls in, or run it into the goal) and zonal marking

The defensive midfielders are set to forward runs and zonal marking (maybe man marking if there's someone i want to nobble). No long shots for them either, i want them to feed the front three.

The two outside centre backs set to man marking (assuming there are two opposition strikers) and the centre one set to zonal to pick up anything else that comes my way.

The key to the team is the AMC. He is the most likely matchwinner and gets as many goals if not more than the strikers. Also he probably takes most of the free kicks and gets a hell of lot of assists to boot. This guy needs to be red hot, with very high stats in quite a few skills. Generally i'm looking for some kind of south american wonder kid a la ronaldinho or pablo aimar for this kind of role.

This worked wonders for me as fiorentina, but then i had the money to get the right kind of players...

28-01-2003, 12:03:44
Haven't played for a while but when I did I was playing with Reading, from 2nd division to 1st. Playing 4-4-2 with 2 very attacking wingers and 2 defensive midfielders. It was very defensive because when I got promoted I didn't have the players or cash to compete so I was trying to scrape 1-0 wins with direct play and crosses to the big front men. Wasn't pretty but it worked.

28-01-2003, 12:06:09
I have the same reliance on a AMC since the very start (when I was plaing CM 92/93). Lately, both Ronaldhino and aimar did the trick in my PSG team, but Elmander was also a good candidate.

I play 4-2-3-1
4 defence, classic, hard tackle
2 midfiled in the center, defence oriented (viera type)
3 offensive midfielders, one AMC, two on each wings (dribble, carry the ball, center)
One forward good with headers and quick reflexes (Saha type)
I play a passing game, of course

I won the champions league with that, and was finalist another time (but over 10 years, so I took my time...)

28-01-2003, 12:15:26
2 defensive midfielders with good passing are really, really useful. Or MC's with good defensive stats. Will sometimes stick an AMC in the cheating position when I have injuries to my best strikers. If you can get a really good AMR/C that can be really good.

I've found that I can make most tactics work eventually if I work hard enough buying the players that work really well with it

28-01-2003, 13:11:01
I run the 3-5-2 pretty much like KG. Except I've got a whole lot more players with authorization to give it the full gun from long range. I've got great defensive midfielders so I always generate a lot of goals from the midfield.

28-01-2003, 15:16:41
I'm still pissed that they didnt carry across the 2-4-4 'cheat' from CM2.

Actually I fired it up at the weekend and picked Rushden & Diamonds in the conference at random. I was very surprised at the 1.5mill transfer budget. :D

28-01-2003, 15:37:51
I always have trouble with the defensive midfielders in the 5-3-2 formation (I play my wide men slightly further back). The wing backs always play great, but good holding men in the middle are hard to find. At the moment I have settled with an aging Mendieta and Massimo Donati, but I still get overrun occasionally.

The man in the cheating position: well, in the Atalanta game I have Aimar, Leandro Bonfim, Mido, and Doni. Leandro Bonfim scores a ridiculous percentage of shots, Aimar blows hot and cold, Mido is more useful up front but still good at bursting into the box (with the midfielders doing more of the playmaking), and Doni is past it. It’s odd, because I have found that I can win big without the AMC playing so well, as long as the wing backs rain the crosses in.

Being a fan of the Beautiful Game, I always leave normal tackling on and rarely play pressing. I find that it is possible to win away by stopping the wing backs from making forward runs, putting on defensive, men behind ball, and counter attack. It might not work without strong, skilful forwards (e.g. Kluivert) though.

Every few seasons I switch back to 4-4-2. I get more bookings but play better away. Easier to find midfielders for this because they don’t have to be as good all-round as the ones in the 5-3-2. On the down side, wing backs converted to full backs will often suffer a frustrating drop in performance.

That aside, I don’t really mess about with the formations much. It’s all about the players and the tactics on the day. I did once try a ridiculous 4-2-1-3 (I think) which seemed to exploit a bug in the game because it made it really easy to win.

29-01-2003, 09:55:59
It wasnt a bug, it was superb tactics! :D

29-01-2003, 16:20:19
It still worked in 01/02 last time I tried. Flat back four, two DMCs, one AMC, three forwards.

Resource Consumer
01-02-2003, 13:06:59
Rushden and D's are regarded as one of the easier ones to get out of the conference.

I have two tactics that I tend to switch between.

(1) The standard 4-4-2 but with pacey midfielders on the wings set to run with ball. I usually also set one of the forwards also to run with the ball if his stats pan out.

Generally, I play Woking in the conf and often you get players that are just about good enough to carry this off.

(2) Alternatively, if I have a quality AMC and do not need to play him on R or L (if his stats work out) and have good forwards then I use the 4-4-2 Diamond. This means getting in a good DMC along the line. The wrinkle here is that,again, the R and L midfield players are pushed forward. As a variant, if it seems that the tactics are getting "cracked" I sometimes play this as the 4-1-2-1-2 (IIRC) which is sort of a Christmas tree - again the settings aren't too different but it seems to keep other managers guessing.

Generally, these approaches mean that I am quite vulnerable to a 3-5-2 type approach and would then resort to long balls. However, normally, I play with normal tackling, mixed passing. Generally, this is fairly succesful but maybe might come unstuck in higher divisions where you find the 3-5-2 a bit more often than in the conf (or so it appears to me).

Resource Consumer
01-02-2003, 14:11:17
Why is the AMC called the "cheating position" by the way...

03-02-2003, 08:56:08
i think because it's very hard to mark such a player, cos they're kind of sneaking around behind the strikers

03-02-2003, 09:28:49
Because that's what Big Ron calls it.

03-02-2003, 11:19:42
and that

i read rc's question as 'why does big ron call the amc position the "cheating position"?'

03-02-2003, 12:49:08
Originally posted by Resource Consumer
Rushden and D's are regarded as one of the easier ones to get out of the conference. Did it, but only just. Lost 2-5 in the last game due to fatigue and injuries...

03-02-2003, 12:51:19
I absolutely love the term the cheating position. Implying that anyone playing "in the hole" is in some way working against the spirit of the game.

Resource Consumer
03-02-2003, 18:47:20
lay in the hole if that is what you like;)

I thought it was a cheat like man marking the goalie...