View Full Version : Championship Manager 4 slips

25-01-2003, 05:41:36
found at: http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/news/0,10870,2909380,00.html

CM4 has been announced to have slipped until the end of March. We know how you CM fans out there just had to know.

25-01-2003, 11:28:56
Thanks Darkstar.

Better late than shit.

28-01-2003, 00:13:32
PES2 will tide me over, I think. I really like River Plate and Leverkusen in this.

28-01-2003, 09:35:30
Ah you play the club teams. Controversial. :D

I haven't even changed the team names on mine because we play them so rarely.

28-01-2003, 11:21:36
I am a club teams man

i hate international football, gets in the way of the real pleasure, watching a team on a weekend domestically and in europe mid-week

i just accidentally overwrote my master league team featuring maradona, pele, garrincha, rijkaard, gullit, etc. :cry:

so now i'm starting again, but actually it's so easy to buy the classic players because they are all 'out of contract' so you can snap them up for much cheapaer than equally good modern players who already have clubs

28-01-2003, 11:30:27
I like club football normally but in PES2 it's annoying. The international teams are more fun. Plus they have the right team names and I'm much too lazy to change them.

28-01-2003, 15:27:53
apart from Holland. Whats up with that?

28-01-2003, 15:31:19
I dunno, it's ridiculous. Haven't got round to changing that either, but it's really, really annoying.

28-01-2003, 15:31:39
In PES2 I waver between the two. The problem is, in international football, I have yet to settle on a back-up team for Spain, who are brilliant.

28-01-2003, 15:43:07
I play loads of different teams. I mostly have to pick someone who's a bit worse than whoever I'm playing, unless I'm playing K_G.

28-01-2003, 15:45:30
That’s what I mean. I think I have played as almost every international team now, having briefly settled on Peru, Costa Rica, Korea (until I realised that every game with them was 0-0), Slovenia, Wales, etc. but not found one I want to stick with.

28-01-2003, 15:46:17
Oh, and I know who the Dutch players are by number now :o.

28-01-2003, 15:48:01
I don't, never play with the Dutch because they are annoying having no numbers.

France are absolutely awesome. Every player is amazing and so are their replacements.

Korea are ok. Have scored 4 goals in a game with them.

28-01-2003, 16:01:30
France are awesome, and so are the Dutch, and the Brazilians. Still, my favourite team is Spain because they seem sounder defensively than any of those.

28-01-2003, 16:02:37
Oh, and Italy are really good—Vieri is unstoppable at times.

BTW, how do you stop the game giving the home side in a friendly a massive stats boost and the away side a massive decrease?

28-01-2003, 16:09:18
I haven't noticed it doing that. We normally play with the supporters set on the derby setting. Do you normally play with them set on home game?

28-01-2003, 16:14:13
Can’t remember, I always get that mixed up with the commentary settings (‘stop him!’). Could be it, though.

28-01-2003, 16:19:20
Also there's the thing where you can set the home and away teams performance arrows. Always have them on random but you can set them to whatever you want for each team.

28-01-2003, 16:23:28
The performance arros are what I meant (R1 on formation screen, right). Home team have all red, upward arrows; away team are all white, downard arrows. Makes it a bit of a challenge to be the away team.

28-01-2003, 16:30:08
Ah right, someone changed them then. You set those up in the options before you go into the game. Same screen where you choose the commentary stance etc.

28-01-2003, 16:31:49
It cunningly saves the settings between games.

28-01-2003, 16:56:31
I never noticed that setting before. Strange.

28-01-2003, 16:58:28
Someone probably set it against you to try and get an advantage one time. :D