View Full Version : Call for LWP4 Volounteers

Scabrous Birdseed
26-01-2003, 17:24:45
Now that we're starting to get enough signups for LWP4 to be practically definate, we need volounteers to help with some of the tasks. These need not be participants, though it beats me what other reason there'd be to do it (although a non-participant compiler would, of course, be ideal :)).

Open positions:

CD Compiler (Recieves CDs with music from (other) participants, saves contents as Wav files on hard drive (needs 1.5 gigs free), rearranges them pleasantly, burns copies of finished product to send out to everyone. Will probably pay quite a bit of the cost of the project in empty CDs and postage and packaging for the more stupid people.)

Review Compiler Week 1 (Recieves reviews by PM, rearranges them into plausible article according to some sort of guidelines, sends out reviews of individual tracks for comment, recieves comments and inserts them into article, edits the whole mess for spelling and grammar, introduces about 15 billion <p> tags, posts article)

Review Compiler Week 2
Review Compiler Week 3
Review Compiler Week 4
Review Compiler Week 5
Review Compiler Week 6

I personally volounteer to do whatever is left over once we're out of time.

27-01-2003, 09:20:46
I'll be review compiler for every other week. 1, 3 and 5 or 2, 4 and 6

27-01-2003, 13:37:21
I don't mind doing some compiling if someone can explain slowly and clearly how these tag things work.

27-01-2003, 13:39:15
I can do that.

Mr. Bas
27-01-2003, 14:49:57
I guess I can try to compile a review, although I'm rather computer-illiterate.

27-01-2003, 23:54:18
Can I compile the review for week four? I can also do the CD compilation.

Scabrous Birdseed
27-01-2003, 23:59:01
Right, that wraps it up then.

CD Compiler Sean
Review Compiler Week 1 Funkodrom
Review Compiler Week 2 Debaser
Review Compiler Week 3 Funkodrom
Review Compiler Week 4 Sean
Review Compiler Week 5 Funkodrom
Review Compiler Week 6 Mr. Bas

I'm willing to do the CD compiling again of need be...