View Full Version : Matrix TV spot

27-01-2003, 19:36:51
Showed a new one during the superbowl last night. Quite spectacular. There's going to be some amazing visuals.

27-01-2003, 19:37:35
especially if you watch it on acid

27-01-2003, 21:02:37
Or if you watch it during rewind.

27-01-2003, 21:56:45
you rewind your dvd's?

28-01-2003, 00:16:18
Be kind. Rewind.

28-01-2003, 00:18:59
By amazing visuals, do you mean Monica Belluci?

28-01-2003, 12:59:52
It did look good. I wonder if any of the footage shown was from Revolutions, or if it was all from Reloaded.

The other movie spots were interesting, too. The Hulk continues to look dumber all the time. Daredevil was stylish, but left me puzzled. There seemed to be a shot of him leaping off a thirty story building and landing on his feet. I'm no expert, but I don't recall DD having super strength or anything. Perhaps the next scene was of him in a full body cast?

28-01-2003, 15:51:16
That same thing about Dare Devil has been bugging the shit out of me Guy. They better not try and make him super powered. That will be, as they say, gay.

As for The Matrix, I have a theory that Neo will die at the end of the Revolutions.

28-01-2003, 16:02:57
Why not, he's done it once already.

I, too, will be annoyed if they monkey with DD's specs, though to be honest, the only thing I ever liked about the comic Dare Devil was Elektra.

28-01-2003, 16:07:17
Mmmm Jennifer Garner as Elektra...in tight leather pants.....*drool*

This time I think Neo dies for real. In the real world or something, during the final fight for mankind's freedom.

28-01-2003, 16:17:43
That would fit with the Messiah/Martyr theme they've got going.

Keanu Reeves: Champion of Humanity. I think that right there explains why the machines are winning so far.

It should be a good spectacle, though.

Sir Penguin
28-01-2003, 20:04:37
Keanu Reeves is obviously a double agent.


29-01-2003, 02:51:25
Keanu Reeves is obviously a misplaced Terminator. He's just waiting on John Carter to be born...

29-01-2003, 02:53:53
And cannot everyone jump off a 50 story building and land on their feet? Just use a vehicle when you get close, and then jump off it! It's the same trick as in Battlfield 1942.

29-01-2003, 03:47:21
John Carter...the guy from ER?

29-01-2003, 13:02:02
Saw that yesterday with Daredevil. Looked like it was two scenes cut together not necessarily the landing from the same jump.

23-02-2003, 10:28:28
The two new Matrix films - how's it going to work anyway? at the end of Matrix, Neo attains basically infinite power within the Matrix, is resurrected from the dead and can destroy agents. He is all-powerful. Now what? Does he suddenly lose his talents? Does he get so tripped out his brain melts? Hmm.

I'm hoping the sequels aren't going to be just basically all flash visuals and no substance...

23-02-2003, 15:30:23
Apparently, the first movie was made with the other two in mind. The first was just supposed to be a prelude to the other two, where the real action occurs. That give some hope.